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2022 Ford F-150 Lineup Adds Dealer Installed Bed Tailgate Lock Option

Taillight theft has become a growing problem in the world of Ford F-Series trucks, as it only takes roughly 30 seconds for thieves to remove this valuable part, which can cost over $1,000 each in some cases. The best way to prevent taillight theft, according to law enforcement, is with a locking tailgate, which many new trucks come with. However, those that do not must look at aftermarket solutions. Customers that purchase a 2022 Ford F-150 without a locking tailgate are in luck, however, as sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that a dealer-installed bed tailgate lock option has been added for the new pickup.

The dealer-installed tailgate lock is made by McGard and is offered as an official accessory. The lock is actually compatible with other pickups in Ford’s lineup via The Blue Oval catalog, but the automaker just recently added it to the list of things that can be paired with a 2022 Ford F-150 order as well.

There are some exceptions for those eyeing this new part, however. The McGard F-150 bed tailgate lock cannot be paired with Raptor pickups equipped with the Moonroof & Tailgate package, which includes the twin-panel moonroof and the power tailgate. The lock is also not available on F-150 Lightning models equipped with the XLT High Package (312A equipment group) or Lariat and Platinum trims, as those models also come with a power tailgate from the factory.

Meanwhile, Ford also offers McGard’s tailgate lock for the 2015+ F-150, Ford Maverick, and 2015-2022 Ford Super Duty, which retails for $29, or $39 including installation at a dealership. The lock’s “jaws” attach around one of the tailgate’s mounting posts and maintains normal tailgate operation, and the kit includes two keys and velcro pads to keep the lock from rattling around.

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  1. Worldisfullofstupidpeople

    Lock your tailgates…
    How is that so hard? Instead you will pay more money for laziness?

  2. Scotty

    I’m not overly brilliant. I don’t get how it works with a key.
    How do you get a key into a lock on a closed tailgate, in
    order to open it? I don’t see a keyhole. Where is the access
    point. (I must sound like a Pontiac engineer)

  3. Wayne M

    A hose clamp works well also. Just put it on the right side hinge. It’ll slow’em down too much, to take the time to remove it.

  4. Stephen

    That lock only protects the tailgate. Your taillights are on their own.

  5. Kenny D

    Hell, I can’t even get a Truck, Let alone Worry about my Tail Gate and Tail Lights getting Pimped! TheTail Gate Locks have been around for a while and Ya a Hose Clamp will work. But if ya can’t get (a New Truck), and don’t wanna buy an old one or Used one the Point is Mute. My Issue is that these IDIOTS Stealing these things, Oooooooo Look out Looser Boy, if a Truck Owner should be so Lucky to Catch you Stealing something off of his “TRUCK”…… You may not be able to use your Hands ever Again!!!!! Just Saying.


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