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About Half Of New Ford Sales Came From Customer Orders In April

The semiconductor chip shortage and other supply chain constraints have had a massive impact on automotive production and new vehicle sales, but it hasn’t been all bad news for automakers. Ford, for example, has slashed incentive costs significantly and as a result, plans to embrace more of a build-to-order business model moving forward. Luckily for the automaker, customers seem to be embracing this move as well, according to Ford’s April sales report.

Last month, roughly 50 percent of retail Ford sales came from customer orders, which is a significant number by any measure. It’s also a big increase over February, when only around one-third of retail Ford sales came from customer orders, which continue to grow significantly month-over-month as dealer lots remain rather barren in terms of new vehicle inventory.

In terms of which vehicles are the most popular to order, the Ford F-Series lineup accounted for the most retail orders back in March, which isn’t a huge surprise for the perennially best-selling pickups. However, it isn’t just Ford shoppers who are embracing the act of ordering a vehicle, as Lincoln customers are also lining up to do that in large quantities. Back in March, Lincoln set a new record by taking 3,600 new vehicle orders, which was 600 more than February.

As a whole, a recent survey found that over one-third of shoppers polled are willing to order their next new vehicle rather than purchase it from a dealer, while those same folks expect to wait around 10 weeks to take delivery of that vehicle. Even more interestingly, 63 percent of the study’s respondents said that they believe the “order and wait” process will become the new normal for purchasing a vehicle moving forward.

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  1. Elizabeth Burns

    Does the Ford Maverick have a GOOD paint job and a really good clear coat covering ?

  2. Eric Ledger

    Not sure what F-Series truck was so heavily ordered in April, as the acceptance of orders for Super Duties was shut off on March 29th.
    I am one of those trying to place this order and unable to. No Dealers accepting orders till maybe November I am being told.

  3. whypac

    Customers are not embracing build-to-order. Customers literally have no choice. Dealer lots are empty. There’s nothing to choose from. No selection. No choice.

    1. Tony

      Absolutely correct- wonder how many potential buyers purchased another brand that had what they wanted in inventory

    2. Ron

      You forgot to also Mention that Customers are basically forced to build to order because the Dealerships are PRICE GAUGING UPWARDS OF FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ABOVE MSRP. 😡

  4. Joe

    Not sure where you get the “10 weeks to take delivery” from. I’m going into my 4th month and still no VIN # issued or build date. Hope this changes soon.

    1. Kenny D

      Hey JOE, I’am in line waiting for a VIN# Also. Ordered an F-150 on March 6th 22, and Ain’t heard a Word yet? I’am in California Using The Morgan Hill Ford Store. I don’t know what they (the sales guy’s n Gal’s) are doing to keep so BUSY???? I have to E Mail them and wait like 3/5 DAY’S for a Reply and it’s alway’s the same old S _ _ _!!! No Change in my order. With the State of our Economy, and the Interest Rates going Up n Up, FORD BETTER have some GREAT Incentives when we get our NEW F-150’s!!! Hurry Up and WAIT I Guess.

    2. Jeff

      I agree with you
      I ordered in September 2021 here in Virginia. Order was converted from a 2021 to a 2022. I have been waiting 34 weeks on a F150 King Ranch. A guy that ordered a Platinum from the same dealer in July 2021 got his VIN in March 2022. I don’t know if he got the truck. I wrote Ford about their not communicating with customers. They did reply and say they would take the advice into consideration. No communication before and nothing after.

  5. Ed

    Customers are not in embracing build to order concept, they don’t have a choice dealers are marking up price’s on the inventory they have, the majority of the vehicle’s don’t have the options that the customers wants, no choice, price high, and wait time to build the vehicle how knows when? All we her is fake news not a bit of truth!

  6. Bruce B

    Nothing on any Ford Dealer Lot’s, so I ordered in late November and received it as a April purchase. As far as ordering to get exactly what you want isn’t like it use to be, nowadays it’s all mostly in packages, getting your exterior and interior colors to your liking as most Dealers always seem to order stock vehicles with dark interior’s. I did though get exactly what I wanted in my April delivered Ranger, just need to be patient about the wait after the order is confirmed with Ford Motors.

  7. Kenny D

    STILL WAITING on My F-150 order. Ordered March 6th 22 and Nothing yet, no New’s from anyone. And this article is “STILL” Touting the F-150 as TOP DOG on the List’s???? I have Looked around and found some F-150’s the I would Purchase, and Drive 4/8 HOURS to do so, But the GREEDY DEALERS have put as much as $50K Mark ups on some F-150’s, Most often I see an EVEN $10K # Pulled outta someones posterior that feels the NEED to Screw the Consumer, and I gotta say, there are some people out there that will actually accommodate these GREEDY Pilfering LOOSERS!!!! FORD should ban those Dealers from Future Order’s for the Next 6 Month’s! It also should be against the LAW!!! So, I Wait like everyone else….. Sucks! As the Prices go up n up n up and the BIG BOY’S FILL their Pockets and LAUGH all the way to the BANK!!!! The Consumer????? Who Cares about them??

    1. Murad

      Stevens Creek Ford in San Jose, Ca had all trucks with $15k markup over the MSRP as a Market Adjustment. That’s insane!!!!!!

  8. Murad

    Ordered my F150 Hybrid AWD super crew cab with 6.5 bed on 04/07/22 to be delivered to ford store Morgan Hill Ca.
    04/20/22 received the VIN # and notice “scheduled to be build week of 05/16/22” @ Ford Dearborn MI factory.
    Until 05/10/22 showed order confirmed on Ford build tracking website.
    As of 05/11/22 shows in production!!!
    Fingers crossed. Would be nice if I can get it by the beginning or mid June.

    1. Jeff

      Murad. Do you know what priority code your dealer put on your order? Also what package level is your F150? I have been waiting since September for a 6.5′ King Ranch 3.5L. My dealer just put that preset priority 19.

      1. Murad

        All orders defaults to priority code Retail 19 unless you have connections with GM of your store, mine also priority 19. Equipment 302 A with XLT chrome appearance package. Just to clarify with folks who has been waiting for a while, did you call in to your dealer to put additional $400 down payment after you submitted your online order ? If no, you better do so because without additional payment they won’t proceed.

  9. Stephen Hartzell

    Ordered my 2022 f 350 crew cab dully 6.7 on March 26 2022 took some stuff off and I have z plan with priority code 19 still no VIN number

  10. Murad

    Update 05/12/22 the window sticker released by ford!!!!
    $60,250. Looks like things moving faster than expected.

  11. Daniel Smith

    Ford has completely abandoned customer service. I did like they ask and custom ordered a 2022 ford expedition stealth. Order was confirmed by ford. Received a production date. A week later got a email from ford telling me what items they have deleted from my order. WHY CUSTOM ORDER A VEHICLE WHEN THEY WON’T BUILD WHAT YOU ORDER ? I was a lifelong ford buyer
    but NOT ANY LONGER. Nothing more to be said. Ford is in serious trouble as they have thousands of vehicles built,parked , and waiting on chips. These will be finished and sent to dealers for stock inventory before customer orders will be honored. Why bother ?


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