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Ford Named 2022 Industry Leader For Environmental Efforts

Aside from its heavy investments into all-electric vehicles, Ford has been placing a major emphasis on the environment in recent years, even going so far as to launch a sustainable financing framework to fund future projects and release its first-ever integrated sustainability and financial report last year. These efforts, coupled with the automaker’s goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions at it U.S. manufacturing plants in half by 2030, have earned the automaker plenty of recognition, including a spot on Just Capital‘s 2022 Industry Leader for Environmental Efforts list.

The 2022 Industry Leader for Environmental Efforts list consists of 32 companies that top their respective industry in terms of environmental performance. In that regard, Ford finished first in the automotive and parts category while also ranking 20 overall. “Ford is the second Automobiles & Parts company to have a verified 1.5°C Science Based Target and, within this industry, uses the highest percentage of renewable energy (10 percent of its total electricity use). The company has also expanded investment in electric vehicles and recycles 90 percent of the waste it generates,” Just Capital said.

Aside from its focus on electrification, Ford is also putting tremendous effort into making its assembly plants more environmentally friendly, too. In the U.S., the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky recently earned a Pollution Prevention Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after implementing a project to reuse treated wastewater in the paint pre-treatment process that helped slash more than 5 million gallons of city water use. The automaker also recently teamed up with Hewlett-Packard on a project to transform 3D printing waste into automotive parts, too.

Meanwhile, in South America, the Ford Pacheco Assembly Plant in Argentina recycled a whopping 93 percent of its waste in 2020, after which the automaker also created a 6,727 square-foot forest at that same plant that will help the environment in a number of ways.

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