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2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Remains A Hot Item For New Car Buyers

Since its launch last year, the 2022 Ford Maverick has been one of the hottest and fastest-selling new vehicles on the market, even outselling its big brother, the Ford Ranger, last month. High demand and low supply has also made the Maverick one of the most commonly marked-up new vehicles on sale, but that hasn’t diminished consumer interest in the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid one bit. In fact, the Maverick Hybrid first landed on Kelley Blue Book’s most considered electrified vehicles list in Q3 of 2021, stayed there in Q4, and is once again on that list as KBB’s Q1 2022 Brand Watch report has been released.

KBB’s Brand Watch report – a customer perception survey that analyzes consumer shopping behavior to see how different brands and models stack up against each other – found that consideration of electrified vehicles as a whole surged to new levels last quarter, when one in four new vehicle shoppers surveyed said they were considering a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or EV. Meanwhile, after moving up from seventh-place in Q3 to fifth in Q4, the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid surged once again, claiming the number two spot on KBB’s list of the most considered electrified vehicles.

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid maintained its position atop this list, while the Maverick Hybrid beat out the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, and Honda CR-V Hybrid to round out the top five. To date, the Maverick Hybrid has exceeded Ford’s expectations by a long shot and attracted a large number of first-time pickup buyers, as well as plenty of Honda Civic owners.

The 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid has racked up its fair share of accolades in recent months as well, including a Wards Auto Top 10 Best Interior & UX award, as well as Vincentric’s 2022 Best Fleet Value in America Award.

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  1. Ralph Natola

    Hi Dee, my maverick hybrid can do everything a ranger can and alot more. It’s interior is larger than the ranger, it has a Carlike ride and tight turning circle. It can carry 1500 lb in the bed, has good pickup and strong front wheel drive even in snow. It’s best feature obviously is the dashboard ev coach. I average more Tha 50 mpg city and highway combined. Last week, errands in town I hit 117mpg. Best feature is driver mileage control using the on screen coach. Best all around vehicle for the money, mileage, style, performance and ergonomics

  2. Pikey87

    Sure wish I could get a build date on my October 14th order. 7 months is insane.

    1. James S Williams

      I’m with you Pikey87. I ordered a Lariat hybrid model with the lux pkg and co-pilot 360 on November 15. As it turns out, that’s the option pkgs that will put your order at the back of the line, unfortunately. I fully expect my ’22 Maverick to be a “23 model. My local dealer says that might be a good thing with any improvements or additional options available on the ’23’s.

    2. MAGA

      I think Ford is concentrating on providing Mavericks to companies that order in mass. One company ordered 90 if these trucks. And they got them. They put us at the end of the line. Not a very nice way to treat their customers. Tell the companies THEY have to wait. Why do we have to? Orders for the 2023’s start in August 2022, and production does not start until October 2022. Which means we might not see our truck until this time next year. If then.

    3. Gabor

      I have ordered 7/24/2021, re-scheduled for 5/30/2022 build.
      It is miserable. Yet Ford started to sell to South America, builds coming from the same plant. Hopefully other brands will join the hybrid truckles segment soon with more solid supply

  3. MAGA

    Why did Ford take in more orders than they had vehicles? Someone should have been paying attention to that. If they were only going to make so many Mavericks, then why take in more orders than what they were going to make? Get a clue Ford. Still waiting and might cancel.

  4. Larry Pointer

    I ordered my Maverick 7/23/21, Lariat hybrid model with the lux pkg and co-pilot 360. They say it is in order processing, but it is what they call balanced out. Anyone known exactly what balanced out means? I can’t see how Ford can continue to not let us know at least a very general date of when we will receive our trucks.

  5. John Reitz

    Maybe Ford should add production somewhere here in the US……….
    No, they can’t do that because to sell the Maverick with a starting price of $20,000 (not that anyone buys one for that right now) they depend on cheap, as in $3.00 per hour cheap, Mexican labor.

  6. karen

    the maverick was intended to be a truck that a first time buyers could afford ,the dealers are taking advantage, its not right Ford Motor co. should keep their word and go after the price gouging

  7. Grace

    I’m so mad, I attempted to go in to my Ford dealership today to change color and remove 360 option, sales Mgr told me I can no longer make any changes, its all closed out, I told him thats not true, he asked if I’ve been on the forums, anyway he wouldn’t allow any changes, im not process, I have no vin number, I was lied to, I called Ford customer svc, they told me the info given to me was not true. I opened a case against MIKE BASS FORD in Sheffield Village, Ohio. I want to switch dealerships, as they told me another lie when I first attempted to order the hybrid, they told it was closed for orders in Nov 21, I went back and changed that order, so is it laziness on their part, or because I’m woman they think they can continue to lie to me? I found a ecoboost I purchased at another dealer a few later after my 1st order, will switch to them. Anyone have any info to share with this frustrated repeat customer? Thanks, Grace

  8. donnie

    it should be a hot item-you cannot get one and when you do you pay well over msrp-gotta love ford-does farley and his cronies wait 9 months without a would about the status of an order-i think nottttttttttttt

  9. philip scheil

    A reminder to all. When your Maverick comes in and the dealer wants to mark it up over your agreed upon Contract price about a $50.00 +- fee to small claims court may bring the them back in line.


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