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Ford Bronco Tube Door Kits Now Available To Order

Way back in July 2020, an interesting image depicting a Ford Bronco tube door kit leaked via the model’s online configurator, foreshadowing a new offering in Ford’s official catalog. Then, last November, Ford Authority reported that this new Ford Bronco tube door kit was in fact coming at some point, which we later confirmed would happen in 2022, though the special doors are not available on the new Ford Bronco Raptor. Now, Ford’s new Bronco tube door kits are officially available to order via the automaker’s catalog.

The first kit – sold under part number M-19008-BTD2 – is compatible with two-door models and retails for $1,250. The doors are constructed from two-inch black powdercoated steel and feature paintable handle covers. The doors are said to be corrosion-resistant and utilize the Bronco’s factory latch. The tube doors are also designed to provide a little extra brush protection while out on the trails while also helping to contribute to the SUV’s open-air experience.

Those that want to order tube doors for the four-door Bronco can do so by purchasing part number M-19008-BTD4, which retails for $2,250. However, there are a few disclaimers that accompany both kits – for starters, Ford recommends that customers install the tube doors themselves, and does not authorize the accessory for any commercial installation by a dealer or other commercial entity.

Additionally, the automaker stresses that the Ford Bronco tube doors are for off-road use only. “Tube doors are not designed like factory doors,” the warning label reads. “Occupant protection, door system performance, and safety system performance, including safety canopy and front seat mounted side airbags, may be affected during a crash or rollover.” Thus, it’s probably best to only use these tube doors while out on the trails, not on public roadways.

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  1. Steve

    Yep you can order them but it may take 2 years actually get them. Kind of like ordering a Bronco (Sept 2020 and still waiting). But hey why don’t you turn your energy into installing batteries in cars and trucks. Don’t try to deliver what’s already a sure sale, no no no. Roll the dice on battery power vehicles, cross your fingers that someone might buy one. When will the major share holders stand up and kick someone in the monetary balls and sell stuff that people will buy. Stuff that sounds cools, looks cool and is cool. Batteries not included.

    1. Cella

      Took words out of my mouth!!


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