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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Customer Deliveries Have Begun

The very first 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries began earlier this month, just a few weeks after production started at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. Now, the very first 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries have begun, and interestingly enough, the first customer believed to have taken delivery of their all-electric pickup – Michigan resident Nicholas Schmidt – ditched his Tesla Cybertruck reservation for the chance to own an F-150 Lightning, according to Bloomberg.

Schmidt – the CEO of a grid optimization startup – currently owns an ICE-powered Ford F-150 and a Tesla Model 3. He’s also a perfect example of why being first to market is important in the great EV pickup race. “When I bought the Tesla a few years ago, my family was real apprehensive, as farmers, just not buying into it,” Schmidt, said. “So when there were pickup trucks coming out that were going to be EVs, I said, ‘whichever one comes first, I’ll buy it.'”

Regardless, since Schmidt lives in a rural area and is replacing his regular F-150 with the electric version, he will in fact be using the Lightning like a real truck. “We live in the woods, and I’m looking at cornfield next to me here that was planted,” he said. “We’ll be chopping wood and hauling stuff back and forth, as well as towing a trailer. We plan on using it as a truck.”

With Tesla delaying the Cybertruck multiple times, Rivian struggling to produce R1T pickups, and GMC’s Hummer EV representing a more premium product that’s also being built in limited quantities, it’s no surprise that the far more affordable (depending on trim and configuration) 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning reigns supreme as the most considered EV pickup among new vehicle shoppers at the moment. The F-150 Lightning has also earned glowing reviews thus far, though getting one’s hands on the sold-out pickup at MSRP could prove to be a bit of a challenge for those interesting in purchasing one.

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  1. Ford Owner

    He will be “using the Lightning like a real truck”. That is exactly what the Cybertruck is not!

  2. Yora_Nidiot

    .. I just can’t get past the plastic fluorescent headlamps.. ugh.
    course, the wheels aren’t any Picaso, either. But it’s a powerhouse.

  3. 2007 gt 500

    One who is not going to flip it for $25-$50k more than they paid

  4. Kenny D

    GREAT, He got His EV TRUCK……. When is FORD Gonna Start Building The F-150’s that have been Collecting DUST On JIMMY’s Desk while he’s out Racing? What a J O K E. I had one of these UNIT’S Reserved Right off the BAT, and I Never heard a Danged thing from anyone at the ordering Dealer. So I cancelled the Stupid Order!!!!! Weight’s What Broke The Bridge!!! “JIMMY”!!!!!

    1. Davido50

      Just get a better dealer like i did. Get what you really want ..this new F150 Lightning! So far ahead of the competition. Best to ya!


    Good news!. Dealers start delivering the new ” powerhouse ” that doesn ‘ t seem to be so sturdy as previous f – series humble models. What if the German shepherd in the farm starts biting wraparound abundant plastic bumpers and outer trimming ? The front – end grid seems to be the “enlarged ” chevy silverado oversized front end. Try to be more original; when it comes to lure away pick up prospective buyers. Don ‘ t mar the well – recognized ford ‘s f-series reputation gained over decades.

    1. Davido50

      It’s a very well built ,stout truck just like ANY new F-series! I’ve sat in it & looked it over. It will be a monster seller & deservedly so. Can’t wait to get mine. Will sit right next to the best midsized truck on the ’20 Ranger XLT FX4.

  6. Davido50

    I can’t wait to get one. An amazingly engineered EV truck. Way ahead of the competition! Most other automakers are just sitting back waiting for Ford to release this game changer ..then bench marking it to COPY. Facts.

  7. Tim

    At what cost to the owners waiting for their vehicles for years, yes years. Ford has taken chips earmark for the Ranger de contenting the Ranger Lariat so those chips could be used on the Lightening.
    Ranger buyers check your headlights they should be LEDs but many are Halogen with no credit to the customer so what your getting is an XLT with leather interior.


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