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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Charge Station Pro Pricing Revealed

One of the most appealing features of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is its ability to charge other electric vehicles and power entire homes for days at a time, though owners will also obviously need to charge their EV pickups as well. That will be possible via the Ford Mobile Power cord charger included with every F-150 LIghting, which provides either 120- or 240-volt AC charging capability. However, Ford’s 80-amp Charge Station Pro is the quickest way to charge at home, and now, we know exactly how much it will cost.

Ford has announced that the Charge Station Pro will retail for $1,310, minus installation costs. This feature is included with the purchase of any 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting model equipped with the extended range battery, so this bit of news applies to customers that purchase a pickup fitted with the standard range battery pack.

Aside from quicker charging times, Ford’s Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System also enable owners to utilize the Ford Intelligent Backup Power feature, which allows them to power their homes for up to three days (at 30 kWh of power per day) during an outage or up to 10 days when used in conjunction with solar power. When the F-150 Lightning is plugged into the Charge Station Pro, the truck provides up to 9.6 kW of power through the Home Integration System, which costs an additional $3,895, minus installation.

The F-150 Lightning may even influence the way future homes are built, as Ford Authority reported last month, as the EV pickup is participating in a pair of pilot programs. The first involves two model homes in Ford Myers, Florida that were built specifically to harness the capabilities of the vehicle, while the other involves connecting the F-150 Lightning to the grid and sending power back when needed in an emergency, such as blackouts caused by wildfires or major storms.

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  1. David Dickinson

    I like the idea that a vehicle can be used as a backup “generator,” but I still don’t trust the industries (auto and power). They have openly stated they want to use the entire network of vehicles to back up the public electric grid, which I would not want to do without my explicit consent.

    1. Scott

      I’m with you, David. I know, I’m hyper leary of Gov. But having the possibility
      of having my truck shut down because the GOV needs it somewhere else,
      is way too scary. Let me help, just don’t demand it.

  2. Frank

    Minus installation? Really?

  3. Bbot

    And Welcome to the newest Florida City…..Ford Myers.

  4. Kenny D

    What an EVER LOVING “J O K E”!!!! Originally this was Speculated “Somewhere” if my memory serves me, that this “PRO” Unit would have a Cost somewhere around $875 (not to be Quoted). So, That was A Pill Hard enough to Swallow, Now, if that’s accurate it’s gone up by Over $400! Now, (Just Like ALL the Car’s and TRUCK’S Pricing). If you Need an electrician to Install this Apparatus, (If you are Unable to do so), What are they Gonna Charge? They gonna HIT Ya in the Pocket Also??? And I haven’t heard about this using the Entire Network of EV Vehicles to “BACK UP THE PUBLIC ELECTRIC GRID”???? but That’s your Government FAST at work Telling you what to do and How and When to do it??? This Whole “Electric Vehicle” Thing I believe is Gonna BITE Us Right in the Posterior!!! Don’t forget Folks, Homes Built Now Days, will soon be ALL ELECTRIC, I thought that Natural GaS was Cheaper??? “O” and NO WOOD BURNING FIREPLACES in the LOVELY State of CALIFORNIA!!!???? Anyway, I Ain’t Buying this EV CRAP Yet, They’ll have to Repo my ICE Unit right outta my Driveway!!!! Forgetaboutit!


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