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Ford E-Series Sales Outperform Segment During Q1 2022

Ford E-Series sales fell in the Unites States and Canada during the first quarter of 2022.

Ford E-Series Sales - Q1 2022 - United States

In the United States, Ford E-Series deliveries totaled 7,201 units in Q1 2022, a decrease of about 32 percent compared to 10,573 units sold in Q1 2021.
MODEL Q1 2022 / Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q1 2021
E-SERIES -31.89% 7,201 10,573

Ford E-Series Sales - Q1 2022 - Canada

In Canada, Ford E-Series deliveries totaled 573 units in Q1 2022, a decrease of about 16 percent compared to 682 units sold in Q1 2021.
MODEL Q1 2022 / Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q1 2021
E-SERIES -15.98% 573 682

Competitive Sales Comparison (USA)

Ford E-Series sales decreased 32 percent to 17,211 units during the first quarter of 2022, placing fourth in its segment in terms of cumulative sales volume. The E-Series’ corporate stable mate, the Ford Transit, took first place (see running Ford Transit sales) with a 37 percent decrease to 17,211 units. The Ram ProMaster followed in second place with a 14 percent drop to 9,328 units, while the Chevy Express (see running Chevy Express sales) dropped 48 percent to 8,860 units. The GMC Savana (see GMC Savana sales) placed fifth with a 49 percent decrease to 2,985 units, while the discontinued Nissan NV placed last with two deliveries.

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Vans - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21 Q1 22 SHARE Q1 21 SHARE
FORD TRANSIT -39.92% 16,493 27,451 37% 36%
RAM PROMASTER -14.26% 9,328 10,880 21% 14%
CHEVROLET EXPRESS -47.50% 8,860 16,877 20% 22%
FORD E-SERIES -31.89% 7,201 10,573 16% 14%
GMC SAVANA -48.95% 2,985 5,847 7% 8%
NISSAN NV -99.95% 2 4,074 0% 5%
TOTAL -40.73% 44,869 75,702

From a segment share standpoint, the E-Series saw a 16 percent share, up two percentage points from the year-ago quarter. The segment-leading Transit saw a 38 percent share, also up two percentage points, while the ProMaster took 20 percent, up six percentage points. The Express saw 19 percent share, down four percentage points and the Savana earned seven percent, down one percentage point.

Sales Numbers - Ford Full-Size Vans - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21
FORD TRANSIT -39.92% 16,493 27,451
FORD E-SERIES -31.89% 7,201 10,573
TOTAL -37.69% 23,694 38,024

It’s also worth noting that both of Ford’s offerings in this space, the Transit and E-Series, saw cumulative deliveries of 24,412 units, accounting for a dominant 54 percent segment share during the quarter. By comparison, Ford’s crosstown rival – General Motors – trailed in second place with 11,845 cumulative deliveries for a 26 percent segment share.

Sales Numbers - GM Full-Size Vans - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21
CHEVROLET EXPRESS -47.50% 8,860 16,877
GMC SAVANA -48.95% 2,985 5,847
TOTAL -47.87% 11,845 22,724

The full-size mainstream van segment, which includes passenger, cargo, and cutaway/chassis cab models, contracted nearly 40 percent to 45,587 units in Q1 2022, meaning that Ford E-Series sales outperformed the segment average.

The Ford Authority Take

Ford E-Series sales continue to be in the red during the first quarter of 2022. However, all competitors in its competitive set faced a similar scenario during due to likely similar reasons – constraints associated with production and availability. Even so, the E-Series managed to maintain its place mid-pack while decreasing at a slower rate than the segment.

It is also worth noting that comparing E-Series sales to any of the competing models is far from an apples-to-apples comparison, since the E-Series is available exclusively in the cutaway configuration, while all other models are available as full-bodied cargo and passenger vans and, in most cases, as cutaways.

Beyond that, we must also highlight how impressive it is that Ford continues to command over half of the large van/cutaway segment during the first quarter of 2022, a circumstance we don’t think will change any time soon. The Blue Oval has been steadily improving the E-Series over time, giving it the new Ford 7.3L Godzilla V8 gasoline engine for the 2021 model year.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford E-Series Q1 2021 sales, unless noted otherwise
  • In the United States, there were 75 selling days for Q1 2022 and 74 selling days for Q1 2021
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Sales not available, as the automaker does not share sales figures for the model

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  1. dohc106

    While I worked in aviation, my company had both trucks. The Transit was the easily the better handling, riding, and more fuel efficient of the two, but in the 1500 configuration it was a tin can. The E series was alot more durable though, but not as convenient for maintenance.


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