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Florida Man Wrecks 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition After Auction Purchase

While one could argue that any Ford GT is a special machine, the Heritage Edition versions of that beloved model are even more so. Created to celebrate historic occasions in Blue Oval history and produced in limited numbers, we’ve seen various GT Heritage Edition models sell for incredible sums of money in recent years. This particular 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition is no exception, as it hammered for an eye-watering $704,000 at Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach auction a few weeks ago, only to be subsequently crashed by the new owner, according to Road & Track.

The owner – 50-year-old Robert J. Guarini of Boca Raton, Florida – reportedly left his neighborhood at around 6 pm to take a cruise in his newly acquired 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition when he apparently tried to downshift and promptly crashed into a palm tree, fittingly enough. However, instead of sticking around at the scene of the crime, Guarini hitched a ride back to his house and called police from there.

The owner attributed the crash to being “unfamiliar with how to drive stick shift,” which is an interesting excuse. Personally, we’d find something a bit less valuable to learn how to drive a manual transmission-equipped vehicle if we were him, but that’s just us. Regardless, a witness by the name of John Peddie managed to snap some photos of this expensive driving lesson and post them on Facebook for the world to see.

Sadly, the rare (one of just 343 produced) GT is in pretty bad shape following the head-on crash, as both airbags deployed and the front of the car sustained heavy damage. It certainly won’t be cheap to fix, not to mention the fact that this beautiful car will now tote around a salvage title for the rest of its life, while the owner was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license and a warning for operating an unregistered vehicle.

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  1. Samurai

    I can’t believe idiots like this drive these beautiful cars and don’t take care of it, like this is literally sought after like there is no tomorrow.

    1. James Howard

      It should be against the law to be this STUPID!!! A rich, reckless driving, irresponsible stupid idiot moron does not deserve his wealth and should have his license revoked as there are too many jerk drivers like this on the road. Low IQ idiot. My wife was nearly killed by a drunk idiot like this. There needs to be an IQ test for drivers here as there are far too many jack asses like this driving around.

  2. Jim Glass

    Damn and to think I could’ve bought this!

  3. Samurai

    Like… sorry man

  4. wayne

    Money buys cars, BUT MONEY CANT BUY BRAINS. What an idiot

  5. Freddy Mercury

    Dumb Ass!!

  6. Materialman

    You can’t fix stupid

  7. BobbyD

    I’m confident this scumbag “hitched a ride home” to have his “first” drink of the day, because of his little accident here, to calm his nerves. Poor guy.
    Look up poetic justice, you’ll see a picture of this car in the definition.
    Innocent people could have been hurt, but since they weren’t, I love seeing this.
    More of the same for the Mopar morons!

  8. He went a did it

    Must have been a lottery winner or an heir to a fortune because someone this stupid couldn’t have earned the money to blow on a car like that.

  9. Dave Mathers

    Age old problem – too much car, not enough driver!!

  10. Spieg

    So much money & No brains to go with it.

  11. JWL

    Forida Man!!!!!

  12. Joe

    Guy lives in a 5.5 million dollar one and doesn’t have a drivers license or insurance. Idiot of the day.

  13. Joe

    Did you read what the oaf received in the way of punishment? A citation for driving onsuspended license and a warning for driving an unregistered vehicle. Nothing for no insurance.
    If that had been some hardworking guy driving his clapped out ’73 pickup to a low paying job, he would have gotten the book thrown at him.
    This clown needs to get a brain.

  14. carl

    for some reason to hear/read this happened in Floridah does not supprize me at all.. bet he likes the current governor as well..


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