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Ford F-150 Now Second Most Considered Pickup Truck

Thus far, the results of Kelley Blue Book’s Q1 2022 Brand Watch report have been mostly good for The Blue Oval. The Ford Maverick shot up to second place in terms of the most considered electrified vehicles on the market today, a list that also saw Ford tie Tesla and Toyota with three vehicles each thanks to the presence of the Ford Mustang Mach-E EV crossover and Ford F-150 Lightning – the top considered EV pickup. However, Ford Motor Company slipped to second after beating out the long-time most considered non-luxury brand – Toyota – and now, the Ford F-150 has relinquished its spot as the most considered pickup truck, too.

In a bit of a shocker, the chief rival of the Ford F-150 – the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – took the top spot in KBB’s latest most considered pickup trucks list for the very first time. KBB credits this surge to the reveal of the Silverado EV earlier this year, which seemingly sparked interest in the gas-powered pickup as well.

The Silverado 1500 also beat out the Ford F-150 to become the most considered vehicle, regardless of segment in the first quarter of 2022. It’s quite the reversal for Ford’s perennially best-selling pickup, which has had a firm grasp on KBB’s list for multiple consecutive quarters up until this point.

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch Report is a consumer perception survey that also weaves in shopping behavior to determine how a brand or model stacks up with its segment competitors on a dozen factors key to a consumer’s buying decision. Kelley Blue Book produces separate Brand Watch reports for non-luxury and luxury brands each quarter. Beginning in Q1 2022, the methodology includes surveying both mobile and desktop users instead of only desktop users.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Kevin Barefoot

    I’ve had a lot of trucks but I’ve never had a more reliable truck than Ford. Great hunk of steel for all occasions and comfort.

    1. Dan

      Aluminum, not steel!

  2. P.R.Ford

    “Most considered” isn’t the same as best selling.

  3. Mark

    I drive a 2006 F150. I love my Fords. The Reason why they are now second most considered pickup. When they was number one is because. Of the Ridiculous prices they are being sold for. So not many people can purchase witch loses sales. They need to get back to being number 1

  4. Mark

    Ford shouldn’t be proud of being the most second considered pickup Truck. When they were number one for decades. Come on Ford fix this problem should be number one stand behind your Truck.

    1. Dan

      Considered is not that same as sale, F-150 is still first in sales.

  5. Tim Martin

    The current order and wait six months is a big problem. I know many people who would have purchased a Ford F150 but could not wait six months. These people drove to another lot where they could get the truck they wanted that day. Most were Nissan and Toyota pickup truck purchases. If my Ford dealer had an F150 hybrid on the lot today I would likely purchase the truck today as I am without a vehicle. My Ford dealer has approximately eight new Ford vehicles on the lot and only one is an F150. I have ordered a truck back in January and will not get delivery until July. I’ll be honest, I am looking at other brands as my patience is wearing thin. The cost of my new truck keeps going up every time the Feds raise interest rates. As a paramedic Firefighter I need a truck soon to carry my gear in.

  6. John

    I’ve been waiting since October for an F150 that I ordered. Was made 3/25/22, then sat at the plant until a few days ago. If it doesn’t show up by the day they said, 5/24, I’ll be going to buy a dodge for the first time ever. Getting tired of Ford emailing ETAs and then coming and going multiple times and being lied to on the phone when I call them.

  7. Dhawk

    I agree with most responses on this page, I currently own a 2021 F150 Platinum Power Boost. This is my 5th F150, I grew up in Georgia, and we drove Ford and Chevy’s. Without a doubt Ford is my first choice every time. My brother owns a 2020 Ram 1500, beautiful truck but he initially wanted a Ford, but it was a price point and availability issue. Which brings me to my point, this report fails to state why people consider other brands over Ford. I am certain price point is a very strong reason. Ford does not discount there trucks like other brands. The second reason is availability of the vehicle of choice.
    The microchip shortage impacts Ford more because of the technology in the vehicle. In this gas constrained economy, most truck owners would appreciate the fuel efficiency of an eco boost vs. a Hemi.
    The other brands are in playing catch up, GM has one of the worst fuel economies in the full size truck segment, because they are still building push rod V8s go figure. Ram will for the first time in 2023 offer the inline Hurricane V6 for its Ram 1500.
    As a truck buyer and owner read between the lines, and look who sponsors this report for KBB. Ram has an identity crisis there brand is built off the Hemi, if they stray too far from the Hemi, they afraid they will not sale as many trucks. Toyota reliable but is looks like GM and Ram lost love child. Nissan let’s see what everyone else is doing with their trucks, and build something ugly, and useless.
    “Consider” the report for what it is, and have a great day.

  8. Joe

    I’ll never buy another Ford truck the last one couldn’t change the spark plugs without damaging the heads, stale body style hasn’t been change for years. My ride now 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 Ltz Z71 best truck I’ve ever owned also my Ford ran hot in the Arizona heat.

  9. Joe

    I’ll never buy another Ford truck the last one couldn’t change the spark plugs without damaging the heads, stale body style hasn’t been change for years. My ride now 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 Ltz Z71 best truck I’ve ever owned also my Ford ran hot in the Arizona heat.

  10. Bob Blair

    My last ford got extended warranty on recall for transmission. Been waiting 4 months for part no eta on part.
    They can build new ones but can’t fix the ones already sold.

  11. Fred

    I was going to buy a new F150 King Ranch, but, I couldnot even find a new 2022 truck to look at much less order sight unseen. Sorry Ford I’ve always been Ford all the way. But you MUST pull your head out or you will loose at lot of customers.

  12. martin Scott

    I don’t think this is all that realistic to begin with.
    A: the chip shortage has caused such upheaval that a RAM or a Tundra could have had the crown. Its all about chip allocation.
    B: GM has two trucks and on any given year their volume is roughly the same as the F150, sometimes more sometimes less. Simply allocating chips to the chevy and reducing the GMC is the same thing.
    C: some vehicles use more chips than others, so it comes down to “do we make two Escapes or one F150
    D: The F150 lightning and Mustang no doubt uses more chips than other vehicles and both are halo vehicles that must meet target.. nuff said, they get the chip
    E: nobody knows who has done the best negotiating, is Ford getting more chips than GM or more than Honda or or or? As nobody really know each manufactures situation its up in the air.
    F: in 1986 GM was the worlds largest chip producer. All the chips were for their cars. I think Huges was the manufacture and they were owned by GM

  13. Steve

    My son has had 3 Silverado 1500’s in the last 8 years and all have had major transmission issues. He just got a new 2022 with the new 10 speed. He said if he has trouble again that will be the end of chevy trucks for him.

    1. Travis

      The 10 speed is the same in the Ford as GM. They developed it together.

  14. Mike L

    I wouldn’t consider either one. If I’m buying a full-size pickup, I’m going straight to Ram. I don’t care what people on forums say about Chrysler quality. The Ram 1500 has an interior that wouldn’t be out of place in an Audi. None of the others are even close. Considering I left the domestics to go German a decade ago because of the better accoutrements, That gets my business.

  15. Rus

    Ram ecodiesel all the way. I’ve owned find and chevy all my life… but for a 4 door halfton truck, ram all the way. Mopar or no car.

  16. Rus

    ^^^^^^ Owned FORD and chevy ^^^^^

  17. Travis

    Ford has some problems right now. They canceled my companies fleet f150 orders. We are pivoting to chevy and ram. Mine was so overdue that they purchased a F150 that i found at a dealership. I asked the dealer about custom orders but he said that Ford just closed them. I can tell you that the F150 ’22 Lariat is an amazing truck. Ford needs to figure out how to build them faster.

  18. Greg Rousseau

    Ordered an F250 in Feb. Supposedly is built, delivery isn’t for another month. I have seen 6 or more F250 on dealer lots here in WV all with at least 8-10k markup. Needless to say, if the dealer tries to mark this one up, they keep it. I’ll go buy a Chevy or Toyota.

  19. Anthony Quire

    Ordered on 2/11/22 a F250 Gas 6.2 litre clean order Lariat with not many added options and was delivered and in driveway by 5/24. I was very surprised it came so quickly. Was built on April 27th and took another month to be delivered. I am very satisfied and blessed to say the least.

  20. R. Andrews

    We ordered a 2022 F150 Platinum on Nov 6 2021. It’s now on its way. We are patient and have no trouble waiting to get what we want. We have a 2019 Lariat with no troubles,
    Since trade in prices are good we thought time to upgrade. Our 2011 Lariat that was 8 1/2 years old had 1 battery and one set of tires in that 8 1/2 years with only with scheduled maintenance. If you like GM buy GM if Dodge is you truck buy Dodge. They all make nice trucks so purchase what makes you happy.


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