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2022 Ford Maverick Orders Now Being Scheduled When They’re Received

As Ford Authority reported earlier this year, allocation formulas for popular new Blue Oval products including the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport favor larger dealers in more populated areas, while reservations weren’t necessarily being filled in the order they were received, either. This came as a bit of a shock to some, and many wondered if this also applied to 2022 Ford Maverick orders, as the new compact pickup has also proven to be a red-hot commodity. However, it appears that this isn’t the case, according to FoMoCo itself.

Ford recently posted in the Maverick Truck Club forums to let customers know that 2022 Ford Maverick orders are in fact being scheduled when they’re received. “Traditionally, we have allocated vehicles to dealerships based on historical sales data, which helped determine the scheduling of orders,” the post reads. “While we initially followed this process for Maverick, we quickly pivoted when customer demand exceeded expectations. As a result, orders are scheduled in the order in which they are received, regardless of dealer, pending any capacity and commodity limitations. Oldest Maverick retail orders are prioritized first, provided the Dealer has completed the required Customer Order Verification Process (COVP) AND the order can be scheduled within existing supply and optional features/package availability.”

This is good news for 2022 Maverick order holders that have already been waiting to take delivery of their new pickup for months now. Since its launch last year, the Maverick has remained a highly sought-after commodity, with dealer inventory turning in just four days while the new pickup is also among the top 20 fastest-selling vehicles on the market and even outsold its big brother – the mid-size Ford Ranger – in Q1 of 2022.

Ford Maverick

Extreme demand for the new model prompted Ford to stop taking Maverick retail orders for the 2022 model year back in January. Additionally, the Maverick Hybrid was only expected to represent 40 percent of the pickup’s take rate in its first model year, but as Ford Authority recently reported, consumer demand for the fuel-sipping model far exceeded the automaker’s expectations. As such, Ford recently admitted that it may be forced to push some 2022 model year orders to 2023.

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  1. Michael

    Does that include dealer orders as well? Seems like the dealer down the road from me always has a Maverick on the lot, and once they sell it, they get another one in a short period of time.

  2. Greg sandonato

    Yes that is true a dealership near me had three in stock one was sold and the other two were for stock both were sold the next day when I came back to buy I went to a local dealer placed a thousand dollar deposit and ordered one in January still waiting for VIN number ??
    Still waiting. GREGGO

    1. Pete Aveleno

      I ordered in August and still have not received truck.

      1. Jeff Gibson

        I ordered in August as well. I’ve been told my truck is built and on it’s way, but that was months ago and it’s past any dates I’ve been given.

        1. Anthony

          I ordered 8-4-2021, built in March 2022 and I received a VIN when I was told it is on the way to the dealership. So I’m kind of expecting it to arrive sometime in the next few weeks🤞.

  3. Cat

    And we’re still waiting for ours. Ordered September 2021! Was supposed to start making on April 25. Now they moved it to 1st wk of May! No chips! Ridiculous.

    1. Lugnut

      Just more of Ford’s constant B.S.

  4. Robert

    Come on now I have had an order since June 14 for the Maverick xlt hybrid, have not received it YET, they are not building them in order their received, or I would have had mine, plus they told me I was one of the early orders and suppose to get some bonus items. I paid money for that position in line. I read about people ordering way past me and receiving there’s. So were is truth !!!!!!!!!!?????

    1. Bob M

      ordered my xlt on 7/13/21. Still waiting as of 4/12/22.

    2. James Scaggs

      Ford caught in the lie my order 6/ 15 and not built at this point its just a lie for stock prices the crash has come.

    3. MAGA

      “. . . . not building them in order their received,” Because they are filling business orders ahead of us.

    4. MAGA

      Also sending them to other countries ahead of our orders. Where is Ford’s priorities?

    5. The Romer

      Amen! The truth will set you free🤗

  5. Uriah

    The American Auto Industry lost out to foreign Autos because they were indifferent to the Motoring public’s needs and wants. When a Union can shut down the production line for one employee who is fired for incomplete assembly of parts, and fit and finish were hit or miss, other makers stepped up. This will happen again, you cannot keep orders dangling just out of reach and continue to say “any day now”, regardless of the “supply Chaim Issues” As a shareholder of Ford Stock for MANY YEARS, it is an appalling embarrassment to acknowledge the excuses for failure to deliver.

  6. Larry policht

    When can I order 2023 Maverick hybrid

    1. Reed Cook

      August 16 is the date I heard Ford was going to start accepting orders for the 2023 Mavericks.

  7. Warren L

    I ordered my Lariat hybrid with copilot 360 and the luxury package on August 9. I have received 3 emails. First on the order date. The second in October and the last in December stating the order was still valid. Seems like forever but I’m still patiently waiting for a vin. Very disappointed with Ford communications. I don’t blame the dealer because they are left in the dark just like we are.

  8. Rex Ewen

    I order my first edition Sept 2021. I gave a down payment and have been told it may be 2023 before I get it. My wife says .Be patient, Be patient, Be patient

  9. James McGarvey

    I ordered my xlt hybrid with the lux on 6-21-2021
    It is now was reported as in “production” status with no estimate of completion on 4-4-22

  10. Richard Lamontagne

    Rich L mlb Florida. Ordered a maverick 10-12-21 at 11:30 am. Just xlt with co pilot 360 full size spare tire cruise control colth seat. Still wasn t built as a week ago today 4-11-22 still not built yet. Nothing from ford no emails nothing 2 liter engine. . Rich

    1. Gerry grace

      I watched a video from a ford manager who is communicating thru ford for ford maverick customers he said as of monday this week. Ford will change their model on how they fill orders. They r upgrading 2022 mavs for 2023 model year . Orders placed on 2021 will get built firs then 2022 then 2023 orders placed this august. If u ordered copilot 360 lux package or any other special option it will be passed over due to chip shortages and lack of supplies. Said if u drop co pilot 360 and lux package with other options that use chips ur build will move ahead of others who still want these options and u will get a faster build date and vin #

  11. David

    I’m still trying to find out info on my XLT hybrid order. I completed the online order December 10, 21. Completed the local ford dealership paperwork the following Tuesday, December 14, 21. Was informed a couple of weeks later by the dealership that they couldn’t order the hybrid but could order the regular gas engine. Then I received an email stating they couldn’t take anymore orders. Just wondering if my order is still in the system or do I need to re-order when the ‘23 ordering is available.

  12. george dotterweich

    ford surprised demand? customer base been looking for a light duty affordable truck for years, not a $ 40k ranger. gm & mopar too, where are you. my work overseas uses vw tamorock everywhere, available in work truck to lux edition and everything in between.

  13. Carl Copas

    I ordered a maverick hybird Oct 8 th with 360 pk only. Got 2 emails from ford. One acknowledging the order plus another telling me to be patient. Called for motor and one of their own employees told me they had sold 500 to Brazil in Feb of this year I think. My patient has been tried. May have to go somewhere else.


    Yeah Ford is leaving a Bad taste in my mouth..Live in Northern ALA,Ordered my XLT Maverick with 360 co-pilot in OCT 2021 Have received one e-mail since.Saw one at a parking lot..waited to talk to the owner.Said he ordered his same month.But had his on the road for the last 2weeks!! So does Dealers matter?????

  15. David Clausen

    I ordered mine December 21,2021. Will I have to wait a year to get mine. I was given a price for a trade in. Will I still get that amount.

  16. Sandy Mann

    I ordered Nov 15, 2021. Only option I chose is the moon roof. Still waiting to be scheduled for production, and received the please be patient/part shortage email from Ford 2 weeks ago. My son ordered a week after me with multiple upgrades and did not get any delay messages. STILL WAITING in Georgia

  17. Gabor

    I have ordered my Hybrid last July. Nothing, besides the order acknowledgment. In February the press noted that due to part shortage the Lariat with CoPilot360 and Luxury package is effected, might be pushed back to 2023 unless thy buyer reconfigures. So I did. My priority on the order has changed from 80 to 02, 00 being the lowest. I have read that 19 is the highest at the plant … What is going on? I have asked my dealer about the priority, who forwarded the question to Ford and no answer after more than two weeks … Shall we wait for Toyota to have a similar truck with actual availability beat Ford to the punchline?

  18. L Sharif

    Wen Bronco Badlands I ordered two times from supply constraints after reserving 10/2020? Be nice if Ford took this approach for Bronco customers still waiting. Greed and incompetence is over-taking Ford.

  19. Eric

    I ordered my 2022 XLT with the luxury package, Ford-360, spray in bed liner, sunroof in Sept. 2021. Never got an email once but I check in with my sales rep once a month to see if there has been any progress.

  20. Fred Mann

    We ordered ours XLT Luxury package Jan 20th , No results on when it will be delivered!

  21. Greg

    Order my with lariat package on Aug 7 , received my truck yesterday

  22. Steve Davis

    I have never purchased a Ford before. Ordered my Mav on 11/15…one confirmation email and that is it! No communication from Ford or the dealer.
    The wife was interested in a Mustang E,
    After Fords lackluster customer service we ordered a Volvo. We wanted to by American but Ford changed our minds.
    Worst customer service I have ever received purchasing a new vehicle. My high school freshman son has better communication skills then Ford.

  23. Bill K

    Blah blah blah… What’s my schedule date from my 8/21 order?

  24. Deano

    Ordered an XLT hybrid Oct 11. Still nothing from Ford and my dealer in Austin said it’s likely I could wait til 2023 for it…

  25. Donnie Ott

    Wish Ford would quit giving false excuses and just hurt us with the truth-I cannot believe their so called higher ups did not see this coming and should have been better prepared-third and last Ford for this family-they should have kept everything right here in america

  26. Donnie Ott

    Forgot to mention ordered xlt with eco-boost, 4k tow and luxury package and 360-no help from dealer. Order placed sept. 16, 2021-

  27. Bob R.

    Very unhappy with Ford and local dealership. Gave the dealer an order for a new Maverick last November and he never put it through. Response was that he was sorry

  28. donnie ott

    7 months today-not a word from Ford or the Dealer-maybe this way they give me less for a trade in and charge more for a car that will be a year old in 4 months-oh, thats right, we bailed them out a couple times also?????

  29. Dan Bird

    This 23 will be six months waiting with no communications from dealer or Ford as well. We put 500 down, still hoping that we get ours sooner than later. We purchased 2 liter XLT WITH Fx4 towing and luxury package.

  30. paul carder

    All of these comments are upsetting. Ordered 8/24/21. I check email everyday. Had a build date 4/11. Now it’s 4/18. With no idea even if it’s built when you’ll recieve it.
    Been a ford family for many years. Not sure how much longer we can stay loyal.

  31. Don

    I think it’s time for Ford to be forced to go out of business. They can’t even build a product for customers on time. I have ordered from Ford in the past with only a 5 to 6 week waiting time and now 6 to 16 months to get what a person ordered. No thanks. Have been a Ford customer for over 30+ years, time to go to a better auto maker. And if you’re lucky to get your order, it’s got so many recalls. Why? BYEBYE FORD.

    1. Stoned Dude

      You haven’t gotten one in 5 – 6 weeks in the past 2 years. This is the new normal, get used to it.

  32. Joe

    Ordered an AWD on July 19th, got it Oct 30th. Went very smooth with good communication from Ford and the dealer.

  33. donnie

    First come first served on build dates-what a Joke (lie)-I ordered tow package so I can tow a trailer around with sign that says Great Customer Service Ford (not) Ford says its the dealers and dealers says its Ford!!!! ordered sept. 16, 2021-no news yet–This will make you happy-once truck is built, you can count on 4-8 weeks for delivery!!!

  34. donnie

    Got an e-mail today that says we are working on your order and if you contact dealer and take some stuff off it might help, otherwise will contact you in June with new updates. Why would I order a new vehicle without the stuff I wanted and then they still do not give you a time frame for delivery if you delete the stuff that might be causing the constraints. In addition you have to deal with shipping time after vehicle is completed. I will have a brand new one year old vehicle and a trade in that is also another year older. Glad I got tow package because I have a sign for my trailer to drive around town for the dealer and ford. Ford is no longer an american classic in my book. Corporate greed and lies. I just have to wake up and realize there is no such thing as customer servise-those days are gone


    I’m still waiting for my Maverick; I was told it should be delivered to me in the first week of February 2022.
    For must tell the customers is the accurate and actual delivery date and don’t blame the components supply chain…
    I am working in the auto industry, and most the carmakers dodge the lack of components by intelligent actions and not delaying order of vehicles

  36. donnie

    I love how they offer incentives on vehicles you cannot get, and then if you are lucky enough to finally get your vehicle-the incentive is expired-sorry-no rain checks-if amazon can keep you informed on the whereabouts of a $6.00 package than ford should keep us informed of a $30,000 plus vehicle, right don to the bolt and nut they are waiting for

  37. donnie

    anybody know if the shipping and delivery charges for a new vehicle are carved in stone or negotiable????

  38. Marcc5150

    I ordered a plain XLT Hybrid on July 10th..bed liner and floor mats….Just got a Vin # but production date is now unassigned.

  39. donnie

    Gotta love ford-spend less time lying to customers and spend more time on keeping them informed. Nobody likes waiting longer for their truck than promised, but ford lying and not keeping us informed is nothing short of deceptive business practices- my maverick is not made in america-did mexican government help with any bail-outs-car dealers love when we back out of our pre-orders. They can pad the sticker and laugh all the way to the bank

    1. The Romer


  40. Tom harris

    I made an order for a 2022 maverick in March of this year how do I find out if they have started to construct this vehicle yet I have received notification that the order was received but nothing since

  41. vernon solomon

    I was waiting to order a ford XLT, I just changed my mind

  42. Darrell Thompson

    I was told no more orders taken for 2022 ford mavericks end of January , I ordered one January 17th. Got letter from ford my order received, will get another letter in June. No details.

  43. Allan karolevitz

    Napa dealer in Kansas ordered 6 maverics and got 12 I have been waiting for mine so does not mean it makes a difference when you order must be who pays the most over suggested price been a long time ford pickup owner getting very tired of fords policies would like a replie from ford that makes sense!

    1. The Romer

      Amen 🙏


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