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Terminix Bought 90 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickups

In the past few weeks, a number of companies have purchased all-electric Blue Oval vehicles to add to their respective fleets, including Penske Truck Leasing and Frito Lay, both of which ordered recently placed an order for 750 and 41 Ford E-Transit vans, respectively, while Sunbelt Rentals has already ordered 700 Ford F-150 Lightning pickups, too. Now, after dominating the compact pickup segment in Q1 2022, we can add the Ford Maverick to that list, as pest control company Terminix just announced that it has purchased 90 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid pickups.

The move comes as Terminix plans to transition its entire sales fleet – which represents around 20 percent or roughly 2,000 vehicles in its total fleet – to hybrids by 2023. However, supply chain constraints including the semiconductor chip shortage have made reaching that goal more difficult, though the company still plans on electrifying most of its sales fleet over the next year or so.

“We wanted to order more units but because of the OEM allocations, weren’t able to transition as many vehicles over to hybrid as we wanted to,” said Kate Tooley, director of fleet strategy & operations at Terminix. “There may be a few left to transition in 2024 based on lifecycles, but 90 percent should be fully transitioned by 2024. Managers in the field have lower upfit vehicles, so it gave us the flexibility to pilot hybrid pickups. If the Maverick meets all of the requirements, we will plan to order more for model-year 2023 and bring in that hybrid to our field fleet, not just sales.”

Terminix has already taken delivery of some 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid pickups, with more on the way in Q2. The company has admittedly considered all-electric pickups, but still has a few apprehensions in terms of what’s currently available. “The viability for a work truck is extremely limited, but the EV work trucks also don’t have the bed space to upfit with the tools and materials technicians need in the field,” Tooley explained. “Everyone is afraid of the range of EVs and whether they’ll be able to meet their service needs. The current EV capabilities will allow us to meet our routes; it’s just a matter of finding one we can put our equipment in.”

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  1. Michael

    There is 90 Maverick hybrids that Ford order customers ( probably from last summer ) that will not get their hybrid until probably the 23 model year.

    1. Robert

      That’s kind of what I also perceive from this article. I’ve had a Maverick hybrid on order since June 2021. It appears hybrid Mavericks are or were being delivered all over the world, Brazil, Argentina and Europe among others for quite a while. Then 2022 orders were capped at 22,000. Then I received an “oblique” email from Ford hinting that if I dropped my hybrid status and changed to straight gasoline my order might come through faster. I am not changing my specs. That’s the reason I ordered a Maverick in the first place.
      Now that Ford is supposedly producing Mavericks in the order that vehicle orders were placed where does that put customers who were among the first to order? Are we now in front of the line or are we being shoved into 2023? The answer is becoming apparent.

  2. Ed Stine

    The world awaits a plug in electric Maverick. Pre orders will sell out within 24 hours.

  3. donnie

    at least we have pictures to look at-waiting since sept. 16-no help from Ford or dealer-there is no more customer service

  4. Tom

    I have had my hybrid for more than a month. Ordered at dealer in June, cleared ford in July, and I watched the developments closely and made my estimate around Thanksgiving- build in January, ship in February, deliver in March. Every thing my dealer and Ford told me was right on the money. The bedliner May have slowed it down a bit, but I am betting the feds had a hand in that. BTW, no extra markup from a “small” dealer in Maine. I’m happy.

  5. Raymond T Oliveri

    I do not think it is right that commerical vehicles come first over private orders. I have been waiting for my hybrid since the 1st of october and my lease is running out. I hope ford values its customer over commerical orders, I have been a loyal ford customer for over 40 years.

  6. Greg

    Just wondering how The order on the 90 Maverick Hybrids got in before Nov 15, but is just being announced now??

  7. Mike

    I bet that company did not pay $5 – $10,000 over MSRP, or even MSRP.

  8. donnie

    the new wave of car buying?? I wonder

  9. Don

    Oh great now I’ll have to wait even longer for my Maverick. Maybe it’s really not worth the wait and it’s time to move on. If it takes for ever to get the vehicle how long will it take to get parts.

  10. Aggies76

    Like many others, I ordered a Hybrid Maverick with Lariat trim on Jone 18, 2021 (dealer claims this was second day Ford opened the window to order a Maverick). Articles that announce bulk buys and hybrid deliveries are deflating. Ford has a reputation as a dependable company, blue oval quality and good customer service. My questions to the local dealership about forecast for me to receive my vehicle are answered with a shoulder shrug. Disappointing is an understatement. C’mon Ford.

  11. Tom Doyle

    For years Ford would not sell to the rental and commercial world until the consumers were taken care of. I am wondering if the south of the border segment might mean a higher profit margin for Ford.
    I due hope that mentality of any color you want as log as its grey phase goes away before I order my Maverick. How some real colors instead Area 51 blue or Cactus Grey and lose 4 of the 5 color grays that they have.
    As far as Fed are are concerned would you want to drive around with your kids in the backseat without seatbelts? The issue of drilling holes in the gas tanks is a whole new phase of stupid. For dealers historically didn’t want to deal with gas tank issues. I had an Aerostar with a leaky gas tank. They told me that there was nothing wrong with it because the gas was below the break and wasn’t leaking. If filled it up and took it back to the dealer. They started screaming and I just walked away saying let me know when it was done. In reality the gas tank was damaged during the accident that the supposedly new Aerostar was in that was never disclosed by the dealer. I wish I knew back then what I know now. That would have been a new car or lawsuit depending on Ford wanted to handle it.

  12. Karen

    All it comes down to is what company is buying the mavericks we consumer’s arent as important as big companys


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