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Ford Fusion Active Prototype Spotted With Dual Exhaust, Tow Hitch

Last week, Ford Authority spies spotted a Ford Fusion Active prototype for the very first time, giving us our first look at the return of a model that was discontinued back in 2020 – albeit as a high-riding wagon-like crossover, not a sedan. Now, those same spies have spotted another Ford Fusion Active prototype that has a visible dual exhaust and tow hitch, which was also present on the previously-spied prototype, though not quite as easy to see.

Ford’s upcoming Subaru Outback competitor is otherwise covered in heavy camo, though we can see a few Ford Evos-inspired styling elements present. That includes the wide, oval-shaped front grille, thinner headlights, multi-spoke wheels, and slim taillights. However, the overall shape of the Fusion Active is much different than the Evos, as it isn’t quite as tall, and features more of a sloping roof line and a completely different tailgate design. The profile is certainly more car-like, though the Active prototype does appear to ride a bit higher than a typical sedan.

As Ford Authority reported back in April of 2021, the Evos was not intended to be any sort of Fusion or Mondeo successor, but rather, a new model designed specifically for Chinese customers. As a whole, the Fusion Active looks like a more utilitarian version of the Evos, a crossover with a seemingly smaller cargo area than this prototype appears to have.

As the next-generation Ford Edge has already been canceled, there certainly seems to be room in FoMoCo’s lineup for a new, car-like crossover as the automaker’s Oakville Assembly plant is retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025. The Edge will reportedly be discontinued following the 2023 model year, which could make room for the new Fusion Active.

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  1. Michael K

    This is getting ridiculous! This is a Lincoln!

    1. Jon

      Agree 100%!

  2. Jose Velez

    Why bring back the fusion brand and just keep the Edge going

    1. N

      I agree completely! The Edge name is very popular. Why start all over.

  3. Joe

    The EV demand will not be what Ford thinks it will be. The battery pack and general material price increases will put the Mach E and others out of the price range most people can afford. The Edge and the Nautilus are still selling well and the plant has not has as many shuts down due till chips till this week. Many people do not have a place at night to charge EVs, and cold weather range is a big issue.

    1. Keith

      You are 100% correct.
      Electrics will kill these companies.
      I will NEVER buy one

  4. Aaron

    Please bring to Australia

  5. Michael G

    I really like my 2017 Fusion Sport. Unfortunately it was made in Mexico, but if the Active is made in China, our enemy, I will not consider it. It appears that I am going to be forced to buy Korean or Japanese, though I want a made in USA by and American comany. to get my next sedan.

  6. Bruce Holberg

    Unfortunately, as with so many aspects of life today, we are not given choices. Our overlords have determined that we will have EVs, period.

  7. Mike

    Not another SUV, to replace an existing SUV? What, is it a clone?

  8. Jason Strong

    One: EV is the future. It doesn’t matter how much you fight it. It is happening. The tech is getting cheaper and more affordable daily. Everyone needs to grow up and face facts.
    Two: SUVs will be despised by your kids as much as we despised wagons because out parents had one. It is going to be a growing trend soon. Might as well get on board now.

  9. BobSchaefer

    Have a 2014 Fusion Hy brid which we are in quite fond of… But does not look to us that Ford is going to MN make an equivalent sedan…not do I plan on buying a car made in China.. oh well bye Ford


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