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Ford Everest Raptor Renderings Imagine High-Performance Off-Road SUV

The all-new 2023 Ford Everest was revealed back in March as what is essentially an SUV version of the all-new international market 2023 Ford Ranger, which was revealed last November. However, as was the case with the previous-gen model, the new Everest won’t be sold in the U.S. like the Ranger and the next-gen Ranger Raptor. The Blue Oval also won’t be making a Ford Everest Raptor either, as Ford Authority reported back in March, because customers apparently don’t want one. But that didn’t stop us from rendering what a high-performance off-road-focused Ford Everest Raptor might look like.

It’s certainly unfortunate that a Raptor version of the new SUV won’t become a reality, because reactions surrounding the new Everest have been mostly positive in terms of how it looks. The Raptor treatment also lends itself well to the rugged body-on-frame SUV, as we can see in these renderings. That transformation starts up front with the familiar Raptor front grille, which touts a large “Ford” script, along with a skid plate to protect the SUV’s powertrain underneath, which touts a pair of tow hooks integrated into it.

Moving down the sides, our imaginary Ford Everest Raptor is fitted with large fender flares that give it a wider stance and a beefed-up look while also covering a set of large, knobby, all-terrain tires. A lifted suspension helps make room for those large rollers – which are wrapped around a set of beadlock-capable wheels or regular Raptor wheels, offering up a couple of different looks – and give the Everest Raptor additional ground clearance for traversing off-road obstacles.

In the rear, we’ve given the Everest Raptor a blacked-out tailgate panel for a sportier look, as well as dual exhaust tips. These enhancements give the Everest a much more aggressive appearance overall, and it’s a model that we think buyers would clamor for, much the same way as they already do for the F-150 Raptor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like an Everest Raptor is in the cards for global markets or the U.S., but the regular version is slated to launch in Australia this coming August, as Ford Authority recently reported.

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  1. blksn8k

    It’s questionable whether or not the single US plant building the Bronco and Ranger on the T6 platform can keep up with the demand for those two vehicles much less a third.

  2. Scotty

    … I love these renderings of trucks that they will never build, and I could never afford.

  3. Barry Wood

    I like price ?

  4. John M Stecz

    Will we ever get a full size Bronco designed after the F-150 God I hope so, I was so expecting one with all the Bronco hype and then was disappointed to see the current product

  5. The 85 stranger

    Well they could just make that the Explorer if it was real, seems like it’s more worthy of the name then the current platform


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