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Ford Accessory Head Says Bronze Wheels Are The Hot New Thing

In the automotive world, some trends come and go, while new ones constantly emerge. In recent years, off-road focused vehicles are hotter than ever, for example, as are things like lift kits, giant knobby tires, and pretty much anything that makes a vehicle look tough and capable, even if it actually isn’t. Another hot trend that has emerged recently comes to us in the form of bronze wheels, which we’ve seen popping up on more and more concepts lately, as well as in Ford Performance’s own catalog. Turns out, there’s a good reason for that, as bronze wheels have enjoyed a tremendous surge in popularity over the past several years.

“So our first black wheel was in 2006 on the Shelby GT and we actually believe now that bronze is the new black. Bronze has been trending very aggressively the last three years,” Eric Cin, Ford Global Accessories Director, told Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview.

It certainly makes sense, given the fact that more and more wheel manufacturers are offering more and more bronze wheels these days, which are in turn popping up on more and more aftermarket-modified vehicles. This is true of not only off-road-focused models like the Ford Bronco, but also on-road performance vehicles like the Ford Mustang, as newer Blue Oval models have proven more popular than ever to modify in the first place.

Thus, this bronze wheels trend also begs another important question – will Ford try to further capitalize on it by offering additional cosmetic accents that can be better paired with that particular color? “We will try a few things and see what people like and we will adjust course based on what the feedback is,” Cin said. Perhaps we’ll be seeing more bronze bits and pieces in the coming years, after all.

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  1. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Agreed, that’s a pretty attractive package on that F-150. But I was amused by your comment on black wheels. Those were once associated with police or fleet vehicles where “fancy” more costly wheel covers were deleted and lug nuts may have been covered with what was literally a hub cab, or pie pan as we derisively described them. To me, a black vehicle is more elegant with some chrome or stainless steel accents that provide visual contrast. When it comes to homes and cars, we live in a monochromatic world these days but that too will pass.

  2. Bryan Mclellan

    Chevrolet has been offering bronze wheels for two years now on the Corvette.

  3. Lawrence

    Instead of trying a few things and adjusting course as feedback comes in..why not survey your base and offer what customers want/are asking for?

  4. Michael Bol

    I’ll make my own custom choices thank you

  5. William

    Sorry but I don’t think bronze is a nice color for a vehicle no part of it especially the wheels.


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