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The Blue Oval Donates 50 Ford Ranger Pickups To Ukraine

Ford Motor Company recently donated 50 Ford Ranger pickups to Ukraine, as revealed by Ford CEO Jim Farley, a development the company subsequently made public in a press release to employees. The donation follows a similar 50 vehicle commitment from General Motors to the Ukrainian government, as reported by GM Authority. While Ford’s crosstown rival stated that the Chevy Tahoe SUVs are being used to transport civilians to safety, it is unclear exactly how Ukraine will utilize the Ranger pickups. In any event, both automakers worked with transport company Maersk to deliver the vehicles.

The donation of Ford Ranger pickups isn’t the first time the automaker took action following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As Ford Authority reported shortly after the conflict began, it decided to end its tenuous connection to Russia in March 2022, after years of slowly pulling back from having a presence in the country. Before the decision, Ford’s presence in the country was limited to a joint venture. The company similarly had a limited presence in Ukraine, although it stated that a number of Ukrainian nationals work for the automaker in various capacities. Previously, The Blue Oval donated $100,000 to the Global Giving Ukraine Relief Fund for humanitarian aid.

The Ford Ranger pickups will assist a country that has been horrifically impacted by the conflict, which has disrupted nearly every aspect of life for Ukrainian citizens. Additionally, a number of automotive suppliers with ties to Ford operate in the country, and as a result, Ford has had to delay or alter debuts of at least two of its vehicles. As Ford Authority recently reported, the refreshed 2022 Ford Focus will not offer its optional 13.2-inch infotainment screen at launch because of the war, and Ford Fiesta production has been impacted by a lack of wiring harnesses, as a Ukrainian supplier was unable to produce the parts in sufficient quantities.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Mike Vander ploeg

    Ordered a new Maverick in Nov .
    When may I get it?

  2. Vítor Ferreira (from Portugal)

    Shame on you, Ford.
    Six months ago, I ordered a Ford Ranger wildtrack and I’ve paid an advance in cash. Since there, still waiting for my desired car and I’m getting a lot of excuses like “this is due a lack of chips” or “there are no electronic components available due the covid pandemic”. Rubbishs! But for solidarity there a lot of cars.
    Solidarity is pure hypocrisy.

    1. Javier

      Samethiing happen to me
      Same excuses
      I ordered a maverick truck still waiting

  3. The Gentle Grizzly

    Nothing but angling for war contracts once the chicken hawks in Congress get us involved.

  4. Maga

    That’s right, just leave your American customers hanging. Hard to be loyal to company like this.

  5. Rich


  6. Kevin

    Is ford also launching anti aircraft and weapons mounts for its trucks too!

  7. Terry

    Hey Ford been a loyal customer since I started driving 42 years. I will be moving on. What about our Vetrans, I will bet $2,000,000,000. I can find Vetrens that could really use them. How about people who are homeless. I am sure you could f8nd a few that would live nothing more. Maybe then they can get a good job and feel on the top of the world? The Government takes care of everyone but their OWN. I am on disability, I have a Titanium spine. I worked from 10 yrs old to present. I can’t make it on disability alone so I work part time 3rd shift to have money for food and gas and my internet. All my bills plus 150 of what I make on disability pays my bills. I would love nothing more then a dependable SUV, I can’t get out of a car. See Ford there is people in the USA,.that could use one those. I’m getting to the point America is not for America.

  8. George

    You clowns are whining because you didn’t get your truck? First world complaints from spoiled children. What scuzzy dealership are you working with, that you paid in advance?! I dropped a $500 deposit and wrote a check at delivery. This has nothing to do with loyalty or patriotism. This is tiny-brained babies who didn’t get what they want. Yikes.


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