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Ford Bronco Sport Hybrid Prototype Potentially Spotted Testing

Back in September of 2021, a report surfaced that claimed a Ford Bronco Sport hybrid model was in development, with an expected launch date of 2024. That report did not specify what sort of electrified powertrain the rumored Ford Bronco Sport hybrid would utilize, however. Regardless, Ford Authority spies have spotted what could potentially be a hybrid version of the rugged crossover, which has a few interesting details that provide hints as to what lurks underneath.

For starters, there is no visible charging port located on the exterior of this prototype, which means that it’s likely a regular hybrid model and not a plug-in hybrid. However, we can clearly see orange high-voltage cables present underneath the prototype, which signals that it is, indeed, a hybrid. This particular Bronco Sport prototype is also sporting a set of EPA exhaust tips commonly used for testing purposes, too.

While it’s unclear what kind of powertrain a Ford Bronco Sport hybrid might utilize, its Ford C2 platform mates – the Ford Maverick and Ford Escape – could provide some clues. Both the Escape and Maverick hybrid come equipped with the 2.5L Atkinson cycle four-cylinder gas engine paired with an electric motor and a battery, so it would make sense if this was also the case with a Bronco Sport hybrid.

Since the Bronco Sport is only offered in a four-wheel drive configuration, the hybrid version would likely adapt the Escape’s mechanical all-wheel drive system, while the Maverick hybrid is only currently offered in front-wheel drive. Alternately, Ford may choose to update this hybrid powertrain by 2024, though regardless, it’s a safe bet that the electrified Bronco Sport will be the most efficient model in its lineup when it does launch.

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  1. Mike

    Too little too late.

    1. Thomas J Jackson

      How? Name another vehicle in its class. You will find very few if any other maker has an AWD Hybrid in this class. “Too little too late.” Not!

      1. Mike

        Jeep. And they have a PHEV as well.

        1. John

          Not that competes with this. The regular Bronco Sport already outsells the Compass and Cherokee combined, this will only widen the gap.

          Too little too late? Maybe that’s another Jeep crossover on a 20 year old platform with the same crappy powertrain.

          1. the

            Its in the same class as the Jeep, its a competitor.

          2. Biggy Johnson

            Sorry, the closest comparable vehicle Jeep makes to the Maverick is the Gladiator. The Gladiator and the Maverick are definitely not in the same class

  2. Marco G

    Any way you slice it, this little vehicle deserves some form of hybrid power ti improve it’s current less than desirable MPG. Never too late for better mileage. I do agree it should beva PHEV, but any improvement welcome. Hey, they can’t build enough Mavetick hybrids now one of which l want, 2 or 4 wheel. This will add to those issues.

  3. MF

    Don’t kill it with a Hybrid engine! Hopefully it’s just “optional” in a hybrid… I love Ford Products but NOT a Hybrid or Full electric vehicle. I keep my cars/suvs too long and I can’t afFord an hybrid/electric vehicle when it comes to repairs because no matter what the manufacture…Those vehicles when they break, something goes wrong, etc. bring out the credit cards and checkbook because repairs on those things become money pits! I’ll stick to my fully Gas Powered Vehicles thank you!

  4. ted

    I have a 15 year old hybrid with 240,000 miles on it. You actually end up with less wear and tear on the engine since it works so much less. I would buy a hybrid model of this over the 3 cyl or crappy mpg 4 cyl engines all day long. Now, if it brings the cost close to 40k that’s another story.


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