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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Deliveries Are Officially Underway: Video

Production of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning began at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center late last month following months of anticipation,  a couple hundred thousand reservations, and an admission that FoMoCo simply can’t produce enough copies of the EV pickup to satisfy demand at the moment. Regardless, a handful of lucky folks will take delivery of their 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning soon, as those trucks are currently on their way to customers, as CEO Jim Farley revealed via Twitter today.

Spring deliveries underway. A train of #F150Lightning’s loading up at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center,” Farley wrote in his tweet, which shows a number of pickups being loaded up for transit. It also puts Ford on track to fulfill its promise that F-150 Lightning deliveries will, in fact, begin in the spring, just a week after Ford Authority spies spotted a large number of the EV pickups at the automaker’s Dearborn Development Center test track.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has gained both power and range over its original estimates, and has garnered universally positive reviews from the press after a recent test drive, including from Ford Authority, as we called the EV pickup “the best F-150 ever” following our stint behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy or cheap for a lot of folks to purchase one, due to limited production and some extreme dealer markups on stock inventory, though those same dealers face hefty fines for selling demo units early, at least.

Thus far, around one in five F-150 Lightnings built have been the entry-level, commercial-focused Pro trim, which has proven popular with a number of companies and public entities.

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  1. truth speaker

    And despite all the threats from Ford, Dealers are already advertising massive mark ups.

  2. Michael crider

    If i can’t get a base charcoal lightning for msrp I’ll switch brands, cause if you can’t give a damn about the customer then I’m switching. But if you want to sell a true American man, im the grandson of two ww2 veterans, if that means nothing i may as well buy a vw. Go German, but I’m wanting to get an American truck. As the msrp, which is still being generous of the customer, paying full price is paying msrp any

    1. Keith

      Do you actually read what you wrote. You are a true American that switches allegiance at the drop of a hat. your Grandfathers would be ashamed you even mentioned them. smh

  3. Ed

    Hear we go again, what about the rest of the nation that don’t want EV’s this is a globalist take over and all the woke CEO’s going along with the narrative.


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