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Ford CEO Farley Says Company Will Continue To Make Hybrid Vehicles

Ford is in the midst of a major EV pivot that will see it transition its entire European passenger vehicle lineup to all-electric models by 2030 or sooner, with the automaker’s North American lineup inevitably following suit at some undetermined point in the future as well. However, in the meantime, Ford has no intention to stop making hybrid vehicles either, as CEO Jim Farley revealed while speaking at the automaker’s 2022 shareholder’s meeting.

“Well, first of all, hybrid has been and will remain a very important piece of our lineup at Ford and we have the strongest hybrid lineup ever,” Farley said. “We sold nearly 88,000 hybrid vehicles in the U.S. alone last year, and we’ve already sold 36,000 just through April. This is really exciting for us to see the growth of not just our fully electric vehicles, but our successful expansion of PHEVs in Europe and China, and the HEVs, especially here in North America, like the very popular F-150 hybrid. This is a big change for us, but as far as hybrids and plug-ins, we’ve never been more committed and we continue to see our sales accelerate because of our investment in this technology.”

The new-for-2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost hybrid did indeed help Ford have its best hybrid sales result in the automaker’s illustrious history last year, and remains one of the most considered electrified vehicles on the market. However, it isn’t the only hot hybrid in FoMoCo’s lineup, as it’s joined by the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid, which has enjoyed demand that has far exceeded the automaker’s expectations thus far as an incredibly hot commodity among new vehicle shoppers.

In Europe, new vehicle buyers are opting for plug-in hybrids more than ever, with the Ford Kuga PHEV remaining among the most popular such offerings on the market. However, Ford clearly isn’t done rolling out new hybrid models either, as the Ford Bronco Sport is reportedly gaining an electrified variant in 2024, while the Ford Ranger Raptor will follow suit at some point in the coming years, too.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. eRock9202

    In my opinion, HEV and PHEV advancement is the way to get Americans over the next couple of decades to embrace passenger EVs more and more. As EV battery tech advances, it helps makes hybrids more powerful, efficient, and capable. As the EV charging infrastructure develops, it also gives PHEVs more options to charge. Ford is already trying to electrify the Raptor powertrain. A hybrid HD is rumored to be in the works and would totally change the narrative if still successful.

    I figured Ford was going to continue down the hybrid track in NA when they made those all-electric comments about Europe, but I was skeptical. Now that Ford made the PR move to state they will continue with hybrids, it at least seems like they aren’t looking at vehicle advancement with rose-tinted glasses. We shall see though. I’m rooting for Ford to have successful Raptor and HD hybrid powertrains.

  2. Jim Groff

    CEO Farley needs to concentrate on getting a fix on my 2021 1st Qtr Lincoln Navigator that is under notice that it can catch FIRE under the hood!! Hello- fix is Park it in the Driveway away from the house! This is wrong and a concern! Trade me for a New one for a 10,000 mileage charge only! Or- Cadillac SUV time!!

  3. Wayne

    My 2021 f150 powerboost hybrid gets terrible mileage. I love the generator power and interior but going downhill when you get to the flat road it does not allow you to very lightly use the gas petal to keep up the speed on electric mode for a little longer. It immediately goes into gas engine mode. Need a fix

  4. Bennie Browning

    Am I going to get my xlt maverick any time soon it’s been on order almost ( 1 ) year, I’m about ready to give up and start looking elsewhere, it would be nice to get a reply from you ,

    1. James peoples

      Ordered mine on July 6th 2021 not one word from F

  5. Bob Tasa

    Hybrid ? Its not hybrid its a decent truck at decent price.

  6. Jose

    Ford Needs to Fire Mr. Bombastic James Farley And Find Someone Who Can Run The Company . Farley Is The Movie Pretty Woman all over Again Ford Motor Company Going Bust. Buy Rivian Completetly You Morons.

  7. Mike

    Be nice if you could buy a Ford hybrid or PHEV and at a decent price. They cannot make them fast enough, and you knows what happens when that happens?

  8. MarkV

    Hybrid or PHEV? What good is that if Ford and Lincoln offer nothing that fits my need and desire. I want style not a boring box on wheels. The only car, Mustang is useless considering you can’t shoehorn five people in that thing. Bronco is a recopy of the original.
    All the rest are SUV’s and trucks which equate to boring, unimaginative and uninspiring vehicles. Waiting for automotive style to come back in fashion instead of the current bland garbage. Why not start a styling revolution?? Use your imagination for a change and give us something that we actually want to buy,

  9. Brad Barefoot

    Bring back the C-Max Hybrid ! Bought mine new in ’13, still delivers 47 to 52 mpg around town and 44 to 49 on the interstate !

    1. James Tanner

      C-Max was one of the best cars I ever owned. Wish it were still available in the USA.

  10. Ed

    I love my ’22 Corsair Grand Touring PHEV. Regular work commute is all electric from our solar panels (95% of driving), road trips on gasoline getting more than 40 mpg. All in a very luxurious, quiet, solid, comfortable vehicle.

  11. Mike S

    My wife and I absolutely love our hybrid Maverick XL! Seats four very comfortably, hauls and tows all I’ll ever need as a suburban homeowner, and we’re seeing as high as 47 mpg city and averaging 39.9 mpg city/freeway driving overall. Zero complaints, and I hope Ford continue making more hybrids like this, and hopefully a PHEV Maverick in the near future.

  12. Jeff G

    For a couple years I had been hearing that a Ranger PHEV was planned. It would fit my needs perfectly as I need more towing capability than the Maverick, but I do not need the much higher towing if the F150 Powerboost. I also could not afford the F150 Powerboost. In the announcement of the Ranger PHEV Ford said it would not be available in the U.S.
    This is a major disappointment for me. Ford needs to reconsider and bring the Ranger PHEV to the U.S. I have been loyal to Ford, but if they don’t reconsider I will have to look elsewhere.


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