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2022 Ford Bronco Raptor In Iconic Silver With Side Graphics: Live Gallery

Over the past several months, Ford Authority spies have spotted a number of 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor SUVs driving around in different colors, including Cyber Orange, Area 51, Code Orange, Iconic SilverShadow Black, Velocity BlueCactus Gray, and Eruption Green, in addition to capturing one particular model with the front license plate bracket attached and another wearing the Ford Performance off-road light bar kit. Now, those same spies have come across a 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor finished in Iconic Silver that is equipped with the optional upgraded Raptor graphic.

The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor was originally slated to come equipped with a “Raptor” side graphic as standard equipment, but as Ford Authority reported back in March, the automaker ultimately decided to nix that feature. Now, the Bronco Raptor comes with a graphic delete option as standard equipment, though the upgraded Raptor graphic seen here is available as an option.

The Upgraded Raptor Graphic retails for $1,075 and is available on models equipped with the High and Lux Packages, which essentially means all Bronco Raptors, as these are the only two options buyers have in that regard. The upgraded graphic adds pixelated highlights in black, gray, and silver to the hood, rear doors, and rear quarter panels of the Bronco Raptor for a unique look.

The Bronco Raptor features a number of other changes on the outside that make it easy to distinguish from other models in the SUV’s lineup, including a bold “Ford” script front grille, unique headlights with amber daytime running lights and integrated marking lamps, Rigid LED lighting, a more muscular hood, and massive fender flares covering 37-inch tires.

The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is available in very limited quantities for its first model year, most of which were initially made available to carryover 2021 Bronco reservation holders that have not yet taken delivery. The fortified, high-performance off-roader is scheduled to launch this summer.

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  1. Alan H

    Who cares about this Raptor, I would like to see my 2021 black diamond SASQUATCH 2.7 I ordered and still haven’t seen a vin# , told nothing and when asked no one can tell me anything . GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE FORD YOU HAD 5 YEARS TO GET THIS BRONCO AND IT’S LAUNCH RIGHT AND YOU HAVE FAILED !!!!!!!!!!!! WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER NEW FORD

    1. Des

      Sounds like a dealer problem not a ford problem. If I were you I would call the bronco customer service line…

  2. Hot Liver

    I am very concerned for the future of the bronco as a whole. I stopped in at a ford dealership here in Las Vegas because they had a sasquatch bronco sitting out at the front row. Checked the sticker and the msrp was about 54k with a “market adjustment fee” of 25k. After taxes that brought the total to just shy of 85k! A full 6k over msrp on the TRX!?! And people are still buying these things for that? Who’s going to spend that much and actually use them for what they are designed to do? Almost all of these will turn into pavement princess G wagons. Ford will discontinue them just like the Focus RS because they won’t be selling many after these first couple years with that kind of markup. It’s sad as hell.

    1. Reed

      You can order a 2022 Bronco Everglades (only the Raptor offers more) with the Sasquatch package and other options direct from Ford for around $56k + S&H. The “market adjustment fee” is a scam! I live in Florida and there are plenty of Broncos with the Sasquatch Option locally for $56k! Maybe take a vacation to Florida and buy your Bronco!

  3. Des

    Order banks for the F150 & the new Ranger is set for July 18 so far. I’m in commercial sales for a Ford dealership in San Antonio. If your dealership didn’t know this they should not be YOUR dealership!!!!


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