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Sunbelt Rentals Orders 700 Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups

Among the most considered electrified vehicles on the market, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning exceeded FoMoCo’s expectations by a long shot, prompting the automaker to stop taking fleet orders back in January as it will likely push many retail orders into future model years. The all-electric F-150 is already participating in a pilot program on some Sonoma Country, California farms, while legendary Hollywood movie director Francis Ford Coppola is also considering adding one to his winery fleet. Now, Sunbelt Rentals has announced that it is jumping on the Ford F-150 Lightning bandwagon as well after ordering 700 of the new EV pickups.

“The demand in the market already exceeds supply for the next few years for these electric vehicles, so we are incredibly excited to be receiving the first shipment of these groundbreaking trucks this summer,” said Eric Jahnsen, director of transportation management at Sunbelt Rentals. “This initiative aligns with the commitment we make to our customers and team members through The Power of Sunbelt – prioritizing continuous innovation among the key values of doing business.”

The equipment rental company is expanding its all-electric fleet as it aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by 2030. In addition to its F-150 Lightning order, Sunbelt announced that it will also purchase and install Level 2 wall-mount chargers at employees’ homes for added convenience.

“This investment highlights our strong commitment to reduce our GHG emissions through the adoption of new on-road fleet technology,” said Al Halvorsen, vice president of ESG at Sunbelt Rentals. “Starting the conversion of our truck fleet to electric alternatives, like the Ford Lightning, is critical to our ability to reach our ambitious GHG reduction goals and still continue to serve our customers with availability, reliability and ease.”

The very first F-150 Lightning scheduled for production emails went out to customers back in February, while deliveries are set to begin on April 26th, when the automaker will host a livestream to celebrate the occasion. Meanwhile, Ford plans to nearly double its F-150 Lightning production by mid-2023 to meet higher-than-expected demand for the EV pickup.

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  1. David Dickinson

    I don’t want Ford Authority to stop reporting things like this, since Ford Authority is a wonderful place for all-things Ford. But, it does seem like the Ford Motor Company is pushing out a lot of fluff information about all kinds of things….except the main thing, which is delivering vehicles. Orders are nice, but what are you actually delivering? Actually, statements just on plans to deliver would be nice. I get the sense that Ford is hiding in the corner waiting for the world to get better.

    1. Rinzler

      What are you talking about? Part of Ford’s job is to advertise that the Lightning is a viable work truck. I bet you’re the “the younger generation is so sensitive”-type, too. lol.

      Just ignore the article if you don’t really care for the information. Neither Ford Authority nor Ford Motor Company are beholden to your opinion.

      1. David Dickinson

        And I thought Mr. Farley was waiting from my next post. My post wasn’t particular to this article, it was an observation in general. Ford is pushing a lot of interesting tidbits of information, but it is avoiding discussions around the topic every one wants to hear about…when will vehicles actually get delivered.

  2. joseph mancuso

    ford tells us all orders they have taken onnew trucks ihave a order on mavrick since oct 25 and haventheard a word

  3. Kenny D

    I kinda agree here a Little. I have an order Just Sitting “Somewhere”???? Not Just any old Order, a Rather Healthy Order, But I ain’t heard NOTHING for ANYBODY??? I Text, I E Mail, all But Drive the 50 MILES to the DEALER, but that wouldn’t accomplish anything either being that the Main Issue is the USA can’t Get a “CHIP” Since Intel Quit Making them Quite Some time ago! So, FORD looks to be Building these Electric Trucks with the Thought in Mind that the BIG Companies will BUY EM ALL, and the Regular Customer, That Buy’s the Majority of these F-150’s can wait? This doesn’t seem Fair since I’m spending $80K Also????? That said, Ford Authority is a GREAT Source of Information Hands Down. Just wish we could find something out about where my New TRUCK Order is in the Process??????

  4. dude

    I would like to know the total number of the 2022 lightning that are going to fleet company purchases or leases. why are these companies getting in front of the line VS joe public??


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