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2022 Ford Ranger Raptor Pricing Revealed For Australia

The all-new international market 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor was revealed in late February, but weeks prior to that, Ford Authority exclusively reported that the high-performance off-road-focused pickup will start out at $52,500 when the U.S. version launches next year. Now 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor pricing for Australia has been unearthed by CarExpert, and it makes the American version look like a bargain by comparison.

In Australia, the new Ranger Raptor will start out at $85,490 AUS, which equates to $63,935 USD using current exchange rates – which is an astounding difference of $11,435 when compared to the U.S. version. And of course, that’s not including any sort of options, which will likely be plentiful and capable of driving the price far, far higher. However, it’s also currently unclear if there will be any differences in equipment between the Aussie and U.S. Ranger Raptors, while pricing is always subject to change as well.

Regardless, the Ranger Raptor will be a true one-off, even though the regular Ranger will share quite a lot in common with the next-generation Volkswagen Amarok. FoMoCo didn’t want to share its high-performance model with its newfound business partner, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month. It is more than happy to let VW borrow the next-gen Ranger as the basis for the new Amarok, however, though the two trucks will reportedly be quite different to drive. The Ranger may also spawn an Audi variant, too.

Meanwhile, while many continue to pine for a high-performance street-focused version of the Ranger such as an ST variant, Ali Jammoul, global vehicle program director of Ford Performance, recently admitted that the automaker would look into the possibility of offering a street performance tire option on the Ranger Raptor in place of its BFGoodrich K02 all-terrain rubber, though it would reportedly take up to two years to develop such a tire since no suitable one currently exists.

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