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Ford Average Transaction Prices Dropped Slightly But Remain Very High

Even though Ford’s lineup – as a whole – is selling for around MSRP while Lincoln’s lineup has been transacting below sticker price, Ford average transaction prices remain high, and set a new record of $48k back in February. However, the overall market has been in a slight decline over the past three months, and Ford average transaction prices likewise dropped somewhat in March, according to the latest data from Kelley Blue Book.

New vehicles sold for an average of $45,927 last month, which is 0.3 percent or $156 less than February, but 12.9 percent or $5,247 more than March 2021. Regardless, dealers continue to sell vehicles at or above MSRP amid low inventory – which remained in the low 30 days’ supply range last month – while demand for those vehicles is still high.

Meanwhile, overall Ford Motor Company average transaction prices came in at $48,473 last month, which is down from $49,693 (2.5 percent) in February but up one percent from $47,990 one year ago. As a brand, Ford’s average transaction prices finished the month at $47,832 – a 2.8 percent decrease from February’s figure of $49,213, which is also one percent higher than March 2021. Unfortunately, this trend doesn’t appear likely to end any time soon as supply chain constraints continue to pose major problems for automotive production.

Ford’s lofty transaction prices are largely being buoyed by a number of desirable models that are selling for a healthy percentage over sticker, a list that includes the relatively new 2022 Ford Maverick, the recently-reborn Ford Bronco, and the 2022 Ford Mustang, which are all among the top new vehicles on the market experiencing the biggest markups. However, it seems as if the willingness among consumers to pay over MSRP for a new vehicle is waning, as just 30 percent indicated they would be willing to do so in a recent study.

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