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2022 Ford Maverick Handily Outsold The Ford Ranger In April

The 2022 Ford Maverick has remained a hot commodity since its launch last year, to the point where demand quickly exceeded Ford’s production capacity for the new compact pickup. Regardless, even with inventory severely limited due to the chip shortage and other supply chain constraints, the Maverick remains one of the top-selling new vehicles on the market today, beating out its main competitor – the Hyundai Santa Cruz – by a healthy margin, and even its big brother, the Ford Ranger. The gap between those two pickups continues to widen, however, as we can clearly see in Ford’s April sales report.

Sales Results - April 2022 - USA - Ford

MODELAPR 2022 / APR 2021APRIL 2022APRIL 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
BRONCO* 13,113**36,686 *
BRONCO SPORT-6.70% 12,92813,856+12.91%42,017 37,212
E-SERIES-29.19% 1,8052,549-31.37%9,006 13,122
ECOSPORT-17.61% 4,1094,987-29.83%12,535 17,865
EDGE+40.42% 11,2988,046+24.88%37,710 30,196
ESCAPE-1.14% 15,50215,680-2.13%55,464 56,670
EXPEDITION-77.53% 1,9958,880-62.39%11,713 31,143
EXPLORER-23.07% 20,80127,040-31.15%63,537 92,284
F-SERIES-22.30% 51,51766,302-28.83%192,218 270,099
GT-15.38% 1113+2.17%47 46
HEAVY TRUCKS-39.32% 1,0231,686+48.16%3,981 2,687
MAVERICK* 9,537**28,782 *
MUSTANG-45.29% 4,3778,000-27.34%18,363 25,274
MUSTANG MACH-E+95.03% 3,8051,951+23.05%10,539 8,565
RANGER-60.08% 5,11012,801-38.46%22,749 36,967
TRANSIT-25.15% 8,56711,445-33.73%25,778 38,896
TRANSIT CONNECT-31.12% 2,2093,207-11.67%9,566 10,830
FORD TOTAL-10.48% 167,707187,345-15.01%580,691 683,269

Ford sold 9,537 Mavericks in April, which brings that model’s year-to-date sales up to 28,782 units. That’s a significant difference when compared to the Ranger’s total of 5,110 units last month, as well as its year-to-date figure of 22,749. The 2022 Ford Maverick is also widening the gap between it and its mid-size counterpart, as the compact pickup recorded 8,695 sales in March compared to 6,276 for the Ranger.

It is worth noting that while the Maverick hasn’t been on sale quite as long as the Ranger, Ford is likely diverting the limited number of semiconductor chips that it has on hand to certain, more desirable products like the Maverick, which can certainly impact sales numbers.

Regardless, Maverick dealer inventory continues to turn in just four days even though the pickup is one of the most heavily marked-up new vehicles on sale. The new model has attracted a significant number of first-time pickup buyers, while the hybrid model has far exceeded Ford’s expectations in terms of consumer interest.

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  1. Talk to me Goose

    Yea I wonder why…Rangers are getting damned expensive. I’m seeing them pushing 50k on the local dealer lot. Hard Pass.

  2. whypac

    What did Ford think would happen to Ranger sales with the introduction of the Maverick?

    Maverick is half the price, has a bigger cab/more leg room in the back seat, has the same payload capability (though smaller volume), and the hybrid version gets twice as many miles per gallon in the city.

    If you are a Ford fan, want a truck, and don’t want or need 1/2 ton or larger truck, and not going off-road, what are you going to choose. Not the Ranger.

  3. David Dickinson

    The moral of the story is that the cheapest truck wins.

  4. Mike

    Wow, that is a big surprise. And Ford wants to make an EV Ranger? They should be making an EV Maverick instead, and/or a PHEV.

    1. JohnTaurus

      Ranger is a global product that, as a whole, is more important.

      I would look for more Maverick variants, however, it’s clearly a winner in the Americas where it was aimed.

  5. N

    Keep in mind, the Maverick is new, the Ranger is a year before a remodel. This will all balance out.

    1. JohnTaurus

      Most sensible comment here.

  6. Tigger

    Edge sales up 40% and Ford wants to cancell it. Smart move 🙄

  7. Harlan

    What does the Mavrick weigh? Can i flat tow it?

  8. Mike Towpath Traveler

    And that sales differential will likely stay the same going into the future. Small truck buyers don’t want a truck the size of a Colorado, Canyon or Ranger; they want the truck they remember fondly, the original Ranger, S10 or Sonoma. The new Maverick presents that opportunity to go small again. And buyers are responding. One of these days, maybe GM will wake up to the reality that Ford is stealing their lunch and sales, too.

  9. Materialman

    Mavericks are priced right. Rangers are too expensive.

    1. Ralph Natola

      Love my maverick, hybrid, economy ,style, and practicality.. best idea Ford has had lately.

  10. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Love my hybrid XLT Maverick as well. Did not even consider a Ranger or a Colorado both bigger than I wanted. I did consider the Santa Cruz but I am glad I got the Maverick instead. I am one of those former S-10, old Ranger, and Mighty Max owners that didn’t want a midsize truck.

  11. Dave Mathers

    Let’s be honest here. The Maverick should be the Ranger as it is much closer to the original. The Ranger is the same size as F-Series from the 90s.

  12. dohc106

    The maverick may become the 2nd best selling truck just behind the Tacoma if production gets to capacity.

  13. Ron

    How can Ford have sold almost 30,000 Mavericks this year? I preordered Sept. 1st and my truck hasn’t been made yet. Got a build date for week of April 25th. A month later new build date week of May 2nd. Today went to the track your vehicle site. Put in my order number and vin number, punched Accept & Track. Site just reloaded and took my numbers out. Do I still have a living order? Or is it dead.

    1. David Dickinson

      It is PR spin. “Sales” is not delivery.


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