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Ford Credit Ranked First In 2022 Canadian Dealer Financing Study

Last year, Ford Credit scored reasonably well in both J.D. Power’s 2021 Canada Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study and U.S. Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study, ranking third and fifth among its peers, respectively. Now, as Ford dealers are in the midst of a number of major changes stemming from the automaker’s reorganization plan, it’s worth noting that Ford Credit fared even better in J.D. Power’s just-released 2022 Canada Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study than last year, as it beat out all of its rivals to take first place.

Ford Credit ranked the highest in the retail-captive segment with a score of 919 (out of 1,000 possible points), followed by Hyundai Motor Finance (912), and Kia Motors Finance (909), while the segment average came in at 895. Ford Credit also ranked the highest in the lease segment with a score of 918, followed by Hyundai Motor Finance (908), and Honda Financial Services (904), while the segment average came in at 873.

The 2022 Canada Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study – now in its 24th year – captures 6,919 finance provider evaluations across the four segments from new-vehicle dealerships in Canada. This year’s study was fielded in February and March of 2022, and found that that just four percent of dealers now say on-site visits are their preferred method of contact – a big change from the past, when such visits were considered to be essential to nurturing dealer and lender relationships.

“Dealers are looking for a seamless, speedy interaction with a lender, and lenders need to be laser-focused on satisfying that need – especially when the volume of transactions is reduced,” said Patrick Roosenberg, director of automotive finance intelligence at J.D. Power. “Even with increased automation in the approval and funding processes, lenders must find a way to differentiate themselves from other lenders, whether it’s system-related or actions taken by funding, retail credit or sales reps.”

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  1. Dave Mathers

    In 1983 I flew to Atlanta to see a new in-house computer system at a Ford dealership. While there talking with the dealer he told me about faxing credit aps to Ford Credit. Upon return I got hold of the local office and we started it as a pilot project. No more reading aps over the phone!!

    1. David Mullins

      Beware Ford Motor does not stand behind recalls or repairs. I bought my f150 truck on july20,2018 from dealership.They sent me a recall January 2022. I used to find place closest to me to go to. They perform recall which was a flash and program transmission on may 6,2022. I pick up and immediately returned saying my vehicle was shifting all crazy. They say I have to drive 500-1000miles to let it relearn itself per ford. I continue to take home and call letting know my concerns and worried it is going to mess my vehicle up as it is showing high #in transmission temp and tires chirpping and downshifting hard. Get told same story. Continue to drive as I am told to do and it’s getting worse as time goes. Try to call customer relationship line with # I was provided on my recall paperwork and got hung up on 4 times in a row. Nowhere to turn for Fords help and my vehicle will not be accepted back yet due to mileage. It downshift at random and on highway it will go from 6th to 3rd gear and slide around and shift back up for no reason. Temp on transmission hits 223 degree. Now it’s back at dealer they want to put a transmission in and telling me Ford says they have no money at time for assistance and I should pay $5700.00 to replace. I never had these problems until they reprogrammed the transmission with program Ford makes and says I have to get. This is ridiculous idk what to do. I call dealership and customer relationship dealer agrees that Ford should make this right as they design and send him program and I went to him because Ford sent me recall and said to do this. Now I can’t get any help from Ford when they have trashed my transmission and no telling what else from torguing around like that. Shame on you Ford Motor. Now I have no vehicle and a single parent of kids. This is how you appreciate a loyal customer and stand behind your products and work. I have no choice but to start talking to attorneys as you will not step up and fix what you did. This is day 23 from recall and I am going to make all Ford customers aware so they can look out for their selves as Ford don’t value customers apparently


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