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Ford Dealer Markups Get Highlighted Via New Website

Over the past couple of years, the chip shortage and various other automotive-related supply constraints have led to massive production cuts across the industry and as a result, precious little new vehicle inventory on dealer lots. A number of dealers have taken advantage of this fact by marking up the new vehicles that they do have on lots, which has drawn the ire of a number of automakers – Ford included – as well as shoppers. Now, however, Ford dealer markups are getting called out via a new website dedicated to helping consumers avoid them dubbed

The site highlights not only Ford dealer markups but dealers and retailers selling all other automotive makes as well. On the flip side, the site also lists vehicles and dealers that aren’t charging markups, so customers know precisely where to go if they want to save some of their hard-earned money.

The folks behind began creating Google docs pages gathering data on Toyota dealers and 4Runner models that were being marked up back in mid-2021 and then grew to include other highly sought-after models including the Ford F-150 Raptor and Ram TRX. Things have escalated quickly, unsurprisingly, and now the site has grown to include all makes and models in a massive database that is updated regularly.

Currently, a number of Ford models – including the brand new 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup, the reborn 2022 Ford Bronco, and 2022 Ford Mustang are all among the most heavily marked-up new vehicles on sale today. Some 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning reservation holders were also recently surprised by hefty markups, though FoMoCo says that the vast majority of dealers are selling the new EV pickup at MSRP. Regardless, as part of its upcoming reorganization, Ford is asking dealers to specialize in one particular area and may force those that sell EVs to do so at fixed prices, which Rivian and Tesla already do.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. gregandrews

    Cool website.
    BIG THANKS to those who set this up!!!!

  2. James key

    Will we get the financing % we could of gotten when we ordered our maveric hybrids?

  3. rusty

    Unacceptable behavior allowed by FoMoCo for dealers to charge dedicated Ford customers above manufactures cost.

    1. Michael Quinlan

      I have a 2022 Maverick XL Hybrid on order since August that I just received notice it has been built.
      A friend of mine also ordered one and his is built and will be delivered in a couple of weeks.
      He went into the Rizza Ford dealership in Orland park Illinois and is being told they are going to mark up the vehicle $5000 over MSRP after initially trying t push a $10000 over MSRP price. He does not know what to do at this point and left the dealership until his car arrives in a few weeks. I am worried same will happen to me.
      Wish Ford Motor woud step in and try to do something.

      1. Kenneth Schultz

        I read somewhere if you have paperwork that says your original purchase price that the dealership should honor it. Don’t accept anything less. I saw a Maverick at Joe Cotton Ford and they added ceramic coating protection for $5,000 and then also marked up the Maverick another 5,000 so the 32,000 vehicle is now $42,000. I walked away very upset that Ford would allow them to do that.

      2. darren

        yes my ford dealer is charging 10,000 for dealer mark up, tituswillford,washington,state,,,,ford needs to ban the dealers for this .

      3. whypac

        He should file a lawsuit for “bait and switch”, including attorney fees. And then tack on punitive damages for lost wages, emotional distress, etc…. for having to take time off work to meet with and hire with a lawyer, go to court; and the emotional roller-coaster he was put through for ordering and agreeing to purchase at price point X only to be told when the vehicle arrives the vehicle costs X + $5,000 to $10,000… which should be illegal.

      4. Michael Guidotti

        They did the same shady thing to me!!! Bad form Ford Co!!!!

  4. Brad Barefoot

    Ford should do things differently. With the massive backlog of Maverick potential owners who been waiting since July of 2021 … build’em somewhere else than Mexico. I was around when the Mustang came out … to meet demand they built Mustangs in multiple Ford factories … who in Ford management can’t come to grips with this ? I’m in my buying cycle (every 5 years) and want a Base Maverick model with a few accessories, but for some reason they don’t offer a cruise control, so I’d move up to the XLT model, but it’s silly that Ford won’t do what they did in the 1960’s to meet demand, the chip shortage excuse is flimsy … Hyundai seems to get all they want, as does others. Ford, upgrade your wiring harness to accept the new chips like the others, or many like me will consider changing brands.

  5. Joe Conley

    Yes. It’s getting rediculous listening to the phony shortage crap for markups. Manufacturer say what the cost out to the Dealers is. Sales people and dealer greed create markups.

    1. WD

      Did you pay MSRP before or did you negotiate? We consumers negotiated to the point some stores went out of business. If no one negotiated and everyone paid MSRP everytime it would be a lot easier.

  6. Jerry

    I canceled my new 2022 telluride cause of markup. I bought a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee cost less and I love it. Pays to shop around. Plus the excessive markups puts your buying power toward the luxury vehicles and those dealerships treat you lots better even when your car breaks down. If people remember in late 90’s car company’s had a lot people upside down in vehicle value. So one day we see the mess and good people loosing there rides.

  7. Mohammad Khan

    Man…so even if you order and wait, they may still hit you with a markup at delivery. Great. No new car for another 2-3 years for me. Maybe longer.

  8. Mike

    I don’t see Orchid Isle Auto Center/Ford located in Hilo, Hawaii. They are a monopoly and have for decades marked up prices.

  9. AB

    Going against the grain here the dealership still needs to cover expenses with 10 percent of the inventory available that it had before the markup is necessary to survive It is all about supply and demand look at the manufacturer and administration’s policies in DC. Every industry is affected garage doors are 9 months out and triple in price and check out the food prices at restaurants just saying it’s universal.

  10. WD

    I am just curious if anyone else cared when dealerships were selling vehicles 2000 under invoice and losing money?

    Build me a house and lose money doing it. Sell me my groceries and lose money doing it. Fix my teeth and lose money doing it.

    Maybe if consumers allowed them to make a profit previously dealer’s wouldn’t be adding these mark-ups.

    If you thought it was ok to screw the dealership previoussly don’t be mad when they screw you.

    1. M.T.

      They ARE making money selling cars at MSRP; the big difference I see to your position is that I can purchase groceries at multiple groceries stores, not just one grocery chain that has the monopoly on selling groceries. The same goes for house builders or dentist; any time there is a monopoly source that charged over MSRP that is price gouging. Also, yes car dealerships do sell cars/trucks under sticker, however they more that make it up in parts/service end of the same business. Ultimately the car mfg. needs to take care of its car distribution system (dealerships); I do, however see where you are coming from.

  11. Robert mccutcheon

    I’ll find out about mine tomorrow. I ordered 2 maverick for my 2 daughters back in July. 1 came in this past weekend but have not seen it yet at burns ford in York sc. Going to walk I f to high mark up

  12. Rolland Stang

    Ford must stop the Dealerships that mark up their cars , fine them equal the price they mark them up!! ,Or cut some of their inventory and give to y Dealerships that don’t mark up.

  13. Thomas Doyle

    Here in the Detroit area there are dealers selling the bronco $20000 over sticker and the worst Maverick deal was $14000 over sticker.
    The dealer with the gouged Mavericks is claiming he bought his 12 truck inventory for $6000 over sticker from Ford which I find hard to believe.
    I being steamed about the price gouging contacted Ford customer service. They allegedly are supposed to be contacting the sales manager of the dealership to get the situation under control.
    The prices haven’t changed on the dealers website.

    I need the truck today not a year from now. I want a maverick at the Z plan price and no shenanigans.

    You not dread buying a vehicle

  14. BC

    Dealerships and Car Manufacturers have Gotten a Tremendous Amount of Taxpayers/Customers Money for Years. Have You Forgot about all off the “Bail Out” Money that they received and Now they are So Greedy that they are Charging $5000-$20,000 ( 25%-50%) Mark-Up on New and Used Vehicle’s. That is Nothing More than Price Gouging and Greed. They should All be Sued under the Anti-Trust Laws!

  15. LB

    I like to buy a ford bronco. The place I live at (Farmington NM) has one but there asking for $61,000. 5,000 miles on it. The MSRP is $42,000.

  16. Matt

    Ford dealership in Florida selling Ford Raptor R for $ 50,000.00 over MSRP Ford Motor Company should stop all allocations of top selling vehicles to dealerships that price gouge customers.

  17. Jason

    Phil Long Ford of Colorado Springs regular 2023 ford Raptor for $146,995 MSRP is $84,625, mark up of $62,370 this place has marked up all there cars like this even regular f150 they are trying to sell for $112,000

  18. Michael Guidotti

    North County Ford Vista CA was literally just the place my truck was being delivered to and they marked up my truck $4000! They said if I didn’t pay that extra fee that they were going to keep my truck and sell it to someone else! They held my truck hostage. I ordered online, designed what I wanted myself, and financed it through my bank. They were just a delivery lot because Ford wouldn’t deliver directly to my house! Highway robbery! They stile $4000 from me and claimed the value of my truck went up from the time u ordered, to the time it was delivered. Took 10 months to get my truck and that was bad enough. They should be held accountable for their shady business practices!!!!!


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