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Ford Brazil Sales Drop 70 Percent In March 2022

Ford Brazil sales fell 70 percent to 1,298 units in March 2022 compared to March 2021 results.

Individual model sales performance was as follows:

During the first three months of the 2022 calendar year, Ford Brazil sales decreased 77 percent to 3,792 units.

Sales Results - March 2022 - Brazil - Ford

MODELMAR 2022 / MAR 2021MARCH 2022MARCH 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
BRONCO SPORT* 145**313 *
KA-99.93% 11,479-99.96%3 7,614
MAVERICK* 33**70 *
MUSTANG+63.64% 1811-29.84%87 124
RANGER-58.05% 1,0012,386-46.43%3,010 5,619
TERRITORY-11.11% 8090-27.00%265 363
TRANSIT* 6**8 *
FORD TOTAL-69.84% 1,2984,304-76.55%3,792 16,174

The Ford Authority Take

After registering their worst monthly performance in decades during February 2022, Ford Brazil sales posted yet another double-digit drop in March. The results represent an even deeper negative performance in the country, as well as Ford’s 27th consecutive decline in the Brazilian market. The only good news is that the March numbers mark a recovery to the four-figure mark from the 989 units in February.

The drop in Ford Brazil sales volume in March 2022 was accompanied by declines in deliveries of most nameplates. The Ford Ranger, for instance, continues to trend in the red after establishing itself as The Oval’s best-selling model in 2021.

For its part, the Mustang was the only Ford model that managed to be in the green, but its 18 deliveries during the month was essentially insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Ford’s depressing performance in the Brazilian market is the direct result of the automaker’s decision to transition from a local manufacturer to a national sales company (vehicle importer) back in January 2021. The decision resulted in the closure all of Ford plants in Brazil and, by association, the discontinuation of its highest-selling models in the country, such as the Ka subcompact car range.

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  1. Joe

    When will Ford learn that staying in these markets doesn’t make any sense. These countries are not going to turn around anytime soon. I would hate to be a Ford Salesmen in Brazil.

    1. MF

      Even with a low sales volume, it is possible to make a profit, so it makes sense to keep a minimum presence.
      Furthermore, it is not only these “countries” that have to change, but also the management made by Ford. Why did Ford go into decline in Brazil when several other automakers made billion-dollar investments to remain competitive in the market?
      Normally, despite vehicle sales, most of the profits from automotive dealerships come from the maintenance area and this is something that will be needed for a long time, as local regulations require guaranteed supply of parts and service for a period of time. minimum, even after ceasing to sell a model or stop operating in the country.

  2. Amîlcar

    Ford cometió un gran error al cerrar sus fábricas en Brasil y lo va pagar caro, abandono a sus clientes!!! Le regaló el mercado a la competencia!

    1. Santos

      El error de Ford fue insistir en su mala gestión en el país durante décadas, lo que la llevó a tomar tal decisión. Es imposible que abandone a los clientes actuales, ya que las normas locales exigirían la obligación de ofrecer servicios y repuestos para el correcto mantenimiento de los vehículos vendidos durante al menos una década. Si no hacía esto, sería multada con miles de millones de dólares.
      La competencia agradece la situación de Ford. Tanto es así que muchos ya han logrado captar a sus antiguos y potenciales clientes. Por tanto, habrá que invertir unos cuantos miles de millones para seguir siendo atractivo, además de generar puestos de trabajo.

  3. Don Hayes

    When you pull products like all the sedans and soon the Edge from the US market to cut expenses and increase profits, yet offer products in Brazil that sells an embarrassing 1000 vehicles per month. The math doesn’t work. Then in China Ford uses the CFMA plants to build a completely different model of vehicles that include sedans dropped in the US. The upcoming redesigned 2023 Explorer for the China Market will offer a high-tech infotainment screen that runs the entire length of the dash while we get an attached vertical screen. It appears Ford feels the American customer will purchase the basics and not complain. Decent interiors, some technology and decent performance. I just don’t understand how a car like the Fusion was losing money. Even being dated and basically forgotten by Ford. In 2014 it sold over 300,000 copies. For a 6 year period it never received much attention by Ford regarding redesigns or marketing with sales dipping to 166,000 unit in 2019 before being discontinued in 2020, yet they sell 1000 total vehicles in Brazil. I’m a huge fan of Ford products, but is Ford still a fan of the American market.


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