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Global Lincoln EV Concept Teased Ahead Of Official Reveal

With the entire Lincoln lineup set to be electrified by 2027, FoMoCo is also working on developing the brand’s very first all-electric vehicle. The luxury brand teased a shadowy image of a future Lincoln EV last summer, which possesses some Zephyr-like qualities, along with a few conceptual drawings of the vehicle’s interior. Now, a new global Lincoln EV concept has been teased ahead of its official  reveal on April 20th, and it looks a bit different from the previously-teased EV.

This new Lincoln EV concept will serve as inspiration for future vehicles from the brand, which is often the case with concepts. However, there’s precious little to go by from these dark, vague images, save for a couple of discernible details. For starters, the front features an illuminated Lincoln logo, though seemingly no full-width light bar, as was the case with the previously-teased EV. Or, at the very least, it isn’t lit up.

Additionally, we get to see the lines of the concept from a front three-quarters view, which shows us another Lincoln badge on the front fender, along with an outline of the front fender, wheel well, side mirror, and roof, which slopes dramatically toward the rear. Additionally, there’s a protrusion of some sort at the very front of the roof.

This new Lincoln EV concept comes as Ford Motor Company continues to invest heavily in EVs as it aims to produce two million units annually by 2026, though it doesn’t expect its first-generation EVs to be profitable. The automaker’s future lineup will soon include all-electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, though both of those models were recently delayed from 2023 to a late 2024 launch.

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  1. KnightSnake

    For as little as it shows. I am very excited. Please let there be an EV sedan soon as well.

  2. Crabbymilton

    Indeed signs that FORD/LINCOLN may be finally seeing the light as far as sedans are concerned. It will take time for them to earn my confidence.

  3. Joe

    We have a Lincoln on order now. Not going to jump on the EV bandwagon. Not going to worry about range, poor heat, no chargers in certain regions, software issues. Battery prices are not going down and there will be a shortage of material needed for 1000 pound battery packs if they plan to ramp up production. We will keep our new Lincoln 4 years and order another ICE powered one in 2026.

    1. Rinzler

      The folks who want EVs will buy them, and the ones that don’t, wont. Why is there some scrooge on every EV article stating how much they don’t want and won’t buy an EV?

      You don’t like change. You don’t understand progress. We get it. No one is forcing you to beta test or forcing you to buy an EV.

      1. Crabbymilton

        Simple don’t buy an EV. It’s ok to buy products outside the FORD family. Over time there will be more support structure for EV’s

      2. Joe

        The scrooge would be someone who takes the choices away from the consumer. Not everyone will buy a EV. Many people don’t have a place to charge them, drive more than the range can go and need to stop, poor winter range and heat, or can afford them. Just look at the recent price increases on the Mach E. These vehicles are not affordable. This is the second price increase already for the 2022 model year. Another Price Increase is on the way, Effective April 13, 2022.

        Mustang Mach-E
        Increase Select RWD series prices $2,000 MSRP
        Increase Select AWD series prices $3,000 MSRP
        Increase Premium RWD series prices $2,000 MSRP
        Increase Premium AWD series prices $3,000 MSRP
        Increase California Route 1 RWD series prices $4,000 MSRP
        Increase California Route 1 AWD series prices $5,000 MSRP
        Increase GT series prices $4,000 MSRP
        Increase 997/99U Extended Range Battery for Premium prices $2,000 MSRP
        Increase Destination & Delivery prices $100 MSRP
        Dealer Invoice changes will be effective April 13,, 2022.

        2022 model units invoiced prior to April 13, 2022 will not be re-invoiced.

        Automatic price protection will be provided on:
        • Firm 2022-model fleet, retail, and demonstrator orders signed and dated on or before April 12, 2022, and received by Ford Motor Company on or before April 18, 2022.

  4. crabbymilton

    It’s natural to be skeptical at this juncture. The technology will improve but for now, there still needs to be a choice. FORD/LINCOLN needs something to compete with GM/CADILLAC with their pending and seemingly tenative roll out of their two crossover and sedan.


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