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Ford EVs Get Their Frunks Shown Off In New Series: Ad Break

One of the nicer benefits of many all-electric vehicles is what automakers like to call the presence of a front trunk, or “frunk,” as most refer to it as. Since there’s no internal combustion engine under the hood, that leaves plenty of space for other activities, and most new Ford EVs take full advantage of that. This includes the Ford F-150 Lightning and its “Mega Frunk,” as well as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and its frunk, which can double as a cooler or even a place to store some snacks, though the Ford E-Transit doesn’t have a frunk at all. Regardless, the automaker is keen to show off this cool feature on the Ford EVs that do, and it’s done just that with a new ad series called “What’s In The Frunk?”

The first episode is dubbed “A Frunkin Cookout” and features Pierre Serrao and Jon Gray of Ghetto Gastro – a New York-based collective of chefs and food enthusiasts – enjoying a meal in the back of an F-150 Lightning that’s powered by Ford’s Pro Power Onboard generator. The frunk of the pickup and a Mach-E, however, is the place where they store all their equipment and grub for the cookout, while the outlets in the Lightning’s frunk provide power for kitchen items like a blender and waffle maker.

In episode two – “A Frunkin Performance” – musical artists Imani Lauren and Kaelin Ellis use the F-150 Lightning and Mach-E’s frunks and power outlets to store all of their equipment and put on a rooftop performance. There’s enough room to carry what is essentially a portable recording studio, and even though these two artists have never met, they’re able to create a song together using nothing but their gear and the two Ford EVs.

Finally, episode three of “What’s In The Frunk,” “A Frunkin Design,” stars tattoo artist Suro Shinn, who is able to use the F-150 Lighting’s frunk to transform it into a portable tattoo studio. Aside from carrying chairs and tattoo equipment, the powered frunk also provides enough juice to allow her to do what she’s been doing for over a decade, too, which in this case involves tattooing a custom Mach-E seat.

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