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2024 Ford Mustang To Launch With Carryover Engines: Exclusive

The 2024 Ford Mustang is expected to represent the first model year of the S650 generation, an era that may possibly introduce some revolutionary changes into the pony car lineup. As Ford Authority previously reported, it appears the cabin is slated to receive a substantial redesign that may end up being quite radical, as the Mustang has featured a relatively traditional center stack for many years. That said, it will remain similar to its predecessors in other areas though, as the lineup isn’t adopting any type of all-wheel drive setup whatsoever. On a similar note, sources have now explained to Ford Authority that the upcoming model isn’t expected to switch things up on the powertrain front either, as the muscle car will launch with carryover engines, namely the Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost and Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote.

2024 Ford Mustang

Whether or not the 2024 Ford Mustang lineup will mimic the current model’s horsepower and torque ratings for both engines is unclear at the moment, but at minimum the upcoming pony car should have at least 310 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque under its hood, thanks to the 2.3L EcoBoost. That horsepower figure is bumped up to 330 with the optional High Performance Package, which is available on the EcoBoost and EcoBoost Premium trims. As Ford Authority exclusively reported, both GT and GT Premium trims, in addition to the Mach 1, now feature reduced horsepower and torque ratings as a result of more stringent environmental regulations. On GT and GT Premium, output is now rated at 450 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, while the Mach 1 makes do with 470 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque.

2024 Ford Mustang

This latest tidbit of information puts to rest any idea that the 2024 Ford Mustang will launch with hybrid variants of both engines, although they might arrive at a later date. Either way, we know that the V8 isn’t heading off into the sunset anytime soon, and adding electrification may be one way it can remain in the lineup amid Ford’s massive EV pivot. In any event, next generation Ford Mustang is set to enter production at the Ford Flat Rock plant in 2023 for what is now being labeled as an eight year run. As Ford Authority detailed not too long ago, that rough timeline has been confirmed by a Ford representative, who stated that the upcoming model slated to launch later on in 2023.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Don

    Wondering what the future is for the Shelby GT500. With the new government regulations for increasing fleet mpg to 49 by 2026. I’m hoping that Ford’s EV lineup and other models like the Maverick Hybrid will allow Ford to keep the current 5.2 Predator GT500 in production for at least a couple more years. Hearing at least for now the Coyote and EcoBoost engines will continue jn the upcoming S650 is excellent news.

  2. Ross

    I would love to see Ford reduce the weight of the Mustang. Take 100+kg out of it and everything will improve, acceleration, braking, handling, MPG.
    I know it’s not easy to do but at least this way they wouldn’t need to increase HP to make it faster

    1. P.R.Ford

      With my 2004 Mach 1, it wasn’t too difficult to remove right at 100 pounds, but cutting 100 Kg would have required some serious modifications.

      1. Ross

        Yes definitely. There would need to be engineered solutions from the ground up not simply swapping components for lighter versions or deleting things.
        Saying that I would like to see some lightweight options at least. Carbon fiber roof and front seats, plexi glass. Maybe some magnesium components where possible

  3. Ed

    I would warmly welcome a new Mustang with dimensions to those of the original 1965 model.
    A 375 hp 4.0 L Coyote V8 with a DCT would be a great factory starting point.

  4. hyracer

    Very disapointing news! The 7.3 Godzilla engine would have been an excellent choice and given the big block Chargers/Challengers a run for the money. No GT Mustang for me, I’ll stick with my Focus RS or upgrade to a well cared for GT350.

    1. P.R.Ford

      You don’t need a monster sized engine to make a Mustang run like a scalded dog. You can get 1000 rwhp with some bolt-ons and a tune.


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