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Ram 1500 Electric Concept Teased Ahead Of Fall 2022 Debut

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning officially launches tomorrow, April 26th, in a special livestream event, though the first-ever all-electric F-150 is also already sold out for its first model year, as Ford Authority reported earlier today. Meanwhile, Stellantis is a bit late to the party after teasing the Ram 1500 Electric Concept in July of 2021. The all-electric pickup will be revealed this fall but won’t launch until 2024, though Ram CEO Mike Koval ¬†recently said that this gives the brand ample time to build a superior product to its competition. Now, Stellantis has teased the Ram 1500 Electric Concept once again, giving us a better look at its revised front end design.

When compared to last year’s teaser above, it’s clear that Ram has given its EV pickup a different look up front with twin lighting elements on each side that start out close together and then spread out as they reach the fenders. The Ram badge is still present in the center portion of the front end, though it’s larger and more stylized, while both the hood and roof are sculpted instead of being largely flat, as both were in the previous teaser. The new teaser also pokes a little fun at the F-150 Lightning, saying “Time to steal some thunder. Unleashing Fall 2022,” with a link to the Ram Revolution site, where interested parties can share their thoughts on what the Ram EV should look and be like.

Meanwhile, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has been rather critical of The Blue Oval recently, previously saying that EVs were simply too expensive to produce and sell, and later panning FoMoCo’s reorganization plan, which will split the company into two entities, with one focusing on EVs. However, in addition to developing the Ram EV pickup, Stellantis is also embarking on its own major EV transformation plan that will include a future all-electric Ram ProMaster van, too.

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  1. DWH

    Stellantis has been mostly talk and renderings of new models, with no camo covered test mules seen testing at least on US streets. It’s obvious they are well behind the curve regarding EV models and actual replacements for their Hemi Challenger and Charger. Their talk continues to be performance instead of building vehicles that fit within the target the auto industry is heading. Ford introduced the Mustang Mach E that offered styling, functionality, technology, a decent range and Performance. Then Ford added the GT version adding performance to those wanting a faster version while keeping the Mach E functionality in place. Stellantis is trying to put the cart before the horse. Instead of designing an EV for the masses. They’re still about performance. We’ve seen and heard about the Chrysler Airflow Concept, but it’s a concept that will change to make it’s production affordable to the public. Then their proposed performance EV that will sound like a Hemi V8. Currently in the US, Stellantis has 3 PHEV available for sale with Zero EVs. Before making statements about the soon to release F150-lightning. Maybe wait until you have an actual Ram EV available for sale in 2026. For now Ford has introduced the award winning Mach E, the F150 Lightning and E-Transit with many other models to follow while Stellantis talks, draws concepts and falls farther behind Ford and the entire auto industry. I have to add. I own a 2018 Chrysler 300C Hemi and a fantastic 2017 Ford Edge Sport which has been one most trouble free and best overall vehicles I’ve ever owned. I like cars, but I’m a hugh Ford fan having owned mostly Ford products. It was disappointing when they ended their sedan production in the US. That’s the main reason why I purchased the 300C because the Taurus SHO was no longer available. I have to be honest. I have enjoyed the 300C, but If Ford would reintroduce a luxury /performance sedan back in the US. I would purchase one tomorrow.

    1. eRock9202

      I’m in no way a Dodge/Stellantis fan (family has had mostly Ford’s my entire life). However to my knowledge, Dodge has always been a performance first, functionality second kind of company (at least in the past decade or so). They probably don’t want to make an EV like everyone else. The Tesla Model S Plaid is probably what they are aiming to beat which is completely fine. The EV market really needs to be diversified.

  2. John

    Already I don’t like it why can’t Chrysler and GM make their trucks actually look like trucks? Ford did it right its clearly an F150 it just happens to be electric.

    1. TheRetiredViking

      Why? Marketing. Had the Prius looked like the Echo except for the grille and wheel covers, it would never have sold like it did those first few years. The unique shape offered “something different”, for the smug, it shouted “I am saving mother earth”.

  3. F-150.Prius

    Gosh, this is so distracting, I’ve forgotten what actual auto industry news happened today ‚Ķ


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