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Certified Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles Now Eligible For 84-Month Financing

Certified pre-owned vehicles have been quickly gaining favor among shoppers as various supply chain shortages continue to make the act of buying a new vehicle more difficult. As a result, Ford launched Blue Advantage – its own certified pre-owned vehicle marketplace – back in early 2021 and later updated it to offer customers a 14-day, 1,000-mile money-back guarantee. In recent months, Ford Credit has also worked to make it easier for more people to secure financing, as well as longer terms reaching up to 84 months, terms that will now apply to CPO vehicles, according to a dealer bulletin seen by Cars Direct.

As used vehicle prices have reached new record highs in recent months, the once-affordable alternative to new vehicles is now out of reach for some customers. That’s where 84-month CPO financing comes into play, however – by stretching out the term, it results in lower monthly payments. Long terms don’t always work out for the best, however, and can result in more interest being paid in total, and with prices so high, buyers could also soon find themselves stuck in a loan with negative equity if and when the bubble bursts.

Ford’s 7-year CPO financing deals feature APRs starting out at 4.99 percent, which is actually lower than current Blue Oval new vehicle rates. The deal applies to Ford Blue Advantage Gold Certified and Lincoln CPO vehicles up to three years old. The 4.99 percent rate is valid for 2020-2022 model year CPO vehicles, but there are some stipulations for buyers. To qualify for the best interest rates, buyers must have a FICO score of at least 680, fall within Ford’s guidelines for Tier 0 to Tier 2 credit, and finance at least $15,000. This offer can also be combined with other advertised financing deals and non-promotional offers, however.

According to Jim Spengler, Ford’s V.P. of U.S. Sales Operations, Ford Credit is making this change as part of its “continuing effort to provide innovative financing solutions that exceed customer expectations.”

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  1. If you have to go more than 36 or 48 months to finance a used car you can’t afford it. 72 and 84-month financing options should be outlawed.

  2. Al Brooks

    The truth of the matter is, if you own a home, you should take out a second mortgage to pay for the new Ford of your choice. Thus avoiding the additional auto financing and the fact that you no longer have a lien on your new Ford and you have the Title in your safety deposit box and you get to write off the interest with your home loan.
    If you own a business find out about financing your new Ford with a TracLease offered by Ford Credit. You have unlimited mileage you can set the residual percentage so that your end-of-lease payoff is lower than the market price. Plus you received all the investment tax credits and the payment amount. And at the end of the lease term if the unit has low mileage and is in very good condition when so you decide to pay it off and refinance it if you keeping your company name you can write off the payments for an additional 36 months. It’s a win-win combination. Have you driven a Ford lately? Ford has a great deal to offer.

    1. Joe

      Most people can’t write the interest off any more because of salt. It limits your taxes and interest at 10K.


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