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Many Ford Maverick Order Holders Don’t Know The Status Of Their Order

Since its launch, the 2022 Ford Maverick has enjoyed massive success, posting 19,245 deliveries during first quarter of 2022 and completely annihilating its direct rival – the Hyundai Santa Cruz. In fact, The Blue Oval’s compact pickup is one of the top 20 fastest-selling new vehicles on the market, running red-hot among retail and business customers alike. With demand for the Maverick significantly outstripping supply, FoMoCo has closed order books for the compact pickup for the 2022 model year, while also pushing back some existing orders to the 2023 model year.

As it currently stands, many Maverick order holders have been left in the dark when it comes to the status of their order. In fact, many don’t know when their Maverick order will be built or where it is in the queue. Check out some of the letters Ford Authority readers have sent in about the matter.

“It’s like a secret. We ordered ours [Maverick] over six months ago and haven’t heard anything. We don’t have any idea when October orders will get a Vin number or a build date. We don’t know which orders will be switched over to 2023 models. Nobody shares any information,” write Maverick reservation holders John and Patrise D.

“Is there a way to find out what parts are delaying the hybrid Maverick truck manufacturing? I have had one on order since November [2021],” wrote reservation holder John.

“We need to have information on our Maverick order,” pleaded Maverick reservation holder Don.

For its part, The Blue Oval says that it is providing information to order holders through email notifications, which contains updates regarding building and shipping of the Maverick. In fact, Ford’s notification process is similar to the one used for the Ford Bronco.

In a recent interview, Ford Maverick Marketing Manager, Trevor Scott, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, that these communication methods will help keep order holders informed about their vehicle’s status. However, it would seem that the process has not reached many order holders.

“It would be very reassuring for those of us with Mavericks on order to get some progress information. Ford PR just keeps stating the same old facts about the truck, but are not informing us on when our trucks will be built.” Michael W., another order holder complained to Ford Authority.

“When can I expect to get my XLT Maverick I ordered in December [2021]?” asks Maverick reservation holder, Glen.

“I have wanted a pickup truck my entire life. Now that I’ve seen the Ford Maverick, I’m smitten. However, there are none available to buy, they don’t have any and I can’t even place a custom order until mid August. At this rate, I won’t see it until next year sometime,” bemoaned Bill, a Maverick fan.

It’s worth noting that Ford Maverick inventory remains limited as the automaker works to fulfill existing customer orders in the face of constrained supply of various parts, including but not limited to microchips.

The lack of communication from Ford is also creating other hardships for Maverick customers. With no information on the status of their Maverick order, customers currently in a leased vehicle don’t know whether to turn in the lease or extend it.

Overall, Ford’s communication process with Maverick order holders seems to be leaving many in the dark, potentially souring the initial experience of what is otherwise a very attractive product.

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  1. Howman59

    Such a massive execution failure by Ford!! I have a 2022 F150 that has been “in production” since 1/26/22. No one at Ford knows anything. Their supposed “communication” to customers is non-existent. And just look around some of the Forums on various models to see that what little information given is more often wrong than right. I have owned 7 new Fords in last 9 years. No more….Ford has completely alienated me as a customer and if this is an example of their new “business model” they are sunk as a company and taking me, as a shareholder, with them! What a massive fail!

  2. Bill

    I have an October order for an XLT hybrid. I dropped the lux package 6 weeks ago hoping to improve delivery. We know nothing regarding scheduling and our dealer cannot help. Even bad news is better than no news.

  3. Glenn Dove

    I ordered my Maverick mid-September 2021. Dealer said I could expect to receive it by the “ end of the year.” In hind site, he didn’t say what year. The thing that bothers me most is the salesman said he would keep me updated; and after contacts said he would check on order status and get back to me. However, I never hear from him.

  4. Jim C

    I have had the exact same issue with the 2022 F250 King Ranch I ordered the first part of December 2021.
    I have not heard a word from Ford or my dealer. I have had to call my dealer and all I get is the Ford salute 🤷🏼‍♂️
    I am left in the dark as to my options. No idea if and when it will be built or if I have the option to convert to a 2023.
    I have owned Fords for years and love my Super Duty but a good product isn’t all it takes to keep loyal customers. Customer service is extremely important in retaining loyal customers. But it seems like with Ford loyalty in a one way street.

  5. Aggies76

    I ordered a Maverick, Hybrid with Lariat trim on 18 June 2021 from Bluebonnet Ford in New Braunfels, Texas. When I ask the sales representative why I don’t receive communiques from Ford he goes silent. He can “pull up” my order on the Ford network to see “unscheduled” priority 2 but nothing else. Is there some way to register with Ford to get in the “letter loop?” Anxiously await our new Maverick.

    1. Philmo418

      I am having a very similar experience with Bluebonnet. Ordered a Bronco in Feb 2022 and absolute crickets. Not near as long as you have been waiting. When I call I get the very same treatment and that exact response from the dealership. I have had no communication from Ford. Not even an order confirmation email.

  6. jack uber


  7. Albert Pace

    We ordered our Lariett Maverick in January. All we know it is waiting for a chip. We also know we ordered a pretty loaded Maverick with packages that I do not want removed. So I am patiently waiting for my new Maverick and actually hoping it is built as a 2023. I already sold my lease car for a prophet and bought a high mileage used car with the $6100 proceeds to drive until we get our new Maverick. We have not been given a vin# yet.

    1. FranB

      Abert, I feel your pain. I also ordered my Lariat Maverick in January fully loaded with packages that I do not want removed. I already sold my daily ride in January. I was told it would only be a few months and I could work it out for a few months, not indefinitely with no info on status. Some basic communication from Ford would go a long way and reduce the ill feelings. My locale dealership has less info then I have from this Forum.

    2. aTOMMYx

      Must be a good deal to get a prophet in exchange for the leased vehicle. This prophet should be able to tell you when you’ll get the Maverick.

  8. Jerry Hoffman

    I ordered a Ford Maverick December 2, 2021 . The only update I received from Ford was they are working on part shortages. I have removed almost all options from my order, still no update on when it will be built. I am 69 years old and have owned Fords all my life. I don’t want a new vehicle that sits in a lot somewhere waiting for parts. Beginning to wonder if I should switch to Toyota.

    1. Todd Rodenkirch

      I’m in the same boat. Got sick of waiting. Bought a Santa Cruz. It is awesome. Not cancelling my order yet. May buy both

  9. Dan Stepaniak

    What concerns me is having read on Mavrick Truck Club about several people who ordered their Mavricks well after I ordered mine, I placed my Lariat 4×4 order on October 8, 2021 and have read of several orders for virtually identical Mavricks placed in November and December that got delivered in March and April. My biggest question is what made those orders placed after I placed mine a higher priority than my order? Why were orders not ALL handled in a first in, first out manner? I have been seriously considering ordering a Bronco but now am not so sure.

    1. Philmo418

      The Bronco queue is just as bad, maybe worse. Absolute cluster!

    2. Ken

      I placed my XLT order in June 2021. I was one of the “early orders”. I received an email a few weeks ago that my truck was scheduled for build week of May 30. A week later I got an update, build will be week off June 6. It will be over a year from order to purchase by the time I pick it up. The worst part is that my current Ford loses trade in value every day I have to wait. 🤷🏽 I did hear that Ford will honor interest rates at time of order. Hope that’s true.

      1. Tony

        I have exact XLT scenario. June 2021 order. But my build was May 3rd 2022 start. Still “in production”. It’s supposed to take days to make. Don’t get to excited until you see that truck show up.

  10. Chad

    The Maverick Orders and their Customers arent the only victims. Throughout the duration of my 2022 Mustang order process the communication was minimal at best. I cannot fault the dealership, their execution and follow-up was flawless. It was Ford Mo Co lackadaisical attempt at appeasing buyers. The dealership was more in the dark than I was. And having the “Customer Service Hotline” manned remotely by Marketing is about the poorest example of Management I have ever seen. And to top that off, my car sat in lots at Flat Rock and its final destination rail depot for a total of 5 weeks. Not exactly rewarding a lifetime loyal owner of 14 brand new Fords!!!

  11. JC

    Placed reservation in December at Mark Fricken Ford in Charlotte NC. The dealership has not contacted me at all about updates, instead I have reached out 4 times. Each time a different salesman looks up my info and says my initial salesman will call me back. That salesman has never called me nor emailed me. I was hoping to be in truck by summer or at least know the status throughout the process. This is my first Ford purchase, I’m hoping they get they act together.

  12. Mike s.

    I’m not sure what to think of the people that are waiting on thier new vehicle, Maverick or otherwise. I’ve owned 2 new ford trucks in my life time and niether was anything special. I am also interested in the Maverick but the way ford is treating these customers will not allow me to even walk into the showroom (not that they would have a model to look at). If you are unwilling to go to another manufacturer that has available inventory, then you should really quit bellyaching about the delay. This is exactley why Ford is giving you such disrespect, THEY KNOW THEY CAN. Wise up, search elsewhere. You’ll probably find that Ford is really not that wonderful.

    1. James

      I think most people are just sharing their experiences. They are not bashing on Ford. We know they make a great product, look at the awards they are winning. Additionally, where do you find another pick-up priced at 20k? Ummm, nowhere. The wait is worth it. 👍

      1. John

        I would question the comment on knowing Ford makes a great product. Ford definitely has a problem with corrosion protection. Other than the F150 with aluminum bodies, look at some other Ford products after a few years. They start to rust. You pay good money for a vehicle and expect them to last. Check out 15-20 year old Toyota’s. No rust. Ford could take a lesson from them.

  13. Roy Byers - Ridgecrest, CA

    Like most, I too am waiting for even the SLIGHTEST bit of information – even official CONFIRMATION – that my order is even in the tracking system, let alone on a production list since I placed and put a down payment on my desired XLT Hybrid all the way back to AUGUST 2021!!!
    ALL Ford reps, from the first salesman (who doesn’t return calls of inquiry!) to the dealership sales manager (who just tries to placate me with repetitive and idle statements, that only further convinces me that he doesn’t know anything or is actually is afraid to tell me the truth, that my order is lost or simply being ignored by Ford!!!
    If there really IS a communication process Ford has in place to keep its customers and dealerships informed, they have totally failed to implement it from the very beginning! My trust in Ford as a whole is severely compromised – my feelings of Ford loyalty is now replaced with anger, frustration and complete disappointment!

    1. Dave Cordingley

      I am also waiting on my hybrid.
      First time ever buying a Ford.
      I am having second thoughts with this service. I ordered August of 2021. If August comes and goes with no word
      I will buy something else.
      Very sad human.

  14. Jose velez

    Ford is prioritizing fully loaded vehicle and hybrid components are scarce. My Mach E GTPE was built early April and is sitting in Delaware waiting for transportation. Is my 2nd Mach E

  15. James

    I ordered basic Maverick July 6th 2021 from local dealer not a word from Ford. Dealer did call me once I called Ford there was no info on my order. Dealer did a follow up with same results you would think the dealer would of made in inquiry since it has been almost 11 months. I belive I ordered
    from the wrong dealer!

  16. Art .L

    We ordered art Ford Maverick in November 2021 at Laird nolar Ford in Lawrence Kansas they have really been quite good with keeping us up-to-date and if you do on a maverick I would suggest you go there

  17. Jim Scarlett

    Ordered first day order were opened, June 2021. Due to Ford not going to produce as first ordered dealer could not change order had to reorder, not sure when that was done but sometime in August or September. Have order conformation, nothing else. No VIN or date for anything. Sold old truck, never thought would take a year to get a new one.

  18. Del Luchi

    I ordered my Maverick early November and am still waiting with no response. I feel so bad for the people that have to handle all these inquiries. At this point in the order, I would be one willing to wait for the 2023 model.

  19. Eddie H

    I know the status of my order only because I contacted Ford through chat directly. Finally got my VIN so I can track it. Ordered in August 2021 and have never gotten a single call or email from Ford or my dealer. It is a broken system of communication. When I contact my dealer I tell them more info about my order than they can tell me.

    1. Ricky

      Ford Chat is the way to go; They give more information and updates than the customer service phone line

  20. donnie

    someone is lying-ford customer service says call dealer-dealer says call ford-ordered sept. 16, 2021 and ford or dealer has not contacted us-

  21. jay johnson

    Whats worse on the maverick orders is there are people who ordered identical builds as other in january and already received there vehicles but order from prior to october dont even have vin’s created yet for a build. Im part of several facebook maverick groups and Constantly see this issue.. it makes Literally NO sense what fords doing, even local dealers said they have no clue whats going on or how they are randomly picking vehicles to build. FOrd should Build In Order received per packages ordered, its just that simple

    1. Emily R

      I completely agree. I did read an article going into detail about orders. And what I gathered is if your dealership has orders prior to yours with packages that are preventing it from being scheduled for production, Ford moves onto another dealership next in line of orders. So, you won’t get yours built until those orders prior to yours or built. Someone can clarify if I’m incorrect.

  22. Tim

    Put my deposit on a new bronco two days after reservations opened, two and a half years later I cancelled the order bought my wife a new vehicle.
    Now I put a deposit on a new ranger, dealer order for stock. Build date first week of June we will see not getting excited until it’s on the lot.

  23. hacmaverick

    I ordered my Ford Lariat in Oct of 2021, where is it. I do not know. But I may start looking for something else the end if this month. I have a 2019 Ranger 4X4 now that I really like, but it is bigger than what I need. I want to sell it now while the prices are high.

  24. Deni

    Ford is doing a terrible job keeping their customers informed of their order status. I ordered my Maverick October 2021 and have had almost no contact from Ford over the last 7 months

  25. Rodney Bosanac

    Fords factories are ran the same way terrible mangement & communication

  26. Mike s.

    Wrote earlier today about this topic and expressing why these people put up with Fords disrespectful treatment. I’ve decided there is a clearcut reason. YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! I would wager if you all canceled your orders Ford would get the message and immediately you would see a change in how they conduct their business. As I said, they know you’ll put up with it. Order a new vehicle from somebody else, you’ll probably never buy from Ford again.

    1. Carlos

      No reason to be calling people idiots. It’s really not idiotic to wait for a vehicle that has already gone way up in value. Plus, if it’s the vehicle they want, why do you care? Here a suggestion, you cancel your order so it frees up another truck for someone else. Thank you for your sacrifice.

      1. Mike s.

        wow, Carlos, don’t you realize that the reason that vehicle has, as you put it, “gone way up in value” is because of people letting Ford screw them over? They display no accountability but people keep putting in orders that Ford will fill at thier own decretion. Then those same people whine about Ford? Meanwhile, they make lots of dollars because they are selling at full MSRP. At the very least these customers are doormats and Ford is walking all over them. I still think idiots are the more appropriate term. Thankfully some are getting the picture. It was reported earlier this week that the Silverado has replaced the F-150 as most sold pickup for the first time in decades. As for me, I will not cancel my order BECAUSE I NEVER MADE ONE. Feel like an idiot yet, Carlos?

        1. Carlos rules 👍

          Mike. If you never ordered a Maverick why would you spend time on a forum for Mavericks? Before calling someone an idiot, look in the mirror. At least the people on here have some interest, while you have nothing better to do but get into other people’s business. Arguing this point with you is like administering medicine to a dead man. Now go back to your parents basement and catch up on Minecraft. 😜

          1. Don T.

            Hey Carlos. You are absolutely correct. Why would someone get on here that hasn’t ordered a Maverick? My guess is that he is just jealous that he didn’t get in on time to get one of the best trucks out there. And why would anyone cancel their order? This does not make sense at all. ALL the orders have been placed so either the consumer or the dealer will get the truck. This would have zero impact on Ford. Hang in there everyone. Just a few short months and we will all be riding in style. Plus this is a great investment. The mark up on these trucks is way more than what you are paying for them.

        2. Don T.

          Haha. That’s pretty funny. I know exactly what I’m paying for my truck. Not even sure why you would say that. Where are you getting your bad information? My truck will be here in a couple weeks. I already have financing ready to go. Get a life dude. No one wants to hear your fake news.

    2. Art S.

      Man Mike you seem really upset for someone that hasn’t even ordered a truck. I’m reading all the comments and you sound more like a Honda kind of guy, maybe you should stick to that forum and let the men talk. 😜 And you don’t know what Minecraft is? OMG 😂

  27. Mrx19

    I don’t know what Jim Farley is doing but he better get his butt in gear and get involved in this fiasco. Or maybe he is just waiting for Fords stock to again reach its 52 week low. Absolutely no reason for this lack of communication. In today’s world of production management, every component is constantly monitored and build info should be available to the customer. I for one , am out of this absurd pricing / availability game until some degree of normalcy is reached.

  28. John Gaston

    I ordered my Ford Maverick from Purvis Ford in Fredericksburg, VA on September 17, 2021.
    I have texted my representative (Frank) multiple times for status and a copy of invoice. He responded once on 12/6/2021 (Have no build date as of 12/3/2021). Still no copy of invoice. Not one word from Ford!

  29. MV

    I have ordered my F 150 Lightning almost 1 year ago. I also like some of the letters I have read have been patientaly waiting after selling my F 350 Diesel and I had no idea it would take this long to get a new truck.
    I have owned several Ford trucks throughout my life and I have always loved my Ford’s I hope they can get their problems straightened out and get back on track.
    I’m certain Henry Ford wants to see all these issues go away and start producing good sound vehicles again.

  30. Brad Barefoot

    One word … Mustang, back in 1964/65 an had the same problem, they couldn’t build them fast enough. Now, two giants of the auto industry … Lee Iacocca & Robert MacNamara came together and took production of the Mustang to 4 factories, then 3 as demand was met. Being only built in Mexico is the first problem. William Clay Ford we met years ago … WC incorporate the Maverick production to the United States. Lotta great men an women would love to have the jobs, and you’d be a hero. One other thing … I’d like a XL Maverick with cruise control, sat radio, and nav/system … don’t need all the other “fluff” need a quality pickup, not a Concrete Cowboy Lincoln.

  31. RAS

    I ordered two 2022 Explorers the first week of January 2022. Both are in the new-for-2022 Stone Blue color. One a Platinum with the two-tone interior, one an ST with most options. Essentially, both vehicles are very similar aside from the Platinum and ST-specific bits. The Platinum vehicle was built around March 1, shipped to the dealer, and we took delivery April 1. The ST, according to the tracking site, was built in late March, and has been sitting ‘on hold’ awaiting shipping by convoy ever since. No update or information on why the hold, though one can assume it’s for some part. The dealer has no additional info or insight and said that this is happening a LOT lately. From where I sit, the frustrating part isn’t the delay. There are lots of good reasons why it’s hard to build new vehicles right now. The frustration comes from not knowing what’s going on. Ford’s own order tracking site implies things should happen quickly once a vehicle is built; obviously not. I’ve waited on ordered cars before (BMWs and Porsches) and am happy to do it. In these other cases, the manufacturers did a MUCH better job of providing accurate, real-time status on when to expect the vehicle delivery. Ford, you really need to do better here if you want to truly move to a custom-order business model.

  32. Larry

    In my pass I ran order entry and purchased all materials for a printing company. We sold printed materials all over the east coast. We had 4 million $ in inventory. We knew when every order was to be produced. It was always 1st in 1st out unless, customers were in trouble! This is hard to believe that Ford has no idea where they stand in producing these trucks. Wondering who is running this mickey mouse org.

  33. Bob

    Please do not cancel orders from the dealer ship that is what they want you to do. They will not cancel them for ford, they will get them in and charge a HIGH markup for them. I have ordered mine June 14 21 Maverick xlt hybrid still waiting.

  34. Don Bergen

    I placed my reservation for an F-150 Lightning last July 2021 and they haven’t even contacted me with any information or to place my order. My dealer knows nothing. I contacted through LinkedIn messaging to Darren Palmer, VP of Ford’s global EV program. Received the standard verbiage “will be contacted directly via email when there will be vehicles in the q to order”. Ford stopped accepting reservations before the end last year and performed at least 4 waves of converting reservations to orders. Ford has even started making deliveries of F-150 Lightnings the last two weeks yet no news regarding my reservation. I’m driving a 27 year old E-150 van with a failing transmission. I need a new truck for my work badly, I need help here, but Darren has no help or encouragement for me.

  35. Glenda

    I ordered my Ford Maverick August 2021
    Ford has been very good in sending me emails on where my Maverick is on production I just received another email and it is being delivered this week

    1. Ken

      Hi Glenda. Can you tell us what model and packages you ordered?


  36. Jeff

    If Ford believes that they are keeping order holders informed with emails, somebody(ies) at Ford are clearly not doing their job. I ordered my Maverick on October 22, 2021 and I have never received an email of any kind from Ford. The only information I’ve been able to get has been by contacting the local Ford sales member to ask if he will check. He then lets me know that the order is still open and hasn’t been scheduled for production yet. That’s all I’ve been able to find out, very poor customer service if you ask me.

  37. MAGA

    A dealer contacted me and said they were getting in a few Mavericks and want me to contact them about one. If they mark it up, someone else will buy it because I will not let them price gouge a truck and take advantage of me. I will not pay for a markup.

  38. Anthony Magliaro

    Coming up on 8 months since my order confirmation from ford. Not another word since. I have no idea when or if I’ll even get it. Maverick XLT Hybrid. Starting to lose confidence I’ll even get a 2022. Not knowing anything sucks.

  39. Ralph Natola

    Hello everyone, I wish that I could explain my successful Maverick hybrid order to you. I don’t know why but everything ford promise did happen to me. I have had my truck for five months now and love it especially the 50+ average mpg. This truck ois worth a reasonable wait. I hope that Ford will take care of all of you. It is already far to long a wait.

    1. Larry

      Ralph it would help if you could tell us when you placed your order. A time line as to the last truck built and deliverd with order date would give me a way to determan when my order of September 2021 might get in the que?

  40. Ace

    I ordered an XLT in Nov 2021 and stripped off all the options hoping that would speed up the delivery. If I had known it was going to take this long I would have left all the options on. Ford needs to hurry up because I don’t think my 2000 Blazer is going to make it. I ordered a truck because I NEED one, not “just because.” The delay is also holding my business back. Hurry up Ford!

  41. larry

    Insult to injure FO MO CO opened up Brazil market for maverick orders in Feb. They allowed them 250 trucks all 250 have been delivered 3 to 4 wks ago. I flip out went to dealer all he had to was I know. With over 110,000 ordered in USA what are they thinking???? I ordered a Lariat fully loaded 7/23/21. Received email told me to go to Joe Maus Ford Albermarle,NC to make it a order only correspondence I’ve had from Ford. I check with Marketing every week, my order shows in process, What a joke!!!

  42. James Powell

    Ordered an xl ecoboost awd Nov. 9. Only I fo I have received was order confirmation. I traded in a 2016 f250, which the dealership has already sold. They owe me my maverick and 3000 dollars to boot. Since my is already paid for they should at least keep me Informed.

  43. Jess

    I didn’t get email updates on my F150 either, but I know many others have. I called Ford customer service, and they told me the dealer had to put my email in with the order. The dealer didn’t seem to understand this. However, after I took delivery, they asked me what email I wanted attached to my order, because the system was missing this information…

  44. Bill

    I got my Maverick hybrid XLT 10 days ago. I ordered it end of August. Drove 3 old style compact Rangers over years; 1987, 2002 & 2006. New Maverick is a great vehicle, just what I was hoping for. Still driving on first tank of gas. My Only options were luxury package and electronic safety package. Remember the hybrids did not start production until December with 50 state legalities done in January. Drives and handles great. Good display and back up camera. Worth the wait! No dealer mark up at Wilson Ford.

  45. Joe

    I ordered my Maverick on July 19th and had it on October 30th. My GF ordered a 2022 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve on Feb 2nd and we had it on April 30th. Ford was great to work with.

    1. Bob

      You must know people in high places ,ha, I ordered my maverick on July 21,2021, Xlt, I haven’t heard from dealer since I ordered it. Put a 1000, down. They cashed my check right away. I have been confirmed by ford motor on line. So lucky I have my reliable 2008, Toyota Prius to get me around.i try to take everything in perspective, still alive etc. but and a big but.. Ford dropped the ball big time … a huge frustrating moment for 2021-2022, hoping to stay well so I can get my Maverick-ha🙏

  46. Brenda

    Ordered the maverick xl very basic easy built nothing added so I was told that that there should be no problem on getting it built but as the rest of you I sit and wait for a vin#

  47. Brenda

    Someone took a drone over the plant in Mexico showing lots with maverick built just sitting there collecting dust

  48. Nick

    Dealer is silent and Ford’s emails are hit or miss. Marketing’s complacent attitude believing they’re doing just fine communicating is indicative of a tone deaf response to customer concerns

  49. donnie

    Ford use to be an American Company-now its farley and a farce-lets advertise all these vehicles and offer incentives and promise delivery by summer-why are they even wasting all the advertising money-the blue oval is a joke-no wonder they make covers to put over the blue ford ovals-Ford, start being honest with your customers-if you are keeping me informed on my 9 month old order for my maverick, I sure would like to know where the e-mails or letters are going-why do we bail out companys that build there vehicles in other companys ????

  50. Bill

    Mine was Built on the 26th of April. 4 weeks and still waiting on it to ship.

    1. Ed

      Or Superduty trucks. As of a couple weeks ago, Ford was sitting on about 290,000 Superduty orders. They are in the weeds across all product lines.

    2. Larry

      Bill when did you place your order with the dealer?

  51. gregandrews

    You could change “Maverick” to “Bronco” and all these comments would still apply.

  52. Tim E Krehbiel

    Ordered mine on 10/11/2021 Lariat hybrid with lots of extras. It is hard waiting, got a couple of emails, telling me that Luxury package and 360 would slow the order down. Well I want the upgraded sound system, and the other things, or I wouldn’t have ordered them, but it is intimidating to think it could be pushed to 2023. Now tensions are heating up with China about Tiwan, guess where most computer chips come from.

  53. Mymaverick

    I ordered my Lariat Maverick, confirmed by FORD 12-08-21. The only info I received so far was that I might receive it sooner if I choose to eliminate some options. I’m going to hold out till the end as I had to buy out of my lease on my other vehicle. I’m thinking late fall early winter of 2022 or early 2023.

  54. Andrew

    I order my XLT with just about every option on 10/6/2021. Last email I received from Ford was in March saying that “They ran into a few delays”. I called customer service today and they said I should remove the spray in bed and hard cover. What does that have to do with the chip shortage? In this day and age, I can’t believe Ford doesn’t have a website for folks who order to check on, allow them to add remove options if it will cause a delay and give clear communication on what is causing the delays. It wouldn’t be hard, and it would help alleviate a lot frustrated customers.

  55. John VanSlembrouck

    How ironic that your survey button does not work. The No option is obviously worn out. Ford communication on order status for the Maverick is a big zero.

  56. John

    Ford has been winning all kinds of awards. I bet they got no awards for customer service.

  57. Mike k

    My son ordered on 10/25/21 a hybrid lariat.
    Only options were full size spare, trailer hitch and spray in bed liner. He dropped the spray in bed liner a month ago. That moved him up to priority 2 from 19.
    He just received a vin# and build week of June 26.

  58. donnie

    I love how ford says-we are warning the dealers about some of the deceptive things they are doing (price gouging -failure to update customer orders with a take it or leave it attitude) Instead of just making ilde threats while the customer suffers, they should penalize them-what a blue oval crap show this last two years have been. going on 10 months with our maverick and no one knows anything????????????????

  59. Wanda Canfield

    Ordered my Maverick XLT luxury package, towing, spray in liner on 10/20/2021. Going into 8 months now. STILL WAITING! Getting fed up!

  60. donnie

    if ford is keeping everyone informed, I would like to know how and where. Sept. 16, and no word. Dealer blames ford and ford says talk to your dealer. Like a catch 22, should have sold my trade-in last year but listened to dealer who said my maverick would be here in Jan. Once again its better to be hurt by the truth than a bunch of lies. Wonnder how long Farley would wait for an order??????

  61. donnie

    is anybody else being given a higher price on their maverick than when they first ordered it-ford says the cannot do anything-whats the sense of a pre-order????

  62. donnie

    Trevor scott is full of crap-no ones contacted us since order placed sept. 16, 2021–Dealer blames ford and fords fantastic non-existent customer service says talk to dealer–ford is no longer an American institution or icon, its a sham

  63. donnie

    gotta love how they give you a finance incentive on a truck you cannot get–I can live with supply trane issues, but keep us informed , stop playing with the sticker price and do something new ford–Be Honest-Ceo farley is a joke but making millions for doing what-if this is management than no wonder corporate america is so screwed up-do you think farley or his buds are waiting for their vehicles

  64. donnie

    forgot to mention-waiting since sept.16 with no word from ford or dealer (ferrando ford)

    1. Onceinabluemoon

      My order was also in Sept. My dealer just let me know My xlt hybrid will be in production the middle of June. I try so hard to be optimistic and patient, but it’s pretty discouraging.

  65. DeWayne

    Ordered 8-23-2021 XLT, 360, XLT Prem. have no information, nothing. Because of medical reasons if joke that i would love to see the truck, make the trade, pay it off, and drive it before things happen to my health. Four bake opperations & Parkinsons, other than that everything is ok. Just needed to vent.Long time ford customer. 66 XL 500, 67 Mustang fastbake, 69 Torino Cobra Red Fastback 428 CJ, 70 Torino GT 351 C, 72 F-250 4X4, 74 F-100 4X4, 76 E150 Van, 2013 Escape, 2016 Ford Edge Plat. Trading on 2022 Mavrick. I’m sure i for got some.

  66. Bruce Robinson

    Susan Robinson, I ordered a new Ford Maverick in September 2021 and as others have posted, is an order only. Absolutely no factory communication what so ever. Seems like a pretty bad way to run a business, what is wrong with being up front and honest with your customers, and informing them truly what is going on.

    1. Donnie

      Farley is a farce/bet you he would not have to wait a year or worry about price protection ford sounds like our politicians with their false promises and lies

  67. donnie

    I would like to ask Trevor Scott where all our e-mails are that he said is keeping us informed-better to be hurt by the truth than a lie. Ford has been sitting on my deposit for a year. I’m sure they are getting something for that and my trade in value will go down also-has anyone gotten a response to any of these reply’s we are submitting or is this a venue for releasing our frustrations with ford, the blue farce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Susan Smith

    I to am waiting, ordered in July 2021, I keep calling my dealership but still no news, not even a vin to track. Maverick hybrid lariat. Hope I get it this year, these gas prices are getting ridiculous.

  69. Mark Scott

    I ordered my maverick I’m October of 21. It is June 29 2022 and not a damn thing. Worst costumer service EVER. Nothing but a run around. BEYOND EGREGIOUS!!!

  70. Michael Lloyd

    I ordered my Maverick XLT hybrid in October of ’21 also. I told my dealer that a July ’22 delivery of my vehicle would be ok by me. Now here it is June ’22 & no VIN, no build date or nothing. I will opt for the ’23 only because I know I can afford this truck.

  71. steve bernstein

    ditto, ditto, ditto. I ordered my XLT June 21 2021.Put my deposit down. Nuthin. over a year now. nuthin. Now, I’m not sure what the convoluted info is saying, but if it is about bumping it to a 2023 and then waiting, what another year?, and then what? paying the 2023 price? there will be class action suits coming, I’m sure. if that happens, sign me up. Not the Ford company I grew up with.

  72. donnie

    had a dream that after waiting a year, farley delivered my maverick in person. Then I woke up and realized farley and his staff have no empathy for their ford customers-time to make changes stockholders of ford-no sense selling something if you cannot deliver. Would farley or his group wait a year for their orders??????????????

  73. donnie

    Farley and Trevor Scott are a joke-they screw up ford and then if the shareholders get sick of them, they will exit with a nice termination package-what ever happened to Ford cares….Their attitude has turned to, theres always one more to put the screw too…..No wonder so many Americans have turned to foreign auto makers. Sept. 16 and waiting with one generic e-mail that says I might be a 2023 model but they will do an unknown something if that happens……

  74. David E Schuler

    Ford tells their maverick customers that when they receive their VIN number they have everything they need to assemble the vehicle. Ford gave me my first build date of 5/16/22. Then 6/2/2022, 6/27/2022, 7/2/2022. They showed on as being in production on 6/27/2022. That is no longer the case, they pulled it from production without any explanation and now tell me it’s suppose to go in production 8/11/2022. It was ordered on 8/18/2021.
    Apparently both Ford and their dealer like to tell stories that they keep their customers informed about their vehicle, I have not heard or received an email from either. I don’t care if it’s bad news, please keep me informed.

  75. Michael Nassenstein

    Ordered a fully loaded Ford Maverick Lariat in January and received three emails from Ford along the way, the last specified that more likely than not my order would be bumped to the 23 model order banks. What really gets me though is that the Graniteville SC Ford dealer promised me that they would keep me updated along the way and nothing, nothing at all. I have to call them just to get info which really isn’t very much at all either.

  76. Charlie O\'Connell

    Been waiting since January 13 th 2022 not word other than Ford confirmed my order for my Maverick xl in good standing by the time I get it will be 2023 at this pace if at all

  77. Steve

    Ordered mine in August 2021, still no VIN#. Expect to be moved to a 2023 production model. Everyone is waiting, no point in getting upset about it if you really want a Maverick


    I’ve always went to the ford dealership and found a truck mostly just taking what was on the lot at the time that best fit what I was looking for.Been looking at the maverick online for some time..the price point and eco-boost is what attracted me.Then really started looking into getting one .Now I may be wrong but was on the Auto Nation web site not a maverick to be found for sale, just in route to any given dealership across the U.S. now you can find them at carvana and places like that for $10,000 more than msrp with 4-?? k miles on them.So went to local dealer (auto nation dealer) to get more info only to find out the issues that you are stating here.Now I showed him what I was looking at online .The exact model I wanted color and extras that I was looking for. in route to a location 165 miles away (auto nation)The price msrp 34,000 the dealer price the same.I asked what in route meant and was told that the truck was ordered by a customer.Then why is it listed on the site??? so if the customer does not take delivery. Now was told that dealership. would sell at about $10,000 over msrp. now who’s to say that these in route trucks were orders being filled by ford to go to the dealership???? and your orders were put on hold to make this happen.For now waiting for the 2023 pre order date to come around.and see where things stand then.

  79. Daniel

    I ordered Maverick 4×4 in 12mth of 21 at this time no order troubles I traded a truck for truck so I had 2100.00 in tax credit asked dealer if truck didnt come in 9 mths they would redo so still had 2100 , tax credit came time dealer said to bad. its FFFords fault not mine he says ford should of had the chips .So Ford needs pay tax not him or you,.im totaliy ( disabled) reason for buying, can get out of maverick easier than my F150 crewcab SEE SOMEONE HAVE IT THIS BAD Now HAVE STAGE 4 PANCREATIC LIVER CANCER .YOU guys have it bad I reaiiy liked FORDS but this really a disapointment I may never even see mine,,,,,,

  80. David White

    I ordered my 2023 Maverick XLT when the order banks opened last September 2023. I get basically the same email from Ford every six weeks. Same old song and dance about supply chain issues. Interesting I do not hear about supply chain issues that slow down delivery near as bad as Ford. I went to my dealership last week since I had not heard a peep from them in 9 months. I was told my order was in a “unassigned green” status, which means I am not scheduled to even get into the queue, but I have a clean order which tells me there should be no hold ups. I also read other forums that say the delivery time is 5 to 8 months. What a joke. The dealer told me they think I will get a 2024 model, and I commented, will I wait another 9 months?
    This is the LAST time I do business with Ford, they are horrible!,,,

  81. Larry J Kelley

    i have been waiting for 14 months just to have my order to say order accepted– not scheduled– sure is hard to see this as a company problem when you can’t receive any information — hope first in first built has some truth still waiting ordered a xlt hybrid with not many accessories — should be easy to build


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