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Ford Edge Sales Place Fourth In Segment During Q1 2022

Ford Edge sales increased in the United States, Canada, and Mexico during the first quarter of 2022.

Ford Edge Sales - Q1 2022 - United States

In the United States, Ford Edge deliveries totaled 26,412 units in Q1 2022, an increase of about 19 percent compared to 22,150 units sold in Q1 2021.
MODEL Q1 2022 / Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q1 2021
EDGE +19.24% 26,412 22,150

Ford Edge Sales - Q1 2022 - Canada

In Canada, Ford Edge deliveries totaled 2,605 units in Q1 2022, an increase of about 3 percent compared to 2,525 units sold in Q1 2021.
MODEL Q1 2022 / Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q1 2021
EDGE +3.17% 2,605 2,525

Ford Edge Sales - Q1 2022 - Mexico

In Mexico, Ford Edge deliveries totaled 56 units in Q1 2022, an increase of about 22 percent compared to 46 units sold in Q1 2021.
MODEL Q1 2022 / Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q1 2021
EDGE +21.74% 56 46

Competitive Sales Comparison (USA)

Ford Edge sales saw a 20 percent increase to 26,412 units during the first quarter of 2022 in the U.S., placing the midsize crossover in fourth place in its expanded segment of 21 models. The Jeep Grand Cherokee placed first with a 36 percent sales volume increase to 75,117 units and the Toyota Highlander earned second with a three percent increase to 66,026 units. The Edge’s corporate cousin, the Ford Explorer scored third place with a 35 percent drop to 42,736 units. With the Edge in fourth, it was closely followed by the Hyundai Santa Fe with a ten percent decrease to 25,582 units, with the Honda Pilot followed in sixth with a 24 percent slide to 23,989 units. The Chevy Traverse saw a 38 percent decrease to 23,464 units, and the rest of the segment contenders posted less than 23,000 deliveries each.

Sales Numbers - Midsize & Full-Size Mainstream Crossovers - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21 Q1 22 SHARE Q1 21 SHARE
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE +36.09% 75,117 55,198 16% 10%
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER +3.44% 66,026 63,831 14% 12%
FORD EXPLORER -34.50% 42,736 65,244 9% 12%
FORD EDGE +19.24% 26,412 22,150 6% 4%
HYUNDAI SANTA FE -10.46% 25,582 28,570 5% 5%
HONDA PILOT -23.73% 23,989 31,451 5% 6%
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE -38.31% 23,464 38,037 5% 7%
KIA TELLURIDE +1.02% 22,076 21,854 5% 4%
HYUNDAI PALISADE -0.86% 21,025 21,207 4% 4%
CHEVROLET BLAZER -2.37% 18,808 19,265 4% 4%
KIA SORENTO -9.13% 17,923 19,724 4% 4%
VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS -51.72% 14,734 30,520 3% 6%
SUBARU ASCENT +1.55% 14,698 14,473 3% 3%
DODGE DURANGO -30.21% 14,349 20,560 3% 4%
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER +218.19% 13,065 4,106 3% 1%
TOYOTA VENZA -20.46% 10,836 13,623 2% 3%
HONDA PASSPORT -9.78% 10,474 11,610 2% 2%
MAZDA CX-9 +11.47% 10,463 9,386 2% 2%
NISSAN MURANO -18.40% 9,403 11,523 2% 2%
GMC ACADIA -53.22% 9,336 19,956 2% 4%
NISSAN PATHFINDER +0.79% 8,975 8,905 2% 2%
TOTAL -9.73% 479,491 531,193

The Edge accounted for six percent segment share, up two percentage points from the year-ago quarter. The Grand Cherokee claimed a massive 16 percent share, up six percentage points while the Highlander was close behind with 14 percent segment share, up two percentage points from the year-ago quarter. The Explorer saw nine percent of the segment, down three percentage points. All other segment contenders posted five percent or less of segment share.

The mainstream mid- and full-size crossover segments decreased an average of ten percent to 479,491 units in Q1 2022, meaning that the Edge massively outpaced the segment average.

The Ford Authority Take

We attribute the increase in Ford Edge sales during the quarter to improved availability of the midsize crossover. It’s worth noting that the Edge is not expected to see a next generation after the current model runs its lifecycle, which should end around the 2023 calendar year.

In a move that was seemingly spurred by labor negotiations over the future of the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, which currently builds the Edge for North America, The Blue Oval and the Canadian auto union, Unifor, came to an agreement that will see the facility retooled to produce five new electric vehicles starting in 2025. As a result, the only way that we see the Edge continuing is as an electric vehicle.

Luckily, the 2021 Ford Edge saw various updates in the form of a significantly larger infotainment screen and a revised transmission on the high-performance Edge ST model. As Ford Authority previously reported, the crossover has dropped its front-wheel drive configuration and will only be available with all-wheel drive for the 2022 model year. As a result, Edge pricing has risen roughly $2,000 across the board. Additionally, the 2022 Edge also saw the addition of the Black Appearance Package.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Edge sales in Q1 2021, unless noted otherwise
  • In the United States, there were 75 selling days for Q1 2022 and 74 selling days for Q1 2021

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  1. Joe

    A good selling, comfortable and well priced vehicle and they are getting rid of it for EVs. Wait till they see how few people want them and all the battery price increases.

    1. Richard

      Only Ford would discontinue a vehicle that sells 100K units per year. EV’s are going to be a disaster.

      1. Ross

        I thought it had something to do with labor and manufacturing capacity?

  2. Jim Glass

    When my Mach E was in for recall fixes the dealer provided me with a 2022 Edge fully loaded. I was impressed. The digital package was almost as good as my First Edition MME. Performance was perfectly adequate for what an SUV is meant to do.

  3. Don

    My wife and I currently own a 2017 Edge Sport. It’s my wife’s daily driver and the vehicle we use for road trips. It’s a fantastic 2 roll SUV providing comfort and performance. I keep hearing Ford is considering dropping the Edge from it’s lineup. Looking at the 1st quarter sales numbers, that decision appears a mistake. I purchased a 2018 Chrysler 300C instead of a Taurus SHO because Ford discontinued their sedans in the US. I hope they rethink their decision regarding the Edge and maybe bring the Chinese version of the Taurus back to the US.

  4. Mike

    They should have made a hybrid Edge as well, since it is so popular. I would consider buying one if there was a hybrid model.

  5. Gerard de Jong

    A bought a 2022 ford ST LINE love the edge but when I went out of town ! Driving at night I found the headlights to be very poor and found out from ford that they can’t be upgraded to more acceptable lighting so looks I stuck with a edge with very poor driving lights! !


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