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2023 Ford Maverick Top Gun Edition Debuts As High Output Tribute Pickup

The Blue Oval’s newest pickup has proven to be a solid hit with women, Millennials, and shoppers looking for a value-packed pickup. But the automaker decided to develop a powerful range topping variant to satisfy enthusiasts who desire something that really pushes the envelope. Enter the 2023 Ford Maverick Top Gun Edition, a performance pickup meant to also serve as a cool tribute to the popular movie franchise. 

Key to the new model is the addition of the Ford 2.3L EcoBoost I-4, projected to put out a neck-snapping 295 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque, fitting for a truck meant to evoke the spirit of flying a fighter jet. Paired with that engine is a specially tuned eight-speed automatic with a “Sport Ultra” mode, in addition to all the other modes found on regular models with the FX4 Package. Rounding out the mechanical upgrades are specially tuned shocks and a slightly lowered suspension, to improve the pickup’s drag coefficient. 

Outside, the 2023 Ford Maverick Top Gun Edition gets exterior graphics on the tailgate, each side of the bed, and a special hood graphic, an uncommon addition on any Ford vehicle from the factory. A special themed character line also runs the length of the pickup as well. Code Orange joins the Maverick lineup for this model, and Forged Green can also be exclusive ordered for the trim as well. The Blue Oval hasn’t released pictures of the cabin yet, but each seat will get embroidered Top Gun logos on the seatbacks and special stitching on the dash and door panels. Upon startup, Maverick’s famous “You can take that to the Danger Zone, suckers!” saying will play, a fun callback to the quote as uttered in the first movie. The dialogue cannot be deactivated in any way and attempts to do so will void the warranty, said Spike Ravine, product communications manager of Ford South Dakota.

“I’m thrilled to see Top Gun makes its way onto the Maverick, and am delighted that fans will have the chance to drive one of these pickups soon,” said actor Todd Bruise, who played the titular pilot in the first movie and reprised his role for 2022’s Top Gun: More Maverick, due in theaters this May.

Additionally, all 2023 Ford Maverick Top Gun Edition buyers will receive VHS copies of both movies and a ten year subscription to Paramore+, the company’s recently launched streaming service. Pricing hasn’t been fully disclosed yet, but company reps say it will start at about $40,000 and top out at just under $70,000 for fully optioned variants. Ford will introduce a lottery system for would-be owners and will launch a dedicated site for that specific purpose in the coming months. Additionally, the automaker stated that the special edition model will be produced at the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant on a dedicated line, as it anticipates high demand for the pickup.

“I am so happy we were able to reach an agreement with Paramore for this extremely cool pickup,” said Ford CEO Tim Barley. “Seeing Maverick overcome his personal demons to defeat the Klingons over the South Pacific in his X-Wing fighter was such a cool experience back in 1986, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel.”

The 2023 Ford Maverick is expected to reach dealers in Q4 2022.

Happy April Fool’s day, Ford Authority readers!

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Joe

    Another poor April Fools Joke.

    1. Shayne W.

      Poor?! This is pretty awesome. I’d buy one. Too bad it’s not real.

  2. blksn8k

    Just reading the title was a dead giveaway…

    1. Kleber Sousay

      Ahhh dang it. You guys got me good. Maybe Ford outta consider making a Maverick Top Gun. It would probably be a silly graphics package but why not?

  3. Curt DeHusson

    Joke or not, there have been times this would come in handy. Defintely would consider buying it.

  4. Steve

    “The 2023 Ford Maverick is expected to reach dealers in Q4 2022.”

    That’s the joke right? haha

    1. ENRIQUE

      When is the maverick hybrid 2023 coming

  5. Sean Koogler

    Well I really get excited about that 2.3 a 10-speed automatic but maybe they’ll put one in later they just call it a H.O.

  6. Harold Hilderbrand

    Love the commentary … obviously a “souped up” Maverick is something lots of us would love to see produced , however this new little truck with the two drivetrain variations is simply “genious” on the part of Ford Motor ! Awesome vehicle for sure !

  7. Jackie Sprout

    Just got around to reading this on the first day of Trout season in PA. You caught me hook, line and sinker! Still waiting for my MY2022 ordered in July 2021. Keep the Maverick news coming!

  8. Normand simard

    Entre au garage le 21/12/2021 et sotie le 30/03/2022. Je vous explique le problème.Je suis passé chez mon concessionnaire hier ,ils ont reçu les pièces pour notre Ford Maverick 2022 après 2 mois 1/2 de longue attente et il ne sera pas prêt avant la semaine prochaine.
    Pendant tout ce temps , le véhicule a été gardé dans la cour arrière du concessionnaire sous le paquet de neige qui est tombé pendant l’hiver québécois.
    Nous croyons que vous pourriez réfléchir à la possibilité de nous donner une compensation pour les mois où nous n’avons pas eu le privilège de conduire notre véhicule. Par exemple, payer notre toile sur la boîte arrière ( qui était la raison principale de notre visite au garage qui a donné lieu à la saisie du véhicule en raison d’un rappel concernant un problème avec le réservoir de carburant qui n’était pas dû à notre faute)
    La situation étant que notre concessionnaire ne nous a pas rendu notre véhicule en attendant la pièce parce qu’il avait comme consigne que c’était un rappel de sécurité. Cependant, il semble que Ford Canada soit en désaccord avec cela.
    Je trouve que la communication entre le concessionnaire et Ford Canada a été déficiente à ce niveau car, après que j’aie téléphoné à l’un et à l’autre les renseignements qu’on me fournis ne sont pas pareilles. Ce n’est pas à nous de payer pour ce manque de communication.
    Nous, nous avons perdu presque 3 mois à pas utiliser notre Maverick tout en continuant d’effectuer nos paiements.
    Je suis un client depuis l’âge de mes 18 ans et j’ai toujours effectué l’achat de mes véhicules chez Ford. Je veux continuer d’être satisfait de conduire un Ford. Alors, j’apprécierais qu’on regarde notre dossier et nous donne une compensation .On nous a retiré le plaisir de conduire notre Maverick .
    Pour la première fois ,moi qui adore les véhicule Ford ,je me pose la question si je vais racheter un Ford ou même le conseiller à d’autres personnes d’acheter un Ford ,moi qui adore les Ford et le nouveau Maverick. Que je dois faire le garage à rien donner mais pas excuse ne trouve pas très professionnel Ford Desjardins Quebec. Merci.

  9. Henri Furd

    The better jokes are the newest wave of recalls on these quality Ford products.

  10. Brad Barefoot

    A new model ? What about the thousands whose already ordered one and can’t get their Maverick ? I’d make the decision to full fill what I had orders for before bringing out a new model.

    1. Mike Withshoes

      Did you miss the part about this being an april fools day prank?

  11. Larry

    Interesting tease.
    But if the idea was to tickle one’s fancy, surprised that there wasn’t a manual thrown into the mix. Would stir the wood in me!

  12. hacmaverick

    Yes. I am still waiting on my 2022 Lariat AWD.I am hoping to receive before 2023. I thinking that maybe I need to be looking at the Ram or Tundra. Maybe a Chevy. But I will wait a few more
    months because I do like that little Maverick.
    Harold Childers

    1. Ralph Natola

      Hi Everyone, Got my maverick hybrid in January great truck. Called Brandon today to tell him I just drove sixty highway and city miles and recorded 62mpg. Who needs all electric when I can get this kind of mileage from this perky pickup. If you are waiting for your order just be patient. It is definitely worth the wait

  13. Mark Wynn

    If only ….

  14. Bob Bunsen

    “…all 2023 Ford Maverick Top Gun Edition buyers will receive VHS copies of both movies…”

    VHS?? Seriously? I hope the technology in the truck is a little more current than that.

  15. Lt. Dan

    Talking 2023 , Ford should worry about getting 2022’s out. Last I checked, if you order a Maverick it might be 6 months before delivery. If you can find one now they jacked the prices ridiculously. Dealer down the road has one on the used lot. $40K and it’s not even a Lariat. Sad times we live in.

  16. Bill Byrne

    it would be nice if they could just build the ones ordered waiting 6 months now

  17. Gary Andersen

    How about a monthly report on pre-ordered vehicles like the Maverick’s 200 K pre ordered / How many have been delivered or what % delivered . It has been 10 months since my order was placed and other than some “kit?” and continued “chip” issues -Nothing ! Have even stopped by Ford dealer a few times but they can’t get details either . Looking more like a 2023 model year for Maverick Hybrid models ??

  18. GW

    i ordered my XLT with luxury package in March and ill get it in May. They just called and told me 6-8 months longer so im getting a 2023 at same cost…. oh well…. i can wait


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