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2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Interest Exceeded Team’s Expectations

While every company that makes and sells products aims for each to be a major success, consumer interest in a number of recent Ford models has exceeded the automaker’s expectations by a long shot. That includes a better-than-expected response to the Ford Bronco, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Ford Maverick, all of which received enough reservations/orders to quickly exceed FoMoCo’s production capacity. But it seems that on a more micro level, consumer interest in the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid, in particular, also exceeded the automaker’s expectations by a large margin.

“Our intentions were to produce roughly 40 percent of our 2022 model year Maverick as a hybrid offering,” Ford Maverick Marketing Manager, Trevor Scott, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “But demand for the standard hybrid Maverick has just been phenomenal. I think it’s completely exceeded our expectations. So to proactively manage the ordering process to avoid getting into the position where we would oversell the amount that we could actually go out and build, we elected to stop taking retail orders for the hybrid option around November of last year.”

The 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid did in fact wind up compensating for 40 percent of the model’s sale mix, as Ford Authority reported back in February, while extreme demand for it and pickups powered by Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 prompted the automaker to stop taking orders for both models over the past few months. Even still, some 2022 orders may ultimately wind up getting pushed back to the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority reported in February.

Meanwhile, the Maverick remains one of the fastest-selling new vehicles on the market, while the Hybrid model is also one of the top considered electrified vehicles on sale today, too. Somewhat surprisingly, the Maverick’s biggest conquest has been the Honda Civic, a vehicle that it aligns with closely in terms of fuel economy and pricing, while the compact pickup has also been a hit with business owners. Unfortunately, that popularity comes with a price, as the Maverick is also one of the top new vehicles selling for more than MSRP, too.

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  1. Michael

    How could Ford’s market research department have gotten that so wrong? Develop and market the cheapest, smallest, most fuel efficient pick-up, that no one else can compete with, and they think they will only sell 40% of total production, like 1,000 a week? And it undercuts some of Fords existing poorly popular products, like the Ecosport, Escape, Ranger, and all the sedans they no longer offer? All they are doing is giving time for the competition to catch up.

    1. Jack

      I agree, I ordered my Maverick in January and cannot get an answer from Ford about it’s production or any info on it’s status 🤣

    2. Thomas

      Toyota underestimated RAV4 hybrid popularity as well. People place a very high value on how the car looks, and how they think other people will perceive them while driving the car. They should have put the hybrid powertrain in a masculinity reinforcing form factor a long time ago.

  2. Paul Hesen

    Ordered my Mav Hybrid end of Sept.
    So far. Getting the runaround as my
    Dealer has my 1000 . Shame we can’t
    Get more than we have been.

    1. Ivan Zarate

      $1000? Damn I only.put $100 down. I ordered mine in July of last year and still waiting for production date

      1. Steve

        Same here. Order placed late July 2021 and no response from Ford or the dealer in Long Beach.

  3. Joe

    I ordered my 2.0 Ecoboost back in July and got it in October. Couldn’t have gone smoother. Went to the dealer to order so I would not get caught up in the reservation process and not have a clear price when it came in.

  4. Mark

    With gas hovering around $4 per gallon hybrids will sell like crazy

    1. Emily

      I wish gas was hovering around $4 where I live.

  5. Jimmie

    It’s a nice problem for an automaker to have, no unwanted, unsold stock and “pushing” orders to the next production year. I ordered a hybrid Lariat on June 18, 2021 but hold out hope Ford will soon deliver on that promise, eternal optimism is a force multiplier. Congratulations Ford.

  6. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    So Ford anticipated 40% sales of the hybrid Maverick and is making 40% hybrid. Doesn’t appear that Ford was prepared to make the 40% hybrids they planned on. They could have sold more hybrids but they weren’t even prepared for what they projected.

  7. JIm Peoples

    I ordered maverick on july 7th 21 still waiting . I have my doubts sales person did call me and said chip shortage is the downfall I cold move up my production by removing a certain item.

  8. Jim B

    I ordered my XL hybrid on july 14th, my only options were spray in bed liner, bed extender & trailer hitch (I wish I ordered the XLT) but it is shipped & is to be delivered 4/12-18th.Cain’t wait.
    I hope they don’t try to jack it up

  9. Al B

    Unfortunately they are building the Maverick in the same plant as the Escape and Bronco Sport and that plant can’t build any more to meet the high demand. I hope Ford has a huge effort going to set up another Maverick assembly line somewhere else. Maybe run a line in an F150 plant, a vehicle that seems a little vulnerable given gas prices and the number already sold.

    1. Dsutton

      Its not the plant that is the problem – it is supply chain issues and more than just chips. Suppliers cant send enough parts to build the truck. We dont know exactly what are the parts slowing down assembly but Im pretty sure it could be seats or windshield or speaker cover or spare tires or ……..

  10. Benny Browning

    I ordered my XLT maverick in July 2021 but was only asked to go to dealer in September 2021 to sign contract and give my $ 1000 deposit here it is April 2022 and information on when I will get my maverick hasn’t been sent yet,Ford did notify me and thanked me for my order in September 2021.

  11. Bob

    Interesting , I could have guessed the maverick hybrid would have been a winner. Ford dropped the ball, won’t admit it and continue to stonewall. I ordered mine last July, a truly frustrating experience. I just am grateful for other life experiences.

  12. Ken

    I am another exasperated customer who hasn’t received any good news about my order of the Maverick Hybrid LT. I visit my dealer biweekly and get no answer when or if production will begin. I filled in my order at my dealer August 16, 2021. I had to purchase a fall back vehicle last week {2019 Equinox} as my 1997 Olds finally died. I am praying my dealer won’t be one that jacks up the price, as so many others have, I’ve checked on. I may be one that walks away. My dealer had a Maverick he called me on last week that customer walked away from. Sadly it was an Ecoboost, not a Hybrid. I told a fellow worker and he bought it.

  13. David

    I ordered the XLT hybrid Maverick on 10 December 22 on line. I was contacted by the local dealer to come in the next week to do some paperwork. They said they needed to resubmit the online order from their computer plus another form they required. About two weeks later they contacted me saying they couldn’t order the truck. Does this mean my order was extended into 2023 or was it canceled? The local dealer wasn’t much help.

    1. Dsutton

      “they contacted me saying they couldn’t order the truck” Did you get an email from Ford stating they got your order ? If not “probably” they didnt get the order in OR they did and are planning on selling it as a stock unit using your Name and DL as order verification. Call Ford or Chat and ask telling them the situation. They were taking orders until January 27th at Ford. Did you get a DORA sheet with an order number ?

  14. David

    Correction: My order was placed 10 December 21.

  15. Gianni Xeros

    I ordered last October Maverick Lariat with all the accessories. Very sad I got an email from Ford that will be delayed. It suppose to be deliver in May 2022.

  16. Hazen Culley

    I ordered my XLT Hybrid Alto Blue, Luxury Package, Trailer hitch, Co-Pilot360, and have removed the Spray-in Bed liner, back in the last week of October. After not hearing anything from Ford Co. I called Marketing and Sales and YES they had my order. It would have been nice to get a confirmation that they in-fact had my order. As of today I have not been given a build date or a VIN. Since it is getting late in the production year for a 2022 model I called M&S again asking what was the plan if I had not received my Model 2022 by the time they transitioned to the 2023 model. I was told that my order will be rolled over and I would be given a 2023 model with the options I ordered. Based on a limited knowledge of Contract Law it would seem the Ford and I have a contract. The three parts of a contract are “Offer”, “Acceptance”, and “Considerance Paid”. I beleive my dealings with Ford Co. meeting those criteria. My sales person Chris Brubaker and dealer O.C.Welch in Hilton Head/Hardeville, SC. have been very considerate during the extended delays. They have let me continue to drive the vehicle I’m trading in, until my Maverick arrives. I see this as going above and beyond normal customer service.

  17. Bill Byrne

    ordered six months ago-no maverick !!! on communication

  18. M. Anderson

    I ordered my Maverick, June 27th, got an update from Ford in October about the build date in December. Another update when they moved the build date back 10 days. Took delivery for MSRP on 13 January, couldn’t be happier with the process, or the results. Best vehicle I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot, at 84 years old!

  19. Walter L O’Riley

    I ordered my 2022 Ford Maverick in September 2021 and I have not heard anything about it since. Can I get a response it is the two. O equal boost

  20. Steve

    I ordered my Maverick Hybrid in the middle of November and received it the first week in February. It was from a large dealership.

  21. 06Warrior

    Been driving my Lariat Luxury hybrid Maverick for 2 weeks and 2,000 miles. Worth the 8 month wait. Seamless gas/elec/gas transition. Plenty of power, quiet, rides very smooth. Couldn’t be happier. One of my favorite vehicles I’ve owned in 43 years of driving. Wish I could of bought one years ago. Bravo Ford!!!!!

    1. Thomas

      Seems to have similar specs to the Ford Escape Hybrid which has been around since 2009.

  22. Bob Litz

    I ordered my Lariat Luxury Hybrid in July 2021. My Maverick finally arrived Apr 8th 2022.
    Well worth the wait!!! Having owned 8 Ford Trucks this by far is the best!!!
    Thank you Halderman Ford, Hamilton, NJ


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