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2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid Favorably Compared Against 2022 Civic

The 2022 Ford Maverick has proven to be an undeniable hit among a wide variety of demographics, largely due to the fact that it’s an affordable and efficient vehicle, period, let alone one with the added utility provided by a pickup truck. As such, the Maverick has far exceeded Ford’s expectations, becoming one of the fastest-selling vehicles on the market, even handily outselling the Ford Ranger while also racking up its fair share of awards. But aside from winning over owners of other pickups, the Maverick’s biggest conquest is actually the Honda Civic as it attracts a large number of first-time truck buyers. In a recent comparison test pitting the 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid against a new Civic, Car and Driver figured out precisely why this is the case.

While some will point to the fact that the Maverick is a front-wheel drive pickup that doesn’t utilize body-on-frame construction, that’s precisely why it is proving to be appealing to those that haven’t owned trucks in the past. In fact, the Maverick offers up all of the benefits a compact economy car like the Civic does – excellent fuel economy, low starting price, seating for five in a pinch – and it does so with the added utility of a pickup bed.

“The Maverick’s earnest usefulness seems to demand few sacrifices,” Car and Driver notes. However, one of those sacrifices is handling, as one might imagine. The Maverick weighs 814 pounds more than the Civic, and as such, it isn’t quite as quick around the corners. However, interestingly enough, the pickup is quite a bit quicker, taking 7.7 seconds to reach 60 miles-per-hour versus the Civic’s 8.8 seconds. But performance aside, the 2022 Ford Maverick XLT tester proved to be the better all-around vehicle, as well as the best in almost every category.

The Maverick, C&D says, is “a great little car that happens to be a truck. To put it in the simplest terms, the Civic is better at hauling people, and the Maverick is better at hauling stuff. To attain that all-important bed, you sacrifice comfort, refinement, and handling – to an extent that becomes obvious once there’s a Civic alongside. But those are differences of degree, not of kind, and the Maverick can still function as a car a lot more effectively than the Civic can function as a truck. If your life includes a lot of things, then the Maverick might be one more thing you need.”

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  1. Casey J

    As the owner of a 2018 civic 6 speed sedan I’m very interested in this truck but there is none in the mid Atlantic area to even ogle let alone drive. I have an f-350 for hauling duties but the idea of an upright seating position and semi decent ground clearance for roughed in construction entrances this thing ticks alot of boxes that the civic can only dream of. Please bring on the hybrid awd xl trim!

  2. Oswald neimon

    Ford is – if not out and out lying to us – fibbing about general availability – the Maverick is a nice package, but we can only get them at gouging cost – if at all, which is never ever.

    C’mon Ford – are you with us or the plutocrats?

  3. W. A. Bud Porter

    I just received (Wed.5-24th) my 2022 Ford Maverick that I had ordered 9 mos. ago..My dealer had called me a month ago offering me an opportunity to purchase another Maverick as they had two arriving for their inventory..
    I decided to wait for my ordered one..The cars are out there..You just need to look..By the way, my dealer, Hall Ford,(Newport News, Va.) did not try to “gouge” me on the price either, like so many dealers are doing..My experience with Hall Ford was
    Outstanding overall…Didn’t like 9 month wait, but, my Mav. was a loaded up ,Lariat including sprayed in bedliner..

  4. Tony101

    I’ve been looking for an awd vehicle that gets good mileage and can tow up to 3000 pounds. The maverick does none of that. Get yourself a Subaru outback. The maverick is pathetic by comparison. The maverick hybrid gets good gas mileage, but it can only tow 2000 pounds and doesn’t come with awd.

  5. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Really happy with my hybrid Maverick XLT. Does 95% of what I need and want and even though I had to wait 8 1/2 months it was well worth it. It is better than I expected it to be and I have only had 1 or 2 vehicles in the past that I felt that way and they were not Fords. The Maverick will get sales from not only Chevy owners like me but Toyota as well even other truck owners wishing to downsize to a less expensive and more efficient truck.

  6. Larry Pointer

    W. A. Bud Porter, you saiid,
    Didn’t like 9 month wait, but, my Mav. was a loaded up ,Lariat including sprayed in bedliner.. At least you got yours. I ordered mine 7/23/21, exactly the same as yours. Ford balanced me out and from what I gather, means I’ll not receive mine until 2023. What’s fair about that Fo MO Co


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