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2022 Ford Maverick Sales Outpaced The Ford Ranger Last Quarter


By all accounts, the 2022 Ford Maverick has been a massive hit since its launch last year, attracting a diverse array of customers who find its utility, practicality, price, and efficiency to be a rather compelling combination. Thus, even though 2022 Ford Maverick orders were cut off back in January as demand exceeded FoMoCo’s production capacity, the compact pickup is still outpacing the Ford Ranger in terms of sales, the automaker revealed in its March sales report.

Ford sold a total of 8,695 Mavericks last month – the pickup’s best one-month sales performance since its launch and a number that handily beat out the Ranger, which posted a sales decrease of 43.51 percent to 6,276 units. Maverick sales in Q1 totaled 19,245 units compared to the Ranger’s 17,639, too. It isn’t an entirely surprising result given the Maverick’s many positive attributes, coupled with the fact that the Ranger is set to be replaced by an all-new model that was just revealed in international form a few months ago.

Regardless, the 2022 Ford Maverick remains red-hot among retail and business customers alike as one of the top 20 fastest-selling new vehicles on the market, while the hybrid model is also among the most considered electrified vehicles. With demand easily outstripping supply, the Maverick is also one of the most commonly marked-up new vehicles on sale today, while Ford isn’t currently offering any lease deals on the popular pickup either.

Ford Maverick

This instant hit status has had a major impact on the market, making the Maverick an instant “Icon” in Ford’s eyes and attracting a large number of Honda Civic owners to the equally efficient and cost-effective pickup. However, it’s getting more difficult to purchase a new Maverick as Ford recently admitted that it may be forced to push some 2022 model year orders to 2023.

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  1. Mike

    If they could over produce Mavericks, they probably would hardly sell any Rangers. I was looking at a Ranger ( but the price, gas mileage, and 10 spd auto, that does not know what gear to be in most of the time, persuaded me not to ), and then when the Maverick hybrid was revealed, sold. The only problem is, be years before I can get one. So still skip the Ranger and look and wait for something else from another automaker.

    1. Ralph Natola

      Hey Mike, love my hybrid maverick, got 99mpg city driving last week. I waited 7 months for this beauty. Feel bad for everyone waiting. Ford should scrap poor sellers and open more maverick assembly lines. Peak interest will only last until other manufacturers copy this affordable technology.

    2. Ron Arbaugh

      How about a 2023 Ranger Hybrid ? Next step in product evolution for F ?


    I ordered my Maverick Lariat AWD in November; I was told it would deliver the first week of February.
    Today, there is unknown when it will be manufactured, and I shall get it.
    I would appreciate any direction for checking the status of my Maverick.

    1. Robert

      I ordered my Maverick hybrid June 14 told by ford it is delayed, and by dealer it could be June or July. Still waiting haha

    2. Dick Dimmick

      I ordered a fully loaded maverick July 7th and was told I should get it in December. It is in transit and is to be delivered the 16th to the 22nd. There isn’t much you can do except wait for a email as when it is to be built

  3. Ralph Natola

    Hi Robert, sadly, I found that priority was given to fleet purchasers and to the country of Brasil. I was lucky and got mine in 7 months. Your ford dealer should have any updates on your build, mine did. Also, you should be able to be registered on the ordering website. I tracked my truck progress there accurately. Good luck

    1. Maryann

      Patience rules! Ordered our Ford Maverick Lariat 2.5 (for around town economy) mid-July 2021. We checked w/dealer yesterday and we are
      scheduled for production April 14, 1- week thru quality review and 2-3 weeks for delivery to dealer. We have been a Ford family for years, going back to our first Explorer when it debuted in early 1990s. Our F150 Lariat 2005 is now staying in family … grandson @ 17 has learned to drive on that one. We ordered up on most Maverick options, similar to what we had on the F150, so we expect value to hold steady for a while with ltd/production. Good luck to those who have patience … !
      We are definitely planning to take delivery of our Maverick in late May!

  4. Ken

    Definitely worth all the hype. I have the Lariat Hybrid for about a month. Combined fuel economy just over 41 mpg in 70% city driving.

    For the upcoming ‘23 model year, the only things they could do to improve it would be to have A) AWD hybrid option and B) offer a 2/3 / 1/3 split rear seat.

  5. Tamera D Leazier

    I know someone that ordered theirs Nov 20th and received it already lariat lux 2 weeks before us don’t understand why

  6. Schen

    Love the whole concept, just too bad I’m not shopping for a new truck.
    That and no dealership around me sells them, and even if they did it would be at a huge markup.
    They usually only have 1 or 2 rangers sitting on the lot at $50k, no mavericks or powerboost f-150s.

    1. Brad Barefoot

      Don’t worry … one of the Asian makers will soon answer to the demand. Don’t think for a second they aren’t looking at past models and figuring a way to match the $20K to $22K price point … best guess who’ll be first, Hyundai.

  7. Frank Prickett

    I ordered my new Ranger in December and it is still not here but maybe next week! It was built March 24th.

  8. Brad Barefoot

    I’d really like a “base” model with a few options, hard box cover, trailer hitch. But Ford dosen’t offer the cruise control on the base model … come on Ford I have a hobby farm (horses) and need a base model … not a XLT or higher trim level … and I need it sooner than ’23.

  9. Basementcrusader

    I ordered my XL hybrid with the luxury package back in June 2021. Picked it up from the dealership last Friday… Soo with the wait. Traded in my POS Buick Encore and I’ll never look back. 38mph. Mostly highway driving to and from work

    1. Basementcrusader

      Correction, XLT hybrid with LUX package.


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