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All-New Ford Taurus Engineered To Withstand Heat, Sand Of Middle East

The Ford Taurus was discontinued in the U.S. back in 2019, but the sedan lives on in China, where the Taurus rides on the Ford CD4 Platform, as well as the Middle East, where it has been that region’s best-selling nameplate for the last five years. Earlier this week, the all-new Ford Taurus was revealed for the Middle East as a rebadged version of the also-new Chinese Ford Mondeo. And as it turns out, FoMoCo spend quite a bit of time testing the new sedan to ensure that it can withstand the unique weather conditions present in that region.

The engineering team at Ford’s Product Development facility in Dubai were able to subject the new Ford Taurus to ambient temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit), which is critical for customers that live in a part of the world that routinely experiences searing heat, dust, sand, and other unique elements.

“It’s crucial to the comfort of our customers, and the integrity of the all-new Taurus, that we test in such extreme climes,” said Ziyad Dallalah, Product Development General Manager, Ford International Markets Group. “Dust and sand can play havoc on engine internals and suspension components by accelerating wear on moving parts. Add that to the searing heat, and you are faced with a vehicle that has to work much harder than it might have to in more favorable conditions. Our testing ensures Taurus’ engine, transmission, driveline, and cooling systems can handle the demands of the region.”

The all-new Mondeo and Taurus borrow heavily from the recently-revealed Ford Evos crossover and Lincoln Zephyr sedan in the styling department, inside and out. The sedan is both wider and longer than the outgoing Mondeo, with a tech-heavy interior touting a 13.2-inch infotainment screen and an 8-inch digital cluster. The new Taurus will be powered by the turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost engine, which is mated to the automaker’s eight-speed automatic transmission when it launches later this year.

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  1. N

    Bring the Taurus back the the U.S!!!

    1. Joe D

      Please. Better yet bring back the Crown Vic

  2. JE

    This is a car I definitively would buy. An SUV or a crossover, never. I really hope the actual SUV cancer ends asap. I’ve been buying Ford/Lincoln products for over 25 years but now, besides the Mustang, I’m buying with other brands. There’s no human power that’s going to make me buy an SUV or a crossover for the simple reason that I don’t like them.

  3. Esteban

    Please, sell this car in Europe!

    1. David Thomas


  4. Lee parker

    Best cars we ever had mondeo its a car that does what is needed I notice cab drivers are taking them up good for 250000 mlles please bring them back in Europe and Britain in particular.

  5. keith

    I’d be thrilled if they would just engineer the car to be recall free.
    Whatever happened to Quality is Job 1 ?

    1. TheRetiredViking

      It still is. They don’t say WHAT quality.

  6. Kurt

    Bring it back to the US. Tired of every damn auto maker forcing SUV down our throat! I would buy the Taurus tomorrow if it was here. I have bought Fords for over 40 years since my first car was a Mustang. Owned two Taurus’s. Listen to your customers Ford otherwise I may have purchased my last Ford.

  7. Gerald Peterson

    Bring Taurus and other Ford cars back to the U.S. , We need Ford Cars !!

  8. bdaniel230

    Finally, someone at Ford Headquarters realized that making a sedan and a coupe may not be a bad idea. I think they should bring back the Focus as well however, the Taurus still has a bad reputation. Having a full fleet of trucks and SUVs is great but also having a few passenger cars is a good thing for those that want it. We still are America where we can have what we decide we want.

  9. Verdett Thomas

    It’s a crying shame we can no longer buy ford or Lincoln cars here in America from a company that was born in America. I never dreamed I would not be able to buy a real car from an American car company . It’s a sad day when America can’t build a true luxury car for its own people.

  10. jerome

    Hope I am wrong, but appears American automakers can no longer compete with foreign
    companies regarding sedans.

  11. Don

    Ford needs at least one sedan in the US and the Taurus would be a great choice. Maybe I’m the only one that noticed the Chinese Taurus front-end somewhat resembles the front end from some of the renderings of the S650 Mustang GT.

  12. David Larson

    Get a sedan back now!

  13. Dee

    Ford made a mistake pulling cars from the U.S. market ! Hyundai ,Kia selling plenty !!

  14. Ernesto

    We need a sedan in Europe! Bring back Mondeo!

  15. Tailleur

    Yes, Ford should bring a sedan to Europe again…. Not everyone can only want an SUV—

  16. upsetfusiondryvr01

    Been less and less likely to get another ford ever since they removed every car but the Mustang in the US. I’ve had two Fusions now, for the last 6 years and I loved them. Still driving a 2020 right now. Would LOVE a car like this in 2023, yet Ford seems only interested in overpriced and ugly crossovers… very disappointing. Any Fusions dupes out there? lol


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