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1990 Ford Lineup Had Something For Everyone: Video

Those of us that grew up watching MotorWeek – the original TV automotive magazine – have found some recent retro reviews posted via YouTube to be quite interesting and interesting, not to mention a cool little peek at the not-too-distant past. In recent months, MotorWeek has posted retro reviews of the 1993 Ford Probe and 1997 Ford Expedition, both of which were quite positive at the time. Now, MotorWeek has uploaded a very cool old clip that goes over the new 1990 Ford lineup, which had a little something for everyone.

The video actually kicks off with the new 1990 Lincoln lineup, which consisted of the re-engineered Town Car, which sported an all-new exterior design for that model year, as well as a revised interior with standard automatic climate control, anti-lock brakes, and driver and passenger airbags. Meanwhile, the Lincoln Continental received a small exterior refresh for 1990, and that was pretty much it for the luxury brand.

As for the 1990 Ford lineup, the Taurus (and Mercury Sable) got a revised dashboard design, while the SHO variant got a new gauge cluster as well, with optional anti-lock brakes and a standard driver’s side airbag. The Probe LX, on the other hand, was the recipient of Ford’s 3.0L V6, while all Probe models got a new egg crate grille and revised taillamps.

Along with a new Escort, MotorWeek also mentions the brand new for 1990 Ford Explorer before moving on to the Aerostar, which was available in all-wheel drive configuration in both short and long-wheelbase versions, along with the Ford 4.0L V6. That particular powerplant was also available in the Ford Ranger, of which some models got a plastic cargo box for the first time. Rounding out the 1990 Ford lineup was a new Taurus police package, to boot.

This collection is quite diverse, and a far cry from today’s crossover, SUV, and pickup-dominated lineup. And for some of us, it serves a nice little reminder of what life for The Blue Oval fan was like over 30 years ago.

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  1. Charlie

    I remember waiting for the next generation Mustang, and all we got was a stinkin Probe.

  2. Jonathan Garin

    Somebody forgot about the tempo…technically that would round out the Ford lineup for that year

  3. Ernie

    The 1990 Ford Probe was the worst car I ever owned. Road noise was terrible and the back seats lacked enough room to put a car seat in unless it was strapped in the middle. Traded back in on a 1989 Mercury Cougar within 6 months and got dinged $800 from Ford Credit for paying off early with the check from the trade in. Never used Ford Credit again after that.

  4. MarkV

    When Ford, Lincoln and Mercury had choices of 2-4 doors, wagons, some SUV’s. The Brands were defined. Now Ford limits itself and is losing customers because of not choice. Ford Motor company vehicles had something not used today……Style. Notice how Lincoln didn’t look like a customized Ford. Lincoln was “What a Luxury Car Should Be”. Can’t say that today. Poor Mercury is turning in its grave.

    1. JE

      Totally agree.

  5. JE

    A shame Ford lineup today hasn´t anymore a lineup for everybody. After 30 years buying Ford/Lincoln, I went to other brands as I don´t like SUV´s or crossovers and am not willing to buy or drive one no matter what. Ford today, besides the Mustang (not the Mach-e of course) has no choices and Lincoln today is a joke compared to the companies it intents to compete with. Lincoln boring SUV´s and crossovers look just like overstuffed boring Ford SUV´s and crossovers.


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