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Most 2022 Ford Maverick Owners Are First Time Pickup Buyers

The 2022 Ford Maverick was a highly-coveted product from the moment it was revealed last year, leading to a large number of reservations and demand that far exceeded FoMoCo’s expectations – particularly the entry-level hybrid model. The Maverick’s biggest conquest is the Honda Civic, a vehicle that it doesn’t even directly compete with, thanks to the compact pickup’s impressive fuel efficiency and low price tag. And as it turns out, most 2022 Ford Maverick owners are first-time pickup buyers, too.

“What we are seeing is many of these customers are first time truck owners, we’re seeing roughly over 70 percent of these customers coming out of non truck segments,” Trevor Scott, Ford Maverick Marketing Manager, told Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview.

As a whole, demand for the new Maverick has far exceeded supply. During its first four months on sale in 2021, Ford Maverick sales totaled 13,258 units in the U.S. During the first three months of 2022, Maverick sales totaled 19,245 units. This signals a ramp-up in terms of production, though Ford stopped taking orders for 2022 models earlier this year as demand quickly exceeded its production capacity.

As Ford Authority recently reported, FoMoCo expected around 40 percent of 2022 Maverick buyers to opt for the hybrid, which it reflected in its production mix, though that expectation was quickly surpassed, leading to a backlog of orders. At the same time, a number of other supply-constrained features and option packages have slowed down deliveries as well.

The Maverick has already earned Ford’s “Icon” status, cementing additional future variants as the compact pickup is outselling its big brother, the Ford Ranger. However, even after cutting off orders earlier this year, Ford may still be forced to push some 2022 Maverick orders to the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority recently reported.

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  1. sandi porrey

    Hi there ====just wandering WHEN the Mavericks will be on lots—a Physician that I work with stated it would be 2 years===thanks so much

    1. JohnTaurus

      I’m glad he’s a doctor and not a car dealer.

      Check inventories at surrounding Ford dealers (or however far you want to travel), especially those who don’t do markups, and keep your eye out for one showing up that matches your needs.

      If you simply want to view and test drive, many dealers have demo vehicles on the lot, just call around.

    2. Maryann

      Sandi … tell you Physician co-worker that as soon as a reservation falls out and a reserved Maverick comes to dealer, it goes for $5-$10,000 more than MSRP. Best to sign on with a dealer, on the specific model your associate wants. May then be in a better position to get one as they come in UN-reserved! Our Maverick Lariat HYBRID delivery is due
      end of April, after ordering in July/2021 😆

  2. Nick

    Ford supposedly stopped taking orders fir the Macerick in January (24th) of 2022.
    So how is it that they reported 19,000+ sales over three months in 2022 as this article reports?
    Which is true? Did they stop taking orders or did they continue selling those additional units?

    1. Ryan

      An order is not a sale. A sale is when it’s actually produced and delivered and paid for

      1. Brad Barefoot

        Agreed, Ford needs to decide to build what people wants … another (yawn) SUV isn’t what the public wants. I bought a new C-Max from Ford in ’13 … best car I’ve ever owned still after 9 years. I want a XL Maverick, but for some reason ford won’t offer the cruise control on the XL model. Not trading my C-Max, I want a XL Maverick to park beside by C-Max Hybrid. If anyone from Ford is paying attention …… offer the cruise control on the XL as an option. And if you drive a hybrid like it’s meant to be driven … 47 to 52 around town, 44 to 46 on the interstate. I believe I can with my driving style match those mpg numbers with the Maverick.

    2. JohnTaurus

      They stopped taking orders because they had more than enough for the 2022 model year. That doesn’t mean they stopped building them in January! Wow!

      What do you think happens when your ordered vehicle arrives at the dealer?
      A) you buy it
      B) you refuse and…
      C) the dealer puts it in stock and…
      D) someone else buys it.

      Either way, its sold. So, that’s a sale. 19,000+ such occured so far this year. Thus, Ford delivered at least 19k+ Mavericks to dealers so far this year, and they were then sold. I don’t get why this is so hard to comprehend?

      1. Brad Barefoot

        It’s not just your point … what idiot at Ford woke up an decided something like a cruise control shouldn’t even be an option for a XL model Maverick.

        1. Jeffrey D. Sproul

          Actually they should have made the cruise standard since the Maverick is pre-wired for it anyway. I can understand the power mirrors not being offered but even those have become standard on many new vehicles. Just had my hybrid Maverick XLT for about a week now and I am getting anywhere from 46 to 50 mpgs so far . I ordered mine in July and it took approximately 8 1/2 months to get it. It is well worth the wait.

    3. Brad Barefoot

      July will be here before we know it, why? July is the traditional switch over time for ’22 models to become ’23 models. If production is so far behind Ford needs to move production from Mexico to central USA, transportation cost will be less, and the MO plant would be great for this … plus, build only Mavericks at this plant. Make your customer base happy Ford, do the above …… and for s who’d like a XL with the cruise control … make it happen !

  3. Raymond T Oliveri

    I wish ford would let customers know where the cutoff in the ordering of 2022 will have to be a 2023 order.

    1. Brad Barefoot

      Ford needs to stop Mexican production and build them in one of the central USA plants, that’d cut transportation cost in half, and let that plant build just Mavericks, at least till the pre-orders are filled … sooner rather than later they will see pre-orders become cancelled orders.

  4. Brad Barefoot

    Again … move production from Mexico to the central USA ! Transportation cost will decline big time. And build in more than just one plant, especially where that plant will build one vehicle on Monday an Tuesday, and another the rest of the week. Take a page from one of your best past executives Robert MacNamara and build in more than one plant … as was done in the early 1960’s for the Mustang … and do it now, before your pre-orders become cancelled orders.

  5. chuck garrison


  6. Steven Villanueva

    If my 2022 Maverick order gets pushed to 2023 does that mean I will be getting a 2023 model for the same price as my contract?

  7. Johnny B

    This was totally my wife & I. We owned a Civic and Fit before this, did the custom online order for a hybrid Maverick XL with CoPilot 360 in late August, and it arrived a few days before Christmas. $22,030 after everything including delivery – deal of the decade IMO. It’s been absolutely amazing, with better mpg than the Fit or Civic, seats four comfortably, rides nice, and we’ve used it to haul TONS of things already. Sure makes Home Depot trips easier. Can’t wait to use it for our summer camping/kayaking trips up north.
    Pro tip for those still ordering/waiting: pay attention to “Late Availability” items (if they still exist). We almost ordered ours with a drop-in bedliner till finding it would have delayed our truck by MANY months. Worked out better anyway, as we have a Rhino shop in our metro area that our dealer has a deal with, so we got a great spray-on bedliner instead for $320.

  8. SUPman

    Satellites Pictures Show That The Mexican Plant Has Plenty Of Mavericks And Just Stockpiling Them For 2023 Then Raising Prices $2,000-$3,000 thousand each… It’s All Bout The Money. If you want a hybrid expect to wait another 6 months. Total corporate greed what else is new.


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