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2022 Ford Maverick Can Be Obtained Faster By Ditching Some Packages

The 2022 Ford Maverick launched to much fanfare and strong customer demand, proving to be a success right out of the gate. Unfortunately, ongoing supply chain issues including the chip shortage have limited Ford’s ability to produce the Maverick, along with the rest of its lineup. The automaker has been removing certain options from a variety of its vehicles in recent months in an effort to speed up deliveries, but as has been the case with other popular models, 2022 Ford Maverick order holders can do the same by ditching certain packages.

Ford sent a letter to 2022 Maverick unscheduled order holders today – a copy of which was recently posted in the Maverick Truck Club forums – informing them that the Ford Co-Pilot360, XLT Luxury, and Lariat Luxury packages are currently the most supply constrained, and noted that removing these packages, as well as other supply constrained items, could help speed up delivery. The automaker also noted that it will send another update to unscheduled order holders in June.

With dealer inventory turning in just four days and a large number of retail orders flowing in quickly, FoMoCo stopped taking orders for the 2022 Ford Maverick earlier this year. The automaker has also admitted that interest in the Maverick Hybrid greatly exceeded its expectations for that fuel-sipping model, all of which may ultimately push a number of 2022 Maverick orders back to the 2023 model year.

While 2023 Maverick order banks are scheduled to open up this August, orders for 2022 models are now being scheduled in the order they’re received, though orders with supply constrained items will ultimately be pushed further down the list. This is a big change from the way Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport orders are being scheduled, using a formula that favors larger dealers in more populated areas.

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  1. Dsutton

    This chip saving scheme should have been done at the beginning of ordering not after one has waited 9 months for a truck then told by Ford – Hey, the truck you ordered, – if you drop all the things you wanted we might give it to you …. Here’s another strange thing, I ordered a Lariat Luxury package with 360 many many months ago 🙂 Now, I can keep the Lariat but Ford wants me to drop the Luxury and 360 but if I want to drop down to a XLT or XL due to the unavailability of parts well then I get to go back to the end of the line – Doesn’t seem quite fair does it ?

    1. Randy Huff

      If they would make their own parts and chips in the USA. The dealers would have them. It’s all about them,not the customer…..70 year old life long customer here . In my city all you see is Rams,Jeeps, Toyotas and Chevy. And older Fords. I guess I’ll have to switch brands cause I’m not waiting that long for something that costs thousands of dollars. BYE BYE FORD.

  2. Gordon Keith

    Yeah Ford and some other car companies need to remember that we are why you are in business. Obviously some items are out of their control…but customer service is still king to folks. So we don’t look to kindly with placing orders that may take 1 or 2 years to fill. It appears to me that this is just a way to tie the future buyer to their brand. All trucks are good. Try to find one at a competing company Instead of being locked in to one company. I blood runs FORD blue, but enough is enough.

  3. Gary C Reinhart

    So since. I only have a spare tire and a hitch on a XL 2.0 engine, why then am I in my 6 month waiting. Told the dealership to cancel my sprayed in liner over a month ago.
    Order November 4 2021

  4. steve

    Email letter from Ford??? Nothing Jan, Feb, Mar or Apr (13th? as shown in newsletter). I called Ford and they said no such letter was sent. My email was correct on their system, so either Ford is lying about the email or Ford Authority is mistaken about Ford sending out an email. Either way still no Maverick coming my way. If anyone has gotten an email please post it here so I can see what it says.

  5. Maryann

    Our Maverick LARIAT 2.5 with all options (did not cancel any of them) was ordered July/2021 and Ford has kept us notified at each step of our process. This AM we received notice direct from Ford that our Maverick has been built and current estimate for delivery to dealer is between April 24 to 30. I see the hold up at Texas border has stopped this AM
    so all stars may be in alignment for pick-up by month end 🤔 🛻

    1. Ralph Natola

      Congratulations on your pending delivery. I had a similar timeline and positive communication with my hybrid maverick. Great truck, worth the wait.

      1. Maryann

        We were notified early March that we would soon be scheduled for production … then a week later, a date of April 11 th popped up and each step from 1st notification confirmed that date. When finally in production, completion and ship-out dates came soon. I expected,
        with all the early chip delays, we would not see the Maverick for 6-9 months out 😵‍💫 Gave our 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat to grandson turning
        18 and learned to drive on it with his Learners Permit. Fortunately we
        kept our 2011 Toyota Highlander w/86,000 mi on it for the long wait,
        but we expect it will be worth it. Hubby misses his F-150, so this Ford is a great compromise for us, as he can no longer drive … just enjoy
        riding in his new, economical Lariat 10 months after order 👏🏻

  6. Joe Silvestri

    When will my 9/9 21 lariat lux hybrid scheduled for build?

  7. Rhonda Burke

    Stop. unsubscribe.
    Do not notify me
    No more spam

  8. Rhonda Burke


  9. Vicky

    Just seen xlt hybrid at a car dealership. Had 1000 plus miles on it . Their asking price is 37000.00. That tells me all l need to know why people are not getting their trucks.

  10. Jay

    the maverick process is horrible, why they were not processed in order received makes no sense, customers waiting over 7 months but yet new orders for a base they get in 6-8 weeks???? At this point they might as well switch the order to 2023’s Ford Seriously Dropped the ball with this..Lets not even go into quality control issues, i wonder if ford even checks social media groups and reads all the issues.. I Had so much hope for this truck and its like every week it gets worse and worse 🙁

    1. Jeffrey D. Sproul

      I finally got my XLT hybrid after ordering it 8 1/2 months ago. It was worth the wait and so far it has exceeded all my expectations.

  11. John

    ordered xlt hybrid back, end of june,2022, thru a dealer changed order end of aug 2022 to Lariat hybrid with about everything but no sunroof, a couple weeks later, decided to add a sunroof. dealer daid there may be issues with sunroof causing a delay to the scheduled build, so did not change. My build with vin# is being built in the current week

  12. John

    meant, ordered and changed order in 2021, and vehicle is scheduled for build in this current week of 2022

  13. Deborah

    I am 69 years old today, will turn 79 before this year is over. I learned to drive on my Father’s 65 mustang, 3-spead, on the floor! He later traded it in on a Mustang II. Knowing him, at that time, didn’t get anything extra $. Wish i still it. He is gone but oh, what memories!

  14. Eddie

    This is very unnerving and quite honestly stupid. Ford asking to drop the stuff that you SPECIFICALLY bought this car for in order to get it AND after many months of placing your order (9 months for me). I keep reading “oh Ford did not expect large amount of orders” REALLY!! Do you operate with few employees? Didn’t you have any indicator in your system that when you reach a certain amount of order to stop it. C’mon. I am reading some saying: it is worth it! NO IT IS NOT. By the time most likely to get my car, other folks would be driving 2023 models. Time to cancel the order.

  15. Big Cat

    Yeesh what a bunch of fricking babies…I have a mav and bronco on order and will wait to get them…but just in case you whiners haven’t noticed the last two years have been a supply chain hell… I own manufacturing co. and it’s ridiculous trying to get supplies and inventory. Hey how about instead of bagging on Ford go out and vote these idiots out who caused these problems…

  16. John Patrick Mickanis

    Fords in my lifetime of driving: 1965 Mustang, 1971 Torino, 1986 F-150, 2003 F-150, 2008 Bullitt Mustang. Blue in my veins!
    When Ford offered a $19,995.00 base Maverick in 2022. I have been unable to buy, order one. I have been trying to do so since November 2021. I offered to pay the $$$$ up front and wait for it to be built. No dice they say. Why? Because they realized that they underpriced the product!
    The sales people said that people were selling their slightly used Mavericks for $5000 to $10,000 over what they paid for them!

    Delay, delay, delay!

    Shame on FORD!

    On August 15, 2022 I still want a base Ford Maverick hybrid, Area 51 color and nothing else! No computer bs, no power windows… the ADVERTISED PRICE OF $19,995.00.

    IF FORD CANNOT DELIVER AT THAT PRICE……. I will run my old F-150 and Bullitt until the wheels fall off!

    1. Mary CT

      i too started with my first Ford at 17yrs old 66 mustang, to brand new custom ordered 77 F250, there was a 83 Bronco, a 86 Ranger, a 94 F150 and my current 2003 F150 … was hoping to get a Maverick at around $20k but i guess not! i too will need to drive my 2003 till the wheels fall off. Thought i would go to my grave driving a Ford Truck but my Ford dealer lot is very empty, they are now displaying them nose to nose instead of side by side so the lot doesn’t look so empty but around the corner lots of smart looking Toyota trucks…. Not ready to cheat yet but my ol 03 wont last 4ever…. and the new F150’s are way too expensive with too much extra stuff i dont need. Would love stripped down, no power anything, no computer screen , dont need to charge my phone, fancy wheels. Just turn the key on put it in gear and drive…. i can crank my own windows, unlock it with a key, a truck the size of my 86 Ranger would be perfect!! Hello Ford your long time die hard Ford fans are waiting …

  17. DeWayne

    Ordered 8/23/21, Birthday 8/25/21 now 73. Restrains yes, parts supply yes, build dates pushed back ok, Birthday 8/25/22 now 74, build date 9/13/22 ok,built 9/13/22 on rail 9/13/22, now we were headed by rail to Arazona from there to Chicago arrived 10/1/22 . I have the rail car # from Ford cutomer service, it is now 10/25/22 ????? can’t get it off the rail car, I live neer Dubuque Iowa 200 miles away, even with my four back opperations and Parkinsons I could have walked there to get it, maybe its just a dream. Vin # 3FTTW8E30NRA90271 Please lend a hand, Thanks DeWayne

  18. Strokes

    That’s funny because 2 weeks ago the most constrained trim was XL. Now it’s XLT?

  19. Nick

    With all of this BS Ford is pulling and the price gouging the dealerships are doing I cancelled my order. No vehicle is worth the wait.


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