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2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Digital Cluster Brings New Features To Lineup

The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor was revealed back in January touting all of the features we’ve come to expect from any Raptor-fied vehicle – including a heavily fortified suspension and aggressive bodywork. But there are many other cool features present in the hardcore off-roader, including its 12-inch digital cluster, which is similar to the one found in the Ford F-150. However, the digital cluster present in the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is quite different than the one found in Ford’s best-selling pickup in terms of the way it functions, the automaker has revealed.

The fully-customizable cluster contains a number of unique features, starting with Performance View, which displays information such as gear state and engine speed and can be used with any mode, though it was designed with high-speed, off-road racing in Baja mode in mind, as it allows the driver to view important information easily, with the redline at the 12 o’clock position and a drivetrain avatar present as well.

As is the case in the regular Ford Bronco, the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor also displays unique animations for each G.O.A.T. mode when the driver selects them, which were created by former video game designers. Selecting Normal mode causes the display to turn to a subtle blue color to show the vehicle in an everyday driving scenario, while Sport turns the cluster red and white, showing the Bronco Raptor in a track environment.

Switching to Tow/Haul mode shows an animation of the Bronco Raptor towing a trailer and turns the gauges yellow, while Slippery utilizes a light blue hue that mimics rainy conditions. Off-Road shows off the rugged model doing what it does best surrounded by shades of brown, while Baja presents orange highlights and a desert scene. Finally, Rock Crawl shows what one might expect – the Bronco Raptor crawling over some rocks.

In addition to these features in the digital cluster, MyMode enables drivers to save their preferred steering, exhaust, and suspension settings, while SYNC 4 gives them the ability to automatically map their favorite trail. And thanks to Ford’s PowerUp over-the-air software updates, new features can be added at any time, while existing features can also be improved.

Not just anyone will get to experience this new digital cluster, however, as the majority of 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor models will go to carryover 2021 Bronco reservation holders, while any sort of deal for anyone else will be rather difficult to obtain. The high-performance off-roader will start out at just under $70k when it launches this summer, while Ford has already made one small change to the model – eliminating its standard side graphic, though an upgraded graphic package is still available.

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  1. Drew Ford Retiree

    Horrible. Over 60% of the display area is wasted on frivolous “wallpaper” images. All these “creative” display screens are inviting NHTSA anti-distraction regulations.

    1. Rinzler

      Turns out, YOU still need to drive and are responsible for operation of the vehicle. In gauge graphics have been around for over a decade at this point. The Bronco isn’t going to be the vehicle that will be “inviting NHTSA anti-distraction regulations”. As far as the NHTSA is concerned, as long as the cluster shows operation critical information such as speed, engine speed, and service indicator lights, the fact that it’s digital or not or more feature-rich doesn’t really matter.

      Where the line could be crossed is if the vehicle is actively drawing attention away from the road in a way where the driver either cannot ignore the alert or it becomes intrusive. But even that is up to interpretation. Some fancy new graphics ain’t gonna do it, my guy.

    2. commbubba19

      the screen shots are just showing when drive modes are changed. not how the display looks when operating.

      ford should have done this job 1 on the bronco. the existing gauge cluter is just shamefully bad. i bet for 23+ all broncos will have that cluster.

  2. Rinzler

    Looks awesome! It would be killer to have some in gauge features like offroad trail maps integrated into the cluster like some luxury vehicles have been doing. Always glad to see Ford modernize their offering and keep up or exceed the competition. Great for business!

  3. Jen

    not sure why the article says it’s not like the F150, when it actually very similar to the F150 while changing drive modes. The vehicle photo goes a way and the other gages come back in a few sectons. So, other that showing a Bronco vs an F150 – the display is VERY similar.


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