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Ford’s Garage Continues Rapid Expansion With 10 New Locations In 2022

Ford’s Garage – a restaurant franchise filled with Blue Oval memorabilia – has been around since 2012, though it originated in Florida and wasn’t officially licensed to use Ford’s iconic Blue Oval logo until 2014. The first Dearborn-based location opened in 2017, and the very first Ford’s Garage built at a Ford dealership opened in late 2020. Regardless, the franchise has enjoyed tremendous success in recent years, which seems to have inspired Tesla to do something similar – and it also has the company looking to open a number of new locations this year, according to Franchise Times.

Ford’s Garage currently consists of 17 franchise locations, but plans to open between 8-10 new restaurants by the end of the year. After that, the company wants to continue expanding at a rate of 10-15 locations annually, in a select group of states including Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Texas.

Since Ford’s Garage built a relationship with the automaker it’s named after, business has truly taken off. “Ford executives were down there and visited the restaurant and they liked what they saw,” said Ford’s Garage President Steve Shlemon. “The founders then received a phone call soon after from the licensing department. They said, ‘you guys are doing something that you don’t have the authorization to do. But we like your brand, and what you’re doing, so let’s set up a licensing agreement with you guys.”

“It’s an iconic brand that has a great reputation in the marketplace,” Shlemon added. “The company itself is very protective of the name and its assets, whether it’s retail or a restaurant. As we open up new restaurants, the Ford name has been very beneficial. People recognize the name.”

Starting this May, new locations will begin to open in Cincinnati, Ohio, Palm Beach, Florida, and Dallas, with an additional six to seven more planned for Dallas and Houston alone and a second location in the works for Ford’s home state of Michigan as well.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    Any chance one will show up in the Pittsburgh area soon?

  2. Mountainman

    Reserve a table a year in advance, watch other people walk in off the street and be seated…

    1. Beav1

      …..and once seated not everything on the menu will be available to order.

      1. Mountainman

        Don’t forget when getting the bill, it may be more than what was listed on the menu…

  3. Wes A

    We’ve eaten at two different Ford’s Garage Restaurants here in Florida. Really enjoyed it, great food, very interesting ambiance. Of course, being a Ford fan makes it even better. I wish them every success!

  4. N

    Bring one to Minnesota!!!

  5. Danny

    We have ate at the one in Orlando it was great we would love one in Nashville tn

  6. Ray Paul

    Can’t wait to see the one built in Ohio. Another great marketing idea to reach out and touch someone.

  7. Wade

    Ate at one in Orlando last year. It was very good!

  8. John A

    We have one in Dearborn MI that is just around the corner from the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield village. Wonderful way to dine after a day spent at the museum and village. Wonderful way to spend the day if you’ve never been. Food, drinks and service was great at the restaurant. Hamburger buns have “Ford” branded into the m.

  9. Josephbhobgood

    Hey what about put the restaurant in NC ?

  10. David Richman

    How about putting one in the Philadelphia PA area???

  11. Paula

    How about putting one in Merrillville, In

    1. Jack Roberts

      We need one in the Atlanta area

  12. Ken Holtsclaw

    Any indication about a new location coming to Odessa Florida on SR 54?


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