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2022 Ford Maverick Buyers In Brazil Are Starting To Get Their Pickups

The 2022 Ford Maverick launched in Brazil back in February, and promptly sold out in just 24 hours. This didn’t really come as a huge surprise given how popular the affordable and highly-efficient compact pickup is in the U.S., where it sold out for the 2022 model year months ago. At that time, Ford said that those lucky folks in Brazil would take delivery of their Mavericks within 60 days, and as promised, that’s precisely what’s happening right now.

The first batch of 2022 Ford Maverick buyers in Brazil are now taking delivery of their pickups, and FoMoCo says that by the end of April, all of the 300 units that were part of the first batch will be in customers’ driveways. The initial group of Mavericks in Brazil consisted of 300 units, all Lariat FX4 models with Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 and a sticker price of R $239,990 ($47,513 USD). Orders for the second wave of pickups in the South American country opened up shortly after the first batch was sold out.

In addition to these 300 units, Ford also shipped a number of demo Mavericks to dealers in Brazil so that interested customers can check the new model out up close and take it for a test drive. Additionally, Ford has teamed up with Nomad Sports – which specializes in making and selling clothing and accessories for cyclists – to produce a new line of products especially for the Maverick.

The Maverick has quickly established itself as one of Ford’s “Icons,” with additional variants likely on the way in the coming years. The compact pickup is also attracting a large number of first-time truck buyers that covet its smaller size, low cost of entry, and impressive fuel efficiency, though Ford admittedly didn’t expect such a large response to the fuel-sipping Hybrid version.

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  1. Robert

    That’s nice that they are getting theirs, but how about people who ordered theirs almost a year ago and haven’t received theirs yet and were told they were early orders. It doesn’t feel very good to be deceived and lied to.

  2. Ron Peterson

    Good for Brazil. Where’s mine? I ordered mine 9/1/21.

  3. Carl Copas

    If I had know ford was going to build mavericks for Brazil before they covered orders here I would have not ordered one.
    Ordered one on Oct 8th and still haven’t received it.

  4. Jim

    Sounds like to me that Ford is selling these at $47k US dollars in Brazil, so why bother with the $20k orders for the US! I’ve been waiting for mine too…

  5. Edward H de Jong

    If you watch the monthly sales figures like I do, you can see that they are up to selling almost 9K/month

    that being said, given there are 100k orders pending, it will take all of 2022 to fill the backorders. And yes, when they can sell a few hundred cars at 47k they are not going to allocate precious early inventory to thrifty US customers. They have to seed the South American market with a few units so the press can write about them.

    IIRC the Hermosillo plant has 200k/year capability, split between two cars, so i expect Maverick to reach 11k/month later this year once the part shortages resolve.

    China is doing serious lockdowns, so it is not going to magically resolve. They make 95% of the world’s electronics, and even a stripped down model like the Maverick is stuffed with hundreds of chips.

    Hopefully the auto companies have learned a valuable lesson about not using so many different kinds of chips in the cars; creates a risk of lack of inventory.

  6. Bill Byrne

    GREAT, what about our orders in the USA ????????? and why the heck are they in China ?????? make me feel like ditching my Fords

  7. Bill

    Just got bumped again started in May 18 and May 30 and June 23 now June 30 Who knows


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