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Ford CEO Jim Farley Has Mind Blown By Ford Puma Rally1: Video

The all-new Ford Puma Rally1 – which replaced the old the Ford Fiesta WRC in M-Sport’s rally racing efforts – was revealed this past December with a brand new look and immediately left an impression on everyone that had the chance to test it out, including M-Sport driver Sebastien Loeb and team leader Craig Breen. Those initial impressions also quickly translated to success on the track, as Loeb piloted the Ford Puma Rally1 to victory in its very first outing. Now, Ford CEO and part-time racer Jim Farley has also gotten the chance to experience the new rally weapon, and he came away rather impressed as well.

Farley posted a short video of himself riding along with Breen in the new Puma Rally1, a wild experience that left the executive somewhat speechless, but with a massive grin on his face. “I’ve driven some incredible vehicles, but this was unlike any driving experience I’ve ever had!” Farley said. Those are big words, given the fact that the CEO owns and has driven some seriously fast vintage and modern machines over the years.

The Puma Rally1 is Ford’s first-ever electrified competition racing vehicle, as it’s equipped with a 3.9 kWh battery that provides power boosts of up to three seconds from a 100 kW electric motor to supplement the car’s 1.6L EcoBoost gas engine. The Puma Rally1 is also capable of driving on electric power alone, with full recharges taking around 25 minutes. The entire hybrid system weighs a mere 95 kilograms and is housed in a ballistic-strength casing to protect it from rocks and various other obstacles.

Weighing in at just 1,260 kilograms (2,777 pounds), the Puma Rally1 is undoubtedly quick, as we can see in this short but wild video. And that makes it one heck of a thrill ride in addition to a competitive vehicle on the track.

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  1. Dave Mathers

    Why does it have a ‘maximum speed’?

  2. GaryB

    Most electric motors are mounted directly to the wheel, foregoing a transmission or different gears. Electric vehicles trade high top speeds for fast acceleration.


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