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2022 Ford Fiesta Lands On Australian Shores Without Key Feature

The refreshed 2022 Ford Fiesta was revealed last September, but like many new models these days, it has faced its fair share of production issues in the time since. The 2022 Ford Fiesta ST was originally supposed to launch in Australia in March, but was later pushed back to either April or May. When April rolled around, the automaker debuted the hot hatch once again, this time until August. However, the very first 2022 Ford Fiesta ST models have apparently arrived a little bit earlier than expected, albeit with one key feature missing, according to Car Expert.

“Unfortunately, the first 73 new MY22 Fiesta ST vehicles for Australia were built with a non-branded, six-speaker audio system instead of a Bang & Olufsen Play 10-speaker system with subwoofer (Branded Audio System),” an Ford Australia spokesperson explained to Car Expert. “The issue has now been resolved and all future arrivals will have the Branded Audio System, as intended.”

A total of 44 of those owners had apparently signed a contract, and Ford Australia is currently in contact with those folks to offer them a choice of options on what to do next. “They can cancel their contract and have their deposit refunded, or cancel their contract and wait for a Fiesta ST with the Branded Audio System in the next few months, or if they would like to proceed with their purchase we’re offering them a $500 cash payment as a remedy,” the spokesperson said.

This isn’t the first time Aussie buyers have been surprised by missing features on their vehicles, as the limited-edition Focus ST-3 launched without a heated steering wheel, launch control, and ambient lighting, features that were advertised as standard equipment. Additionally, 100 Ford Ranger customers in Australia recently took delivery of new pickups without auto stop/start, while the refreshed 2022 Focus launched without its optional 13.2-inch infotainment screen due to various supply chain constraints.

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