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Lincoln Star Concept Revealed As Feature-Packed EV Design Template

As Ford Authority reported back in February, Lincoln is planning to launch an all-electric variant of each one of its vehicles no later than 2027, while also adding at least one new EV model to the lineup by that same date. Lincoln plans to deliver three new all-electric vehicles by 2025, and a fourth by the end of 2026. This will include a Lincoln Aviator EV, which was originally expected to launch in 2023 but was recently pushed back to 2024. Earlier this month, Ford’s luxury brand teased a new global EV concept as well, and now, that model – dubbed the Lincoln Star Concept – has been fully revealed.

The Lincoln Star Concept introduces an entirely new design language to the luxury brand, with a truly striking silhouette packed with a number of interesting features, including the brand’s signature star on the front fascia, which lights up – along with various other exterior features – as part of the Lincoln Embrace welcome sequence. Light plays a big role on the inside as well, with backlit doors and seats providing a sanctuary-like experience.

The Lincoln Star Concept is built on Ford’s flexible rear- and all-wheel drive EV architecture and utilizes the next-generation version of the Lincoln Intelligence System, which acts as a digital assistant that touts vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure capabilities. The concept’s flexible architecture also provides designers with the ability to completely reconfigure the interior layout if and when desired.

Inside the cabin, the Star Concept features partitioned first- and second-row seating areas with wraparound seating and a reclined lounge posture, individual leg rests, and curated storage designed to hold everything from electronic devices to slippers. A beverage chiller resides between the rear seats, alongside controls for what Lincoln calls “rejuvenation moods,” which harmonize different kinds of audio, scents, and lighting combinations to provide a truly relaxing experience. Meanwhile, transparent pillars and a skylight with a digital shade provide an airy feel inside.

Up front, a large coast-to-coast horizontal display is seamlessly integrated with a center control screen and second-row screens. The instrument panel is wing-shaped and “floats,” much like what one might find in an aircraft, while Lincoln Attache exists in the rear as a digital briefcase of sorts that can store items and charge them as well. The Lincoln Star Concept is equipped with a large front trunk (or frunk) with a lid made from electro-chromatic glass that can change from transparent to opaque.

“This is a shining example of what happens when we combine Lincoln luxury with flexible electrical architecture to create unimaginable experiences for customers,” said Jim Farley, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company. “We can truly revolutionize how people engage with the brand and scale it across an exciting lineup of products that catapult Lincoln into the digital, connected age.”

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  1. crabbymilton

    Well I had a feeling it would be another SUV/crossover type car. Oh well same old FORD same old stupid.

  2. Bill Howland

    Since when did a car with nice seats become ‘New Design Language’ ? HAHA !

    The goofy light show is now known as a “Lincoln Embrace” ? HAHA – every since the Cadillac Lyriq started this nonsense it seems FORD has to play copy-cat.

    No one at either Joynt has heard of ‘Understated Elegance’.

  3. Mjk

    Boring and ugly, and 4 years too late. Need a few sedans and coupes.
    Lincoln products are all dated and boring. Now they are going to only make expensive electric limited range SUVs. What else would I expect from the same family the runs the pathetic Detroit Lions. As a salaried retiree , moving on to another brand.

  4. JE

    A shame it’s another boring SUV. The day Lincoln offers a sedan or a sports coupe, I’ll consider Lincoln again. At the meantime, I’ll buy from Tesla, Lucid, Cadillac, MB, Audi, BMW or any brand that offers me an EV sedan or sports coupe.

  5. Mark Tilton

    I wonder if one of the “scents” could be LEATHER. Like a real car? Glad they are keeping up with KIA in design!

  6. tony L

    What a bunch of nasty replies! After WW III ends we will see what’s left to all the auto manufacturers. As far as Tesla goes they will destroy themselves first.

  7. Reply
  8. JJL

    Kinda patheric. Sketches of vehicle at a time when Lincoln’s competitors are bringing to market great new designs that are the real deal. Customers can have them within the next year. Lincoln could have played to its strength at the New York show by pushing its PHEVs which are a hot market right now. Electric when you need it but the security of a gas engine when the juice runs out. In particular it could have intro’d the 2023 Corsair GT now. It gets great hybrid fuel mileage. The 2022 model gets dinged for its antiquated Sync 3 small screen system, a big deal these days, as well as its noisy Atkinson engine. The 2023 model fixes the former and hopefully deals with the latter. It needs to be available right now.

  9. Uncle AL

    hahaha…it seems most of the negative replies are coming from BMW or Caddy trolls…they are not FORD people…keyboard warriors in mommy’s basement just to instigate drama…they should just watch CNN or listen to NPR and stay the heck away from the Ford Family.

    1. crabbymilton

      Why not just use common sense and take the generic approach to vehicles? If you like a car or truck with quality and price are favorable, just forget sentimentality and buy the blasted thing. What good does it do to hang on to a particular builder when they don’t build the products you want?


    What’s up with all the haters? Looks loads better than the MB EQS and the Cadillac Lyriq

  11. Mark

    The design is not bad for a first go (even if it is one of them SUV thingies) however, the production version will be so watered down that it will look almost like the current Aviator with a fancy front. Overall, the design is so much better looking than the Cadillac Limeriq concept. The Cadillac is missing something in the design. Even Lincoln
    s coast-to-coast screen looks better.

    I do like the rear hatch seating idea, almost Rolls Royce-ish except no picnic basket. Also, the rear hatch should have been designed to slide up over the roof when open.

    If this represents the next 100 years, why no greyhound ornaments or spare tire inspired deck lid?? Can we see a convertible version please? Is it time to bring back custom coach-built bodies on the EV chassis for individuality?? (Like in the 1920’s and 1930’s)

    Did notice one thing with the name..Lincoln Star Concept.. using the first letters>>LSC name used on performance Mark’s 7 and 8. Interesting easter egg. who else saw that?

  12. crabbymilton

    Well this is only the concept and the final model will be less weird. If you like the SUV/crossover that’s fine. Some of us would welcome this platform in a sedan form. LUCID and TESLA seem to understand that. If eventually there are no more sedans in the market here, I won’t like it but would adapt. But until that time, I’ll just buy sedans when I need them from whomever builds one.

  13. Crabbymilton

    Well better that then some hot rod sports car that’s loud and uncomfortable. However to each their own.

  14. MarkV

    While the vehicle looks “show car-ish”, the production version is nothing more than an Aviator with different trim after seeing throguh the glam ‘n glitz .

    Message to Lincoln: Try being Daring! Dare to be different. Look to Cadillac for advice on how to take a chance and offer something different, to stand out above the rest. Dare to have better more distinct styling. Dare to be the best. Dare to dig into your past and go further. Dare to be the “Standard by which luxury vehicles are judged”. And finally, Dare to not be a customized Ford…..


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