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2022 Ford Explorer, F-150 Among Vehicles Waiting For Chips

The semiconductor chip shortage has plagued automotive production for over two years now, leading to billions in lost sales for automakers, record low inventory levels, and record-high new vehicle prices. While most every model has been affected by this shortage, along with other supply chain constraints, the 2022 Ford Explorer, 2022 Ford Super Duty, and 2022 Ford F-150 were specifically mentioned by CFO John Lawler as vehicles that are having a big impact on the automaker’s bottom line.

“They’re primarily our more profitable vehicles, and it’s primarily F-Series and Explorer,” Lawler said while speaking on Ford’s Q1 earnings call. “So there’s definitely an opportunity there that will start to roll through the bottom line once we start shipping those out.”

Currently, Ford has around 53,000 vehicles that are awaiting chips, which is a significant number by any measure. Regardless, it has also been removing non-critical features from several of its models in an effort to ship them to customers more quickly. The 2022 Ford Explorer, for example, recently ditched its multicontour seat option, second-row climate controls, and second-row center floor console, while the crossover also gained an auto stop/start removal option as well.

The Ford F-150 isn’t immune to these deletions either, as the popular pickup recently lost its Max Recline Seats option for the 2022 model year, along with gaining Active Park Assist 2.0 and auto stop/start removal options, as Ford Authority previously reported. This trend doesn’t appear likely to end anytime soon, either. Meanwhile, opinions remain mixed on when the chip shortage might improve, though most new car buyers and the U.S. Department of Commerce expect it to continue through 2022, while Ford CEO Jim Farley believes that it will endure into next year.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. crabbymilton

    Doesn’t matter, those EXPORER/AVIATOR’s are broken half the time and/or awaiting recall work anyway.

  2. Richard Jensen

    Ford has chips. Ford has plenty of chips. They are saving them for the non-Lightning. That “truck” uses 1200 chips. A normal F150 uses 200.

    How are they building non-Lightnings but can’t build an proper F-150?

  3. Mike

    Everybody, and all these companies, seem to be waiting for government handouts to create, build, and install the infrastructure for, EVs. Since when does the government support and pay for this, with what private industry paid for all the years they were building and installing infrastructure for ICE vehicles. We turning into a China now?

    1. crabbymilton

      Here’s novel idea: BUILD THINGS HERE and not rely on overseas sources? Don’t expect that to change with the imbecile in the Whitehouse. More jobs are being chased away. Sadly it doesn’t matter since most(not all) don’t care where their stuff comes from anyway.

      1. Tom

        The imbecile hasn’t been in the Whitehouse since January.

        1. Crabbymilton

          Better yet, he hasn’t been in his own mind since January of 2021.

      2. MAGA

        Ford did get a brain and is now building their own chip manufacturing plant here in the United States. Which is what they should have been doing in the first place.

  4. MAGA

    What about the Ford Mavericks that Fords customers have been waiting and waiting for? Don’t worry about business’s, worry about the private customers. Terminix ordered 90 of them and that means 90 private customers just had to wait for theirs. Some said they are going to cancel their orders since it is taking Ford so long to get them their Mavericks. Step up to the plate, Ford.

  5. Mike

    So is the plan still for Ford to provide the chips to rigs sold in 2022 that were built without some of the comfort features? My 2022 doesn’t have the rear seat hvac controls or heated seat switches.

  6. RLW

    My F150 Platinum 2WD 701A Hybrid has been on order since Sept/Oct 2021. I hope to get it soon. It is in job one. There has been several delays; however, the chip checking website (Motor Craft) indicates I have 17 pages of chips installed already. Yet they say I am on chip hold. Amazing.

  7. Bill Byrne

    seven months still waiting on maverick hybrid order

  8. Dawn Harrand

    We ordered a 2022 ford Platinum explorer on January 24th of 2022 our salesman told us 10 to 12 weeks guess what no car now I wish I had never ordered it, because we also sold them my old car so now, I am car less. My salesman is now saying the end of May but I haven’t gotten any notification that it is even in line to be built.

    1. Rob

      I have been waiting on a replacement engine for my 2020 f150 under warranty since beginning of February and they say they have no idea when it is coming in. Also car less


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