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2005 Ford Expedition Among Best SUVs Under $5,000

Older Ford Expedition models have received quite a bit of recognition for stellar reliability in recent months, landing a spot on iSeeCars’ longest-lasting models expected to exceed 200k miles, an area that a number of other Blue Oval models shined in as well. Now, the 2005 Ford Expedition has been recognized by Kelley Blue Book as one of the best SUVs that can be purchased today for less than $5,000, a fact that should be of interest to a lot of folks as used vehicle prices continue to skyrocket.

As KBB points out, it may not necessarily be easy to find something like a nice 2005 Ford Expedition for under $5,000, but it is possible. Regardless, that hunt will likely prove fruitful for anyone willing to put in the work.

“A roomy, comfortable cabin and easy driving manners are hallmarks of the Ford Expedition,” KBB notes. “In addition to being a great way to move the family around, the Expedition is also a capable towing vehicle for those with utility or sport trailers. Despite its size and capability, the Expedition also offered independent rear suspension for better road manners.”

This comes as no surprise, really, given the fact that the first- and second-generation Expedition received heavy praise from the press during the 1990s and 2000s. When the Expedition originally launched for the 1997 model year, it was immediately praised as a viable alternative to GM’s existing full-size SUVs of that era, a capable, smooth-riding, and spacious vehicle with many other positive attributes. Back in 2017, the Expedition was also lauded for being one of the most reliable vehicles on the road, too, and that apparently hasn’t changed in the years since, either.

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  1. Joe Fondati

    Hi, please be advised that a 2005 Expedition for 5k is FAKE news in this environment. I enjoy reading your articles but please stop with the low ball prices. If you find one for 5k it will have over 220k miles. I just searched Autotrader….13 to 16 K and referencing Kelly Blue book is also Fake news !! They can not accurately report prices right now. So please be careful when reporting about vehicles that can be had for low prices.

    1. Timbob

      Correct not to mention the horribly unreliable 5.4 3V engine also found in the F150.

      Youtube has tons of horror stories about this engine. Don’t buy one under any condition.

  2. DDR

    For those interested in real world experience l still have a 1997 Expedition my Wife purchased new & gave to me for Xmas. It has 360,000 miles on it and still runs great. Also still has the original starter and exhaust system on it. The engine has had synthetic oil in it since it was a baby. Garage kept.

  3. Shantheman

    To ‘Timbob’ comment above: The 5.4 3 valve is a great engine if you know how to maintain it.

    My 2007 Expedition has 220k and it runs beautifully and hasn’t had any issues! I know there are known weaknesses to this engine, so do your homework and maintain it well. Saying ‘don’t buy under any circumstances’ is fear mongering and dismisses the hundreds of thousands still on the road today.


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